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The Intern is still in a chair, but the minions and I have desks. This makes working so much easier, but it also means we're not all hanging around the same set of tables. The level of BS and shenanigans has gone down. Good for business, but I miss shenanigans already. I don't feel nearly as exposed, though, which was weird. We're all facing walls now, so everyone can focus. Considering all the work the minions have lately, this is prolly good for them.

Emailed Super Adviser, he does think I'm insane, but he says I know what I'm getting myself into. I'd rather the Fall suck than the Spring (because that's SENIOR DESIGN OMG) and really, I just want to fucking graduate already. I am very likely to be extremely cranky for the next year or so, just be advised. Nothing personal.

my schedule, for anyone interested )

So yeah, it's going to be fun. And by that I mean slightly suicidal. But I have requirements left to meet, and I have no tech or liberal arts electives left. XD I also need to contact the History department and make sure that I get a minor, because I earned it, dammit. I also set myself a reminder to go see History Gast when I get back to school, because he still has my final project and I want to see what he thought of it. I have a feeling that professors are going to get sick of me this year, but hell if I'm failing anything. I am going to graduate in the Spring if it kills me. C means Cool and D means Done!

And some fun things:

+ I wrote stuff yesterday! A cute Veld/Iffy and a distinctly un-cute rated R addition to my "Liquid" series. The latter was mostly done for a while, I just had to add an ending. I may actually finish a claim somewhere! Figures, it's my crazy psychological crap that I finish. XD

+ I took a picture of my vaguely paganistic pendant I made for myself. I even like the hemp cord it's on. Wire wrapping and finding random polished rocks in my things is awesome.

+ Fashionista pic. Mainly because my lime green heels are awesome, if not made for walking very far in. I'm glad I have a desk job. XD

+ And a dorky poll thing.

I really need to do some sewing tonight. I've been so lazy lately.


P.S. Those who haven't submitted, you know who you are.
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I survived! And seem to be doing pretty well. Was down to the wire with that paper, but it's all done now. Handed in. I was actually the last person to turn it in on Friday, since I had a class from 3:30-4:20 (the history class itself is the hour before). So History Gast told me to sit down, catch my breath and then talked about vision quests and stuff. Might actually attempt one, as weird as it may sound. Research to follow.

Things that I love about the weekend:

- Take home exam not due until Tuesday, so guilt at only having done a couple problems is not huge

- Had the most hickish dinner ever on Friday: wine in individually packaged plastic bottles and Fazoli's, all eaten in my dorm room, on my desk, while watching TV on the internets. Ha, I didn't get caught.

- I accidentally flashed some Mormon missionaries on my bike and laughed so hard I almost fell off my bike. Wearing a skirt on a bike = fail. If entertaining fail, at least.

- Don't have to wake up early on Monday (though I shouldn't sleep all day)

- Sapporo. Big bottle. Not to be consumed after the last of hick wine, as it causes major bitchiness.

- BSG this weekend: Not really spoilerific, but just in case... )

- Chinese food that probably doesn't resemble anything the Chinese would actually make. And declining to learn what's in the brown sauce.

- Realizing this entry was in my queue all weekend, as I didn't really hang online much except to watch Queer As Folk, shut up, it's awesome.

- Because I can't seem to write, I worked on my Rinoa FST on and off. Once again proves my taste in music is the crazy sometimes (bad Latin, technopunk, spare drums, and female vocals prominent).

- Realization I am getting back to work soon! I MISSED WORK SO BAD. WORK > SCHOOL, I'M SORRY IT JUST IS.

- Neat bracelet that Drak gave me helped me do a tarot reading, which I haven't done in quite some time. Deck has gained a dry sense of humor and a slight attitude.

- Laundry starting, though not finishing. God, I hate it when I get behind because of insanity. Sure, I could wait until I get to my parents place, but I'm here until Saturday and well, dirty clothes smell.


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Completely spaced out in the middle of my lab practical and forgot what the little function was to pop up a message box (, apparently) so I've no clue how well I did on that. Also fucked up the file saving part, so we'll see. I did manage to get everything else to work, but validation is hard to see working when there's no messagebox popping up to tell you that you suck. I feel rather like an idiot, because I'm like, freaking intuitive when it comes to programming. I think this means I need to sleep more or eat more or something. Hopefully I can manage an A- by doing well on the final. Hell, a B even would be doable.

I'm just mad at myself, I hate it when I get exam panic. AND FOR A LAB PRACTICAL which I'm usually AWESOME at. Clearly I need to take a break this evening, get out of this environment, have some nicotine, maybe bike ride.

In other news, since I had an hour where my brain could not sit and memorize questions for my pilot exam anymore or it would rebel, I wrote some Before Crisis fic. Because Veld's a form of therapy sometimes, as strange as that may be. Meant to upload an FST last night, ended up passing out (in the sleeping way, not the I'm dying way). Should go do that later.

Alright, I am starving and sick of dining hall food, so I think I'm going to hit up Noodles & Company and get some bubble tea. I am rather indulgent about food when I want to be (not that N&C is particularly expensive, I just keep finding myself not eating the dining hall food and wasting it... and I feel bad, so my palate needs a reset.)

One awesome thing about today is I finally decided to wear my garrison cap, as it fits under my headphones wonderfully, and since I'm a dork I wore it with my pilot training jacket (which I got when I cosplayed Cid way back in the day) because mixing your armed services rocks. History Gast found it amusing (and has basically told me to turn in my paper on Friday, which I will do, since I need to spend tonight studying for the pilot class...). History Gast also has the dorkiest socks I have ever seen and apparently never gives up wearing a button up shirt and a vest (fleece or heavy duty hick fabric) even in 70+ degree weather (he adapts by wearing shorts with his socks pulled up. I am so fond of this man.)

Another awesome thing to balance out the craptacular is the fact that Jersey Highwind was full of quotes today (and random in class discussions) and brought in a large scale RC plane (called "Le Canard" on one side, and "The Duck" on the other, and it was cute and yellow). Gems today were the fact he got super overexcited while showing us Simulink simulations (really, it was just a plane WIGGLING. Dynamics is the Milkshake of Aero Engineering), "You can pull on a cable, but you can't push on it. Like spaghetti.", and "the Wright brothers are proof that when a pilot is sufficiently trained, they can fly an unstable aircraft and not die too much". Justin always manages to miss the fun classes. HEY JUSTIN YOU LOSER YOU MISSED THE COOL CLASS.

God, I hate this week so much. I am actually looking forward to finals, as I will get the chance to SLEEP sometimes.

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So, tomorrow I have:

- A history exam (2:30 pm)
- Dynamics hw due (10:30 am)
- VB prelab due (7:30 am)

Taking the weekend off was good for sanity, but bad for productivity. XD Oh well. At least I got the first half of my laundry done (as I break it up over two days, much better that way and less likely for some snotty wench to come in and move my clothes despite the fact I set a timer so it's usually only been sitting for like, five minutes). Also have gone through and highlight coded my notes and flagged the appropriate chapters in the books (yes, I'm bad and don't ever keep up with readings... I'm a skimmer by nature). As I managed to miss most of the Darwin in class (I think that was while I was feeling under the weather) I will need to read that from the book. Considering the ridiculously awesome curve for history exams (you get an A if you've above 75%, I kid you not) I'm not so worried. Just hate the feeling when time is crunched.

Sad thing is, the amount of activity annoys me more because I want to work on other projects. Like sewing, the sorceress-a-thon story I have an idea for, my [personal profile] imaginarybeasts story for this month, hell even some icons I have the bases for but none of the finished product yet. Spring makes me antsy, and sitting and being a good student has never sat well with me around now. XD


- A good FF8 story about General Caraway, who I have a soft spot for.
- A discussion on the legitimacy of scholarship, well, a beginning of one at least.
- Advice on sleeping. May or may not try some of this.
- Iron Chef game! Someone on the inside told me about this. ~_^
- Boycotts, a thing of the past?
- Urban camoflage by The Sartorialist.

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Good god. I must be going through a manic episode or the weather really does fuck with my head, because I have been starving all day and alternating between ridiculously energetic to falling asleep while sitting up. Will go to bed at like TEN tonight if need be, geez.

cut because some of this may sound inarticulate )


P.S. OH, I love you, The Sartorialist, only you would put up a picture of what looks like the the hippest old Yakuza reject ever.

P.P.S. OH, and I love you Gunnerkrigg Court, for finally getting to the storyline about what the hell being a medium meant and why Annie's mother is so speshul. Actually, I would have loved you anyway, as you are my current favorite webcomic.

P.P.P.S. Nevermind, this is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Considering I have friends that go out and do Scientology protests, I laughed a lot.
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So, last night, I totally was like, on something. Since I always let myself sleep in a little on Fridays, I actually went with my natural desire to stay up later and well, wrote. Is it wrong that 'Carbon Made' makes me fucking excited? Seriously, I just, felt so good getting it out. Also, the daddy issues are surfacing and they are awesome.

I clearly have a theme with families and stuff. But I can't help it. I have a good family. Dysfunctional ones are like, something I analyze? I don't know.

I'm probably going to be making a Rinoa FST to go with all this, because I'm seriously starting to like my Rinoa playlist. It's creepy how much music I own that just jives with her. XD Also how appropriate Nick Cave ends up being for most of the things I write. I LOVE YOU NICK CAVE.

Take home exam this weekend. Open to any resources that are not people and I've been keeping up in class. So I think I'll be alright. I hope. No, I will be alright. Considering that the awful canard (if you didn't here me whine about this when I had this homework, a canard is a tail on a plane in the front, it comes from the French word for duck) problem ended up being a 100% (REALLY I WAS SO SHOCKED), I'm totally more prepared than I think I am.

Got my history exam back. Got an A!! Professor History Gast likes to draw things on essays. I kid you not. When he doesn't like something and wishes you would omit it, he draws a mouth with teeth eating it. I've never giggled while reading essay comments before either. Not only that, he said "by cracky" in a comment. Isn't that just precious?

Handed a Red Bull on the way back from class, from a fancy Red Bull car... was a slight bit like crack dealing. Am amused. I guess I just don't say no to drugs. D.A.R.E. will be so disappointed in me. But it was free!

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"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." - Abraham Lincoln

So is that why I'm such an asshat? I'll admit I've gained a fair bit more tact than I used to have, but I keep thinking things would just be better if I kept my damn mouth shut and enjoyed what I could get. Being truthful actually never made me feel any better, and I'm sure it's not making others feel any better. Makes me wonder, what is worse, being a coward and keeping people happy, or being brave and having everyone pissed off.

I'm inclined to want to take the middle if at all possible. But then, you can't really do that all the time.

Well, now that the cryptic philosophizing is out of the way, I slept last night! For a full night! I slept so hard I didn't dream (which in my experience is a good thing). If this happens again I may need to seek professional help. Ick, I hope it doesn't come to that.

History exam tomorrow and since I plan on spending the afternoon studying and staying away from the internets I figured I'd get today's little babble out now. History Gast handed me a nice article about alternate education, but unfortunately it seems a little too fluffy for what it should be (I may disagree with how higher level classes are handled, but freshman engineering is supposed to scare certain people away). Still his low-tech ways of literally handing me a clipping in class are precious. XD I may have to go to his Friday office hour this week, I haven't had much time to work on my project.

Caught a bit of the eclipse last night, though I've no earthly idea how, considering when I went to bed... part of me wonders if I hallucinated it. XD

If you see me online at any point before, say, seven pm, be sure to give me hell for it. I need to study. And return library books.

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Since I went and visited Professor Jersey Highwind in his office, because apparently he has office hours anytime he's in there (which meant I simply went up to him at the end of class and said, "HEY WHEN ARE YOU IN YOUR OFFICE" which resulted in some giggles form the prof coming into the class, who is now Professor Boyscout, as he comes up again later in this story). So I showed up, told him about my history project and what I spent last semester doing and that I am basically the Engineer Who Sucks At Math Like Whoa, which resulted in some fabulous discussion and postulation.

Of course, on my way to his office AFTER WRITING HIS OFFICE NUMBER DOWN, I had a dyslexic moment and mixed them up. So, I got lost. In my own damn engineering building. I found an office open with a dude that didn't appear to be doing much (Professor Boyscout, who is apparently one of he department heads?! WAY TO PICK THEM) and he helped me figure it out, and was a little lost himself. He said "ah, good, I got my boyscout deed of the day out of the way before lunch" and also remembered me from class as "being the one who asked Prof Jersey Highwind when he's in his office in such a blunt tone."


As a result of fabulous discussion and postulation and then good old JH asking why I suck at class sometimes, he said:

"Hey, since you kind of work in this field, if you have time, why don't you try designing a module for this class?"

My immediate thought was "DO I GET EXTRA CREDIT?" but this is college, and they don't offer that stuff in my classes. However, should I ever be on the borderline between two grades, this helps. After leaving the office, I realized just what I'd been asked.


Naturally, I decided to talk to Professor History Gast after his class about this development. And like a good hippie with a technical bent, he was naturally excited. And offered to let me use the module as a chunk of my project.


I guess the real dilemma is... how do you teach airplane dynamics concepts in an interesting non-book and lecture way? How do you turn the book into a RESOURCE and not a BIBLE? What can I use from work to translate to much more complicated and not entirely grokked problems on my part?

And how can I involve crayons in this??? Come on, like you wouldn't want to play with crayons in class.

Suffice to say, this will be eating my brain for a while.

tl;dr version:

- profs are people too
- if you suck at something, fix it
- i want to play with crayons


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