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If ya'll want to follow my NaNoWriMo tribulations, and possible snippets, comment and I'll add you to the filter I'm about to make. Don't want to spam those who would rather not hear.

Also, I'm cendri on the site, if you are needing buddies.
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Despite my lack of focus during my free time (this is TRUTH), I think I'm going to try NaNo this year. And unlike past years, where I didn't get very far at all, this year I'm actually going to plan shit more than just characters (cause I'm good at making characters, plots, however...).

In my usual vein, it will still probably be character-focused, but oddly enough I think I'm going to go the Fantasy route; mostly because I don't have time for extensive research required for historical fiction, and I do enough tech at work that I don't really want to focus on that either. Not that there won't be any; my fantasy always has tech. Ye Olde Medieval fantasy and I don't get along, as I don't care for court intrigue.

Anyway, I'm basically putting two challenges for myself with writing this:

- Making a coherent plot
- And writing main characters that are not white

I realize that in a lot of my fantasy stuff I've written in the past, I default to kind of pale gothy chicks and European looking dudes. Now, I like pale gothy chicks a lot, but I also like a whole lot of other ladies. There's really no reason why I have to have worlds populated by pale gothy chicks and people with European names, other than me being lazy. Considering how much I like themes about being the Other through magic and gender and sexuality and what have you, there is just really no reason for more pale gothy chicks in my writing (aside from fanfiction, which you can't help).

So yeah.

Anyway, this story is based on what I thought that Final Fantasy VIII would be when I saw the intro movie. Because that's a pretty epic intro movie! However, this probably wouldn't be a good game plot, there is no saving the world, no party of heroes. Well, maybe an indie game. So I'm writing a novel. Expect tattoos of feathers/wings. XD

edit: Since this has come up, I'm cendri on the NaNoWriMo site.

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- For my Structures class, I spent this morning operating a band saw, using a disk sander and then getting out a metal file. YES FOR HANDS ON PROJECTS! Our display will look SHARP once we get it done. We've split the group in half to make things keep happening and keep schedules good. I'm with the nice kids, I think. I get to spend some time this weekend filing some more (because after you cut through a piece like we did, you need to make sure you don't INJURE anyone with the sharpness). It's all very zen.

- I thought I chipped a tooth yesterday, because I inherited my dad's bad enamel, but no. False alarm. Yay! Truth is I need a cleaning. >.>

- Decided to do the motion of a rocket skateboard instead of a hoverboard (not enough info). But it'll lead to the same basic thing, theoretically. It's surprisingly SIMPLY mathematically, I am all a-twitter, really. God, I am SUCH A NERD.

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Ah, Mondays

Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:05 pm
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But a fun Monday, for the most part. Prolly because I haven't gotten all my test scores back yet. XD

So things!

- Yuletide signups! I participated for the first time last year, and ah, all my prompts got filled (because I'm awesome) and I got write something I was totally unprepared for, but it still turned out a little awesome. So I offered more this year (mostly movies... I watch too many movies) and requested some really random stuff. So we'll see!

- Failed my math test. Well. I'm still not entirely fucked, considering that I might have a few more points I can talk the prof into for a D. Which is better. I hate math. All I need to do is pass and I can be done with it. Oy.

- It's warm! WONDERFULLY WARM. I am all dapper to match the wonderfulness of the warm.

- I'm attempting to keep up with some level of readingness, so when I found an mp3 of the audiobook for The Perks of Being a Wallflower I decided to download it. I'll link anyone else who's interested.

- I am debating whether or not to review several albums that have come into my possession recently. I mean, my opinion is just one thing. Hrm. Oh, well, if you want to skip over them, you can, I suppose.

- I have gathered stuff for several of the tiny packages I'm sending out to people! Which is excellent. I should have everything together soon, depending on how school treats me.

- Home of my Nano project. Which as I mentioned before isn't a story in any traditional sense, but an epic poem. Because I'm weird like that.

- I have awesome instrumental music to go with my poem. I don't know why this is so exciting, but it is.

Word Count: N/A!
Outline Quality: Uh, sorta have an outline. I suppose it's somewhat useful.

Scene Worked On Most Recently: I: Thelonius II, Pawn of Black
Scene to be Worked On Next: The end of this "scene" and then II: Sela, Bishop of White
"Research" of the Day: I had to recall a specific chess move or two, so ended up reading too much. XD
Quote of the Day:
Pike in hand, he marches with the sons and daughters
Peasant-folk of sturdy character
Laid down their plows and their trowels
To sharpen axes instead.

Novel Poem I Think I'm Unconsciously Channeling In Terms Of Style And Exposition: "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot, or probably some Blake. I'm really into them. XD

Character I'm Eager to Write: The White Queen.
Character I'm Finding Difficult: No one thus far. Then again.
City Much More Lifelike Than I Expected: N/A. I haven't gotten into that yet.
Best Thing I've Been Able To Meta With Today: The nature of pawns. I think I may have to come back to them again and again, because I quite adore the pawn structure I have going.

Today's Goal: Finish Part I. I think it's doable. Particularly considering where I've left poor Thelonius II.



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