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Let's talk about some games and books I've finished recently!

Pretty spoiler free, as in I will mention a tone of an ending or a random detail but not WHAT happens.

So I finished Professor Layton and the Unwound Future and Back to the Future Episode 1 because apparently I am into games with time travel themes right now )

I also just finished all of the Princess Series by Jim C. Hines that is currently out )

Now to get back to the next Vorkosigan book, in which Miles is currently in a climate much like mine is right now (aka FREEZING)!
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Living! Man, so much has happened lately. Went and saw Watchmen, because sometimes I do go with the crowd (I'm a semi-old fan, kind of like how I got into FF7 fandom like just before the word of Advent Children came out... weird timing, basically). Since all the cool kids write reviews, here's mine:

Silohuette makes me cry every time )

I'm also a week off on Battlestar Galactica, but that's ok cause Hulu is a week off, and last weekend sucked ass. So I've just seen the episode "Someone To Watch Over Me" and any other BSG fans, plz mark any spoilers for the latest one. Also; my dad and I were arguing over this over the phone. It was hilarious.

for those that don't care, though, I'll cut the rest )

I was outside a lot and went to the pub with Nanomatt, and made plans for when his girlfriend moves up here. Double date, I can has. It's only 50 degrees Farenheit now, but it's supposed to rain and stuff more and warm up. And my Spring Break (aka; time I get my wisdom teeth out and crash on the fucking couch) is next week! HOLY COW. Time, she goes so fast! RP picked up too, man, no time to breathe! This is actually kind of exciting, ha. And I have Metric's album Fantasies, and it's rockin'. Comment if you want it, I'll send the link.


- This is creepy, right? I find it creepy.
- Oh, Multiplex...I love you.
- But xkcd wins.


P.S. The Watchmen opening sequence, at least until it gets taken down again. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN.
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Other than that, well done! Details to follow since Sev bought me this book under the expressed desire to hear me ramble about it or at least fangirl! SPOILERS PAST THE CUT AND IF YOU HAVEN'T READ SUNSHINE, SERIOUSLY DO NOT READ FURTHER!

This is like a list rant, so fair warning to those that won't be spoiled too! XD

alright, so here goes )

tl;dr: there wasn't magic beer, but there were some fucking tasty sounding desserts. I'm really hungry now.

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I actually wanted to read this book like, back in Freshman year of college because it had a bright green cover. No, really, that's why. Marketing people, I am your demographic. Hi!

So I finished the audiobook of The Perks of Being a Wallflower because YA novels are quick like that. I've been reading a lot of, well, older books lately and it's nice to have something in my ears between classes.

However, my reaction? What the fuck.

to elaborate, with spoilers )

I'm so disappointed. I think tomorrow I'm going to keep reading Sunshine which is being really awesome.


P.S. This is also really awesome.
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Finished reading my last of the required three books for the herding cats reading challenge Recced by Melissa.

tale as old as time... alright I won't sing )

Main reasons you should read this:

- If you like prickly female leads

- If you like good family dynamics (this is something I look for, I won't lie)

- If you like fleshed out fairytales
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Finished reading my second of three books (and possibly more, but I only have to read three) for the herding cats reading challenge this weekend, mostly because I had no electricity to distract me. A thoroughly steampunk alternate history novel, which basically links several of my great loves in one tight package. Recced by [personal profile] wallwalker.

Behold the Difference Engine which Lord Babbage hath wrought )

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So, the Minions and I had a discussion at lunch about literary criticism and some other awesome crazy deep shit. And then Minion J linked me to the interview with Battlestar's Ron Moore on Wired and there was something said about the world of criticism that really got me thinking. Also io9's take on the latest BSG episode makes me not want to read their recaps anymore, as it was wanky today (and I for one, think the episode was just how it should have been, and rather enjoy seeing male character "do something for love" as it's traditionally the girl that does that).

where I talk about my distrust of most critics )

Now that that's out of the way, some opinions on things!

On Indiana Jones, general enough to not be spoilerrific )

on Prince Caspian, or why I might like the movies more than the books )

on Kino's Journey, or the ANIME EVERYONE SHOULD GO WATCH NOW )



P.P.S. Alright, a wicked part of me wants to read this, because I figure this will be humorous to me.

P.P.P.S. Summoner FST up here and on [ profile] viniel
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Read my first of three (and possibly more, but I only have to read three) for the herding cats reading challenge this weekend, mainly because it was a nice quick read and nonfiction. I love nonfiction. Particularly history/science/sociology. This falls into the last category, so be aware. No nice science rants here. XD But I really liked the book and it made me think! Recced by Callista.

as someone that enjoy dressing up oddly, this was just a lateral move in subject matter )
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Since my brain is not functioning anymore today in the work capacity, and it is New Year's Eve, I figured some fun listy-like reviews would be just the thing to do while waiting for to go home. Top five because I'm from the High Fidelity school of lists.

I've seen a lot of stuff this past year.... )

I'm not putting books because I only read like, seven, since I suck at life. And that's unfair. I may add more later tonight, STAY TUNED. Also, I am trying this posting to multiple journals thing. DOES IT WORK? WE SHALL SEE.



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