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Birthdate:May 4
Location:Indiana, United States of America

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adama sr, aeris, after effects, agoraphobic women, air, anthony michael hall, archetypicality, artful heartbreak, arthur c clark, auron, ayato kamina, battlestar galactica, beatboxing, biting ties, blues singers, boy meets world, braska, brick, captain nemo, catholicism, cecil harvey, cecil/rosa, cia, cid highwind, cid kramer, coco chanel, communism, cory matthews, cory/shawn, cossacks, cranky wizards, cyberpunk, detectives, dialogue, diane von furstenberg, dragon princes, drama, dreams, dystopia, edea, edward wilson, egyptian mythology, elazul, elemental alignments, elements, engineering, entropy, fanfiction, fate, fbi, femme fatales, fight club, fighting and arguing, film noir, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x, genfic, gladiator, government organizations, green is the color, haruka shitow, hojo, ifalna, inevitability, intrigue, isis, itsuki kisaragi, ixtli, jecht, jin kunigi, jodi foster, john hughes movies, joseph stalin, jules verne, jumi, lady maaya, laura roslin, league of extraordinary gentlemen, legend of mana, liquid laughter lounge quartet, lulu, lulu/rikku, magic, makoto isshiki, maladjusted young men,, molly ringwald, mythology, nagira, nathan muir, neal stephenson, noir, over the rhine, pearl, plato, quantum physics, queen of spades, quon, rahxephon, real crime, recoil, rikku, rinoa, robert plant, robert redford, rosa farrell, roslin/adama, se7en (the movie), shawn hunter, sixteen candles, snarky black mages, socrates, sorcery, soviets, spies, spy game, starbuck, steampunk, sufism, sylphs, t s eliot, taxi driver, the brave one, tifa, tom and lorenzo, topanga lawrence, tragedy, troubled boys, veld, vincent valentine, vincent/veld, vinyl, visioneers, william blake, william somerset, wind, witch hunter robin, workaholics, yuna, zombie robot best friends
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