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So I was at work for an hour before I decided to come home and work. Because I'm not playing the schedule game and because I'm still hacking up a lung. But thankfully this staying out of a cold office and sitting at a desk that has two monitors did help me feel better and get stuff done. Wahoo.

I have an excuse to make my Terra costume more detailed (and get a green wig, ha) since [personal profile] darcenciel wants to be Shadow and start up an FFVI group. I'm down with that. I may even get a prop sword out of the deal!

And awesomeness! They went with one of my themes suggested for [community profile] fst! I suggested mentor characters, cause, yeah. This is me we're talking about. I have far too many mentor characters I adore, I may need some help picking when that comes around. XD This is basically silly, but at least that comm is picking up a little again and is full of less fail. I can't help it, I like music, and I like mixtapes. So.

I finished Beauty today as well, mainly because it's due back at the library soon, so I spend a little longer doing lunch break. It reminded me why my favorite moral was always "appearances can be deceiving" because yeah. If there was ever a childhood moral I clung to, it was that one. I guess that's why I'm so utterly and completely turned off when people redeem prettyboy villains--it just doesn't jive with that principle. And I'm nothing if not stubbornly principled. I guess this carries on with my trend of liking facially-scarred regretful types (and I mean UGLY scars) as they exist in a grey area between. It's food for thought at least. Not that heroes can't be pretty, I mean, I like Cecil (he's my favorite because he's flawed probably more than anyone would like to admit). But I have to wonder if less villains would get redeemed if less of them were pretty.

Maybe it's indicative of my own journey of principles. I'm all about balance now. I guess that means for me acknowledging that certain things exist side by side or something existential like that.

Book review to follow.

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Wow, so yesterday was massive writing day due to having a very slow day (I ended up with a sad rated R Veld story, a semi-philosophical FFX femmeslash, and a silly Vin/Veld based on getting locked out of my house). After writing that sad story yesterday (man, I'd forgotten how emotionally draining in a good way just sitting down and writing until something feels done is) I feel the need to do something cute or graphical. Or both. But today's been busy, so needle therapy will likely be the only thing I have time for. XD Icons should be up sometime, a strange mix. Because I'm weird.


We went to some little bitty house-turned-restaurant that was strangely good, and really cute. We sat out on the porch and chatted for a bit. I ended up talking about costuming and writing, because after the "well, this is what's going on at work" talk, I don't have much of a personal life. XD It's true, but it's not something I regret much, I mean, shit's transitional right now. In this day and age it shouldn't be that shocking to admit that most of my friends I can only keep in contact with by being online. Especially since I'm not in school and one of the youngest people at my company. But it was nice to tell her about costuming, how I'm going to a con, and then this somehow got related to fandom and I told her about [profile] phoenixmonthly. She's one of those seriously awesome people that she was kind of fascinated a bit as I told her about some fandom things. I have a tendency to ramble if I'm not careful, but then again, so does she. Which is good, because I still want to be her when I grow up. She's been traveling and basically being fabulous. I cannot describe how much this woman just exudes fabulousity. I felt smart because she hadn't heard of creative commons and as some of ya'll know, I'm kind of an open source crusader, so um. Yeah.

Mrs. G is fabulous because she's passionate about life, and makes me feel passionate about things. I nearly cried when I got back from lunch because I nearly lost that vivaciousness but I realize now it's back. And I'm so thankful to be able to feel again, to really be into something. I mean, that's why I sound so, I don't know, obsessive sometimes. I can't help it. I just... there is always a part of me in what I do, no matter what. I can't distance myself from it, and you know what, it's better that I don't. And I think I can still be like Mrs. G when I grow up. XD

I also have an intern. We have no place to put him so he sits on the floor, but that's ok. While the Minions get paid and have projects of their own and more experience than me, the Intern is in high school, doesn't get paid, and pretty much only answers to me and the bosses. I am so stoked. He's going to help me get a kick start in the higher level game stuff, and I get to do some teaching-ish stuff. I love explaining things! I get to gesture wildly and send him off to copy textbooks for me. SCORE.

Have decided to definitely write more in the vein of On The Maintenance Of Friendships because I like being cheeky. And Mrs. G approves of this type of writing (yeah, she read it. seriously, this woman is awesome). Besides, I haven't gotten to them meeting Barry and Tain, and the deal with kids powering country machines and Percival's wings. It's also practice in the type of worldbuilding I like--subtle, not very full of exposition. Why are connected short stories so much more fun than writing chapters? I'll never know.


P.S. My sidekick and my girlfriend are basically awesome.

P.P.S. Do I lose my nerd license admitting I love articles like this?
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Going through my accounts on things and deciding what to keep and what to discontinue. No more paypal, it makes me nervous and I closed that old checking account anyway. Rooted out the last of places with my old username, I think. Have a shit ton of stuff to archive on my external drive when I get home.

Some new things:

+ Got a tumblr account. Using it as sort of a philosophical/observational dumping place. It has a nice bookmarklet thing, so it'll be easy to keep up with.

+ Since you can't delete devArt accounts and it's my oldest presence of anything community-wise online (for real), I decided to just keep my account going. Cleaning it up a bit, may get rid of some of the bad early attempts at photography. Changed my ID because hell if the old one wasn't vaguely haunting (as it contained a picture from the Lost Year). Feel free to friend me if you're on there, since I no longer have a camera it'll mostly be poetry and crafts I'll put up on there, so be advised. Really proof that I am pretty much interested in everything.

+ I'm nearly done with the feather lining on the bottom of my Edea dress! I need to pick up another boa on the way home (dude, those things are useful) but once I have that I may be finished tonight. I won't take any pics until I'm done with that bit, though. It's so exciting!

+ I'm registered for Otakon, and just need to mail my check, which I have all addressed and stuff. This is also exciting.


P.S. Drunkfest tips. I know most of these and tend not to be so hungover anyway... but still. Handy.


Apr. 7th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Today was gorgeous, decided to put on a dress because it's never warm enough to wear a dress when I want to. XD So glad I sewed the missing buttons back on only a week ago.

So I promised a recap of the highlights from this weekend. Here goes. I'm breaking it up by section as this will be long.

on ASN, socialization with boys, and doom )

on antiquing, the historic downtown area, river smelling, and the best weather ever )

on movies, or the international buffet of viewing pleasure )

tl;dr version: Drank with Aeros, have hat, watched movies. Weather is good.

Also, cool links:

- Documentary fetishism in Battlestar Galactica
- Surf Jams Joker
- Cheap goggles for steampunking

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I remember seeing the first one and thinking, "oh SWEET" when Tifa made her entrance (as I have a horrible horrible gamecrush on her) also because I've always wanted to write something with Tifa and Yuna and badassery. Because I can.


It's pretty much just fighting, but it. is. worth. it. And might have plotbunnied me a little. <3 <3 <3

They've got a link to the first video on the side, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Basically just FF girls vs. DoA girls and AWESOME. Alright fine I'll link the first one.



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