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- For my Structures class, I spent this morning operating a band saw, using a disk sander and then getting out a metal file. YES FOR HANDS ON PROJECTS! Our display will look SHARP once we get it done. We've split the group in half to make things keep happening and keep schedules good. I'm with the nice kids, I think. I get to spend some time this weekend filing some more (because after you cut through a piece like we did, you need to make sure you don't INJURE anyone with the sharpness). It's all very zen.

- I thought I chipped a tooth yesterday, because I inherited my dad's bad enamel, but no. False alarm. Yay! Truth is I need a cleaning. >.>

- Decided to do the motion of a rocket skateboard instead of a hoverboard (not enough info). But it'll lead to the same basic thing, theoretically. It's surprisingly SIMPLY mathematically, I am all a-twitter, really. God, I am SUCH A NERD.

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"Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody."
Franklin P. Adams

That's all you'll hear from me. Everything else is none of your business. Really.

In other news, I need to figure out a project for my Dynamics class. My idea thus far is to see if I can model/explain hoverboard dynamics. But I need to find some papers on that first before I can lock it down as my project. If that fails, I will attempt normal skateboard dynamics, because I want to do something fun. According to my professor, they still haven't figured out dynamically how a BICYCLE works. This amazes me and astounds me and I'm probably going to spend a lot of today reading up on that.

Here, have a quick article on that!

Or load this pdf for MORE SCIENCE.

I'm having one of those days where I'm remembering why this stuff is FUN. In Controls lab, we got to play with the joystick for our bolted helicopter (yes, we play with helicopters now in my Controls lab). I suck at flying, which is good that I've no intent to actually learn to fly ("Follow the red line!" "WHAT RED LINE?" yeah).

But seriously. I'm having RIDICULOUS amounts of fun today. Even if searching google hasn't yielded much dynamical analysis yet. I SWEAR TO GOD IT IS THERE.

I should also do my structures homework... bah, but this is more interesting! XD OMG I FINISHED IT. WOW I AM AWESOME WHEN I WAKE UP EARLY ENOUGH AND HAVE A FULL LUNCH!


P.S. I now sort of want to make rocket cyborgs. I'D VOLUNTEER MYSELF.

P.P.S. First section of the poem finished!
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Ok, this isn't the end of the week, but I thought this was something fun to share with ya'll. The kind of stuff I remember hearing and thinking, "HELL YEAH I WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER THAT ROCKS".

Alright, so it might not have the same effect on you, but at least it helps me recover from the result of my last exam grade. Ha.

So who wants to learn about gimbal lock and why the Apollo 13 movie had so many slide rules? )

So, the moral of this story:

- Don't divide by zero, you could crash and die.
- Some technobabble in movies is based on real things
- Jim Lovell would have made a good pirate
- This icon makes more sense now, doesn't it?


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Oh god, Controls Pre-Lab why do you have to be made of such asinine CRAP? Scary thing is, I totally now know EXACTLY what my dad does at work, and omg, he has got to be INSANE. Damn Bode plots.

Last day for [ profile] phoenixmonthly submissions for this month! I know some of ya'll are last minuters, so, the last minute is nigh. FYI. (in the sky?)

I wonder how many of us Aeros put up with all this because we all sort of want to be Tony Stark when we grow up. Conundrum. Furthermore, where the hell is my flying suit.

Professor Collicock, aka, the douche that teaches my Aeromechanics II class and I keep having instances of professor-student STAREDOWNS. I came in late today (hey, it's not like I DON'T HAVE A CLASS BEFORE THIS) because I stopped to talk to my Thermo professor, since he's nice and let me turn in my homework late on Friday (this on time thing has been difficult as of late). He tells me "good morning!" in that, ah, sarcastic way that reminds me how much I want to stab him in the eye, and I smile and respond back. I have a feeling this is going to be a constant thing. Well, eventually something's gotta give. Hopefully it means I pass. Because I really really want to smile at him on the last day of class and tell him I hadn't taken the pre-reqs. Because yeah.

Meanwhile, still love Advanced Dynamics and the stylings of Prof California. His TA, though, really needs to pull the cylindrical object out of his ass. I miss Mohammad. ;_; He was the best Dynamics TA ever. At least I have the book now, and an ability to do the homework! YAY. Something clearly stuck, as I don't feel like a complete idiot. Some day I will have to post a sample problem, because they're fun. RODS ATTACHED TO SPRINGS. LAGRANGIAN FUNCTIONS. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT.

Alright, back to the pre-lab, so I'm not late to Prof California's class. Though, coming in late makes the TA make a sour face and that is kind of hilarious. Prof California himself knows I'll catch up. XD

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Ha, alright, so my dynamics prof REALLY remembers me. By luck of the scheduling, I managed to have two classes in the same room--one after the other. At the end of the day, when I'm most tired. This is good, actually. Anyway, so I'm sitting waiting for the next class and my prof starts up a conversation with me. It was nice. I like his dorky California-ness and dorky laught responses to my frank way of answering questions. He also seemed pleased I got a job. It's weird, it's not so much an ego boost (I passed his class with a C, a very hard-earned and almost B type of C, but a C) as much feeling like I'm still sort of in the engineering family. You know, not the favorite child, but the kooky cousin that is from out of town that stayed too long because she sold her car to buy donuts. Something like that. A walking talking What Not to Wear: Engineering Edition or something.

But getting people to snicker and laught dorkily (several of which I don't know, or can hear me, because my voice somewhat projects) is a good sign to me. I think I've gotten back to being myself, entirely. And by being "myself" I don't mean taken steps back on the maturity chain, but like, there are certain core things to a personality. Mine just happens to be frankness and no embarrassment when it comes to my appearance. I suppose that's directly related to confidence, and I think I've got a lot of it back now. Despite things being hard and it taking me a little longer to figure out some things, I really feel like I deserve to be in this program. Maybe not because I'm a supergenius (god lord, I don't even think I'm THAT intelligent, let alone genius) but because of grit. Or something.

Makes me kind of wonder what things some of ya'll have held onto in your personality and stuff. Or are all of you in transitional phases? Considering the wide variety of ages on my f-list, I'm curious. You don't have to answer, though. It'd just be nice.


P.S. Cosplay Wednesday worked, though due to the temperature (that being HOT) I changed my outfit a little after that class. What I got after that was kind of stylish and I'm trying to figure out the camera I checked out so that I can take a picture. We'll see how that goes. It's a pretty camera, though.

P.P.S. This comic is pretty close to my thoughts on the matter. <3
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The Intern is still in a chair, but the minions and I have desks. This makes working so much easier, but it also means we're not all hanging around the same set of tables. The level of BS and shenanigans has gone down. Good for business, but I miss shenanigans already. I don't feel nearly as exposed, though, which was weird. We're all facing walls now, so everyone can focus. Considering all the work the minions have lately, this is prolly good for them.

Emailed Super Adviser, he does think I'm insane, but he says I know what I'm getting myself into. I'd rather the Fall suck than the Spring (because that's SENIOR DESIGN OMG) and really, I just want to fucking graduate already. I am very likely to be extremely cranky for the next year or so, just be advised. Nothing personal.

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So yeah, it's going to be fun. And by that I mean slightly suicidal. But I have requirements left to meet, and I have no tech or liberal arts electives left. XD I also need to contact the History department and make sure that I get a minor, because I earned it, dammit. I also set myself a reminder to go see History Gast when I get back to school, because he still has my final project and I want to see what he thought of it. I have a feeling that professors are going to get sick of me this year, but hell if I'm failing anything. I am going to graduate in the Spring if it kills me. C means Cool and D means Done!

And some fun things:

+ I wrote stuff yesterday! A cute Veld/Iffy and a distinctly un-cute rated R addition to my "Liquid" series. The latter was mostly done for a while, I just had to add an ending. I may actually finish a claim somewhere! Figures, it's my crazy psychological crap that I finish. XD

+ I took a picture of my vaguely paganistic pendant I made for myself. I even like the hemp cord it's on. Wire wrapping and finding random polished rocks in my things is awesome.

+ Fashionista pic. Mainly because my lime green heels are awesome, if not made for walking very far in. I'm glad I have a desk job. XD

+ And a dorky poll thing.

I really need to do some sewing tonight. I've been so lazy lately.


P.S. Those who haven't submitted, you know who you are.
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Since I went and visited Professor Jersey Highwind in his office, because apparently he has office hours anytime he's in there (which meant I simply went up to him at the end of class and said, "HEY WHEN ARE YOU IN YOUR OFFICE" which resulted in some giggles form the prof coming into the class, who is now Professor Boyscout, as he comes up again later in this story). So I showed up, told him about my history project and what I spent last semester doing and that I am basically the Engineer Who Sucks At Math Like Whoa, which resulted in some fabulous discussion and postulation.

Of course, on my way to his office AFTER WRITING HIS OFFICE NUMBER DOWN, I had a dyslexic moment and mixed them up. So, I got lost. In my own damn engineering building. I found an office open with a dude that didn't appear to be doing much (Professor Boyscout, who is apparently one of he department heads?! WAY TO PICK THEM) and he helped me figure it out, and was a little lost himself. He said "ah, good, I got my boyscout deed of the day out of the way before lunch" and also remembered me from class as "being the one who asked Prof Jersey Highwind when he's in his office in such a blunt tone."


As a result of fabulous discussion and postulation and then good old JH asking why I suck at class sometimes, he said:

"Hey, since you kind of work in this field, if you have time, why don't you try designing a module for this class?"

My immediate thought was "DO I GET EXTRA CREDIT?" but this is college, and they don't offer that stuff in my classes. However, should I ever be on the borderline between two grades, this helps. After leaving the office, I realized just what I'd been asked.


Naturally, I decided to talk to Professor History Gast after his class about this development. And like a good hippie with a technical bent, he was naturally excited. And offered to let me use the module as a chunk of my project.


I guess the real dilemma is... how do you teach airplane dynamics concepts in an interesting non-book and lecture way? How do you turn the book into a RESOURCE and not a BIBLE? What can I use from work to translate to much more complicated and not entirely grokked problems on my part?

And how can I involve crayons in this??? Come on, like you wouldn't want to play with crayons in class.

Suffice to say, this will be eating my brain for a while.

tl;dr version:

- profs are people too
- if you suck at something, fix it
- i want to play with crayons
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- History Professors That Keep Pointing Me In That Direction With That Knowing Sort of Prodding
- My Job Of Awesome Which I Miss Like Fyre
- My Inability to Learn Anything Without BABBLING About It
- My New Favorite Aero Professor

More on that professor. So today, we get to class and he's setting up the computer projector for something. I'm thinking "oh neat, he's going to tangent on some Skunkworks stuff and basically make my life" because really? Tangents aren't just so that shit doesn't end up on the test. Tangents are where I actually learn as opposed to endless notes on the board ([profile] first_seventhe totally knows what I'm talking about).

So what he put up was this AMAZING video where an old dude was talking to a bunch of educators and basically said everything that I'd suspected since entering college and nearly losing my soul and getting it back. Basically, this guy said, "the older you get, the less creative you are encouraged to be".


and more on that, because I'm apt to ramble )

tl;dr version for those watching at home:

Yay creativity!
Boo soul-sucking equations!
OMGWTF can I has graduation now?

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Sure, there's still snow on the ground, and it was melting, which meant lots of puddles, and there was fog because the ground was cold, but the AIR was WARM and that's ALL THAT MATTERS. To celebrate this, I decided to wear a skirt.

Note to self: buy more high waisted skirts. Because yeah. I'm rocking this look.

I also dressed up a little more than usual because I woke up later than I intended and had to do my workout during midday break, which was starting to make me cranky, so yeah. Don't ask me why it helps, it just does. I'm foppish like that.

Also, hilarity on the track (because you go around noonish and all the treadmills are taken)! I was feeling self conscious about being the only walker on the track (as opposed to the EXTREME RUNNERS OMG), and then this incredibly old (at least he looked it) guy started snailing around. And I mean snailing. I walk fast.

But the main lesson of the day is when I get a derivation problem, if you defend your steps enough, you get lots of credit! Considering that I was making it up as I go along and hoping the math went with my semi-logical basis, this is good!

Oh, and I have Andy Hunter's Life album finally. I don't know why I didn't look for it before, considering the song "Wonderful" pops up on my Pandora playlist all the time. It's great workout music that is happy (as I realized a lot of my techno was dark and kind of defeats the sort of on crack mood you have to be in when you're working out).

Alright, dinnertime. Still have to do Monday Updates for [profile] ff_fanlisting. It's on like, all three of my reminder things, so I will not forget.


P.S. Also, new love, The Quantic Soul Orchestra has brought the funk back to my playlist. Never ever close down, music blogs!

P.P.S. Saw a boy today in a black shirt with white stripes and a white tie. Was half tempted to stop him and tell him how proud I was to see a boy that could dress himself, but I thought that would be weird, even for me.


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