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I took yesterday and today (and tomorrow!) off of work, because I needed it. Due to this, I have Done Things of Importance.

- I cleaned all the things! No really, I did. I had this incredible amount of energy and just felt like everything needed dusting and cleaning. I washed my bedding. I even rearranged my books on my bookshelf. It was incredible and I feel a lot better now because of it. Strangely enough!

- I went to the BANK like an ADULT.

- I got my Yuletide done on time! And I'm kind of proud of it. Then again, I got a ridiculously fun prompt. I hope my recipient likes it.

gaming stuff )

I still have some sewing to do, but most of my sewed gifts are being given after Christmas and thus I totally have plenty of time to do them. Then there's a costume to sew. But gifts first.
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So, last night I downloaded The Sims 3 onto my iPhone.

Keep in mind I haven't actively played Sims since the original The Sims, and used to actually be the sort to painstakingly mod the skins on them so they could be whoever I wanted. I had to get around the limitations of the software at the time and deal with lag on my family's shared laptop but god, it was fun.

It blows my mind that my phone can handle a type of game that my fully functioning computer has issues with. It's a bit of a shame that more people don't just sit back and marvel at how much power we have now.

My dad used punch cards in his first programming classes when he was just a bit younger than me!

Anyway, just geeking. XD
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Ha, I almost forgot to update! Today was insane, basically. Things like to overlap on Mondays. But I came home, had a beer, watched my mom play Lego Indiana Jones (OMG IT IS SO CUTE) and let the workday melt away. That and sci-fi had some Star Trek: TNG episodes (Picard and the metamorph hottie episode and a Luxanna Troi marriage scheme... oh I love you Trek. For your silliness.)

But I have exciting pictures! I WORKED ON MY HAT TODAY.

+ Peacock feathers!
+ Crow feathers!
+ Action shot!

Yeah, that's about it.

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She really wanted one, and since her birthday is the 16th, Dad and I are officially awesome. All the points are belong to us. It's at least one piece of technology that she's not afraid of (attempts at assuring her that the internet will not eat her have been in vein. I blame the news and the fact that she still believes everything on TV is true *sigh*). We'll need to hook it up so that she can turn it on in the middle of the day, instead of watching HGTV and playing bubblet on her Palm Pilot when she needs to sit down.

on music, geek assimilation, and how to make a chicken sandwich taste good )

Project Runway starts up again in a week. God, I'm such a dork. And on my mom's birthday. I need to find a way to watch it without looking like a jerk. Hrm.

Can I mention that I love Hitherby Dragons? God, I love that story.


P.S. Ha, a Columbus Ohio muxtape.
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Oh I love Mondays like this. Woke up before my alarm, but not RIDICULOUSLY before it, so I had time to take a not frantic shower, have a little breakfast, and get to work at a leisurely pace. Not only that, but my part of the proposal was done last week and other than some poking at bits of the game, I've pretty much nothing to do. This meant the minions and I got to talk about ninjas in the morning and I remembered to eat lunch on time. Might pull out the other sewing machine later and see how it works. Even if I love the one that I pulled out first. XD

Have officially fixed the shoulders on my dress, hopefully the stitches will hold. I've doubled up with my stronger thinner thread that I've used on other parts on the patching that was obviously done by someone else that inherited that dress. I just have this weird tear that appeared on one of the sleeves and a hole from my sharp elbow to patch.

Also, the fun that it making my waist cincher. There may be weird IMs late at night, be forewarned people that sew. I have to write up the materials I need for that, yet. I know I can at least take in the sides and make it more feminine with the materials I have currently.

Oh and I burned through two WIPs today. One which was fairly new and the other that's been sitting int that folder since FOREVER. Both are on [community profile] viniel and my IJ, I'm too lazy to link them individually. One's FF7:BC, the other FFX. It's a little known fact I kind of really love FFX, but the canon and plot was so tidy I don't feel like writing much fic for it. But occasionally I meta, as that little story I wrote indicates.

Hrm, maybe I'll get something else done. Peer pressure has given me another plotbunny (though I admit, mentioning it was my fault). I just need to look through my timeline and see where it fits. XD I do have some form of consistency in my stories. Might post the icons I've done, they're kind of nifty. Some BSG and a few Lucrecia ones that are science!Lu as opposed to weenie-victim-WTF-Squeenix. Or something. But first to start this story. Because I might as well go with this mood.


P.S. So Minion J linked me to this anime/steampunk MMO. Part of me thinks it's cool, and another part wonders if it's a bad mix? Depends on how it plays, I suppose. As not much of an MMO person, I can't really say. But it looks neat.
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So today I decided to run errands. Which was strangely fun. Mailed off the first batch of books I promised to people, still have one more package to send to someone (as something I wanted to send I can't locate) and possibly a couple more. Because media mail is awesome, I managed to send the first batch pretty cheap. Have two rather large boxes to send to a charity for homeless kids (Project Night Night... I seriously love that group) but I need to clean up the books first. Get rid of dust, stickies, all that. That'll prolly be what I'll do after work during the week unless I get super productive tomorrow.

Have a library card now, so I won't be tempted to buy too many new books (and that way I can get my Herding Cats Book Challenge ones read). Ran into the mom of a old friend, she was always nice so it was a pleasant run-in. Got two books, since library books have a time limit attached and I don't know when I'll have time to read. I should have the nonfiction one read sooner, as I tend to get through nonfiction faster (no idea why). I also have a Borders gift card... well, I suppose some new bookage will be in order. ^^ I only feel bad because my "to read" list is getting huge. XD

Also found David Bowie's 'Heroes' album at the local record store. Which has oddly been hard to find. 1/3 of the "Berlin Trilogy" is mine! It's really good, then again, I love Brian Eno and he collabed on it. <3 Between that and finding Aladdin Sane about a month ago, my fangirlism is appeased.

Overall, it was a good time for scavenging. And since I have a good tote bag now, I didn't have to have anything put into plastic bags! Carrying your own shopping bag is awesome and helps keep the world from being taken over by plastic bags. For realz.


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I survived! And seem to be doing pretty well. Was down to the wire with that paper, but it's all done now. Handed in. I was actually the last person to turn it in on Friday, since I had a class from 3:30-4:20 (the history class itself is the hour before). So History Gast told me to sit down, catch my breath and then talked about vision quests and stuff. Might actually attempt one, as weird as it may sound. Research to follow.

Things that I love about the weekend:

- Take home exam not due until Tuesday, so guilt at only having done a couple problems is not huge

- Had the most hickish dinner ever on Friday: wine in individually packaged plastic bottles and Fazoli's, all eaten in my dorm room, on my desk, while watching TV on the internets. Ha, I didn't get caught.

- I accidentally flashed some Mormon missionaries on my bike and laughed so hard I almost fell off my bike. Wearing a skirt on a bike = fail. If entertaining fail, at least.

- Don't have to wake up early on Monday (though I shouldn't sleep all day)

- Sapporo. Big bottle. Not to be consumed after the last of hick wine, as it causes major bitchiness.

- BSG this weekend: Not really spoilerific, but just in case... )

- Chinese food that probably doesn't resemble anything the Chinese would actually make. And declining to learn what's in the brown sauce.

- Realizing this entry was in my queue all weekend, as I didn't really hang online much except to watch Queer As Folk, shut up, it's awesome.

- Because I can't seem to write, I worked on my Rinoa FST on and off. Once again proves my taste in music is the crazy sometimes (bad Latin, technopunk, spare drums, and female vocals prominent).

- Realization I am getting back to work soon! I MISSED WORK SO BAD. WORK > SCHOOL, I'M SORRY IT JUST IS.

- Neat bracelet that Drak gave me helped me do a tarot reading, which I haven't done in quite some time. Deck has gained a dry sense of humor and a slight attitude.

- Laundry starting, though not finishing. God, I hate it when I get behind because of insanity. Sure, I could wait until I get to my parents place, but I'm here until Saturday and well, dirty clothes smell.


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Alright, today is much better than yesterday. My schedule still is the crazy, but now that I've got it all laid out and stuff, it's way less daunting. Am taking some of my own advice and taking a wee bit of time out. Since today is gorgeous and simply biking to the airport for class is full of fail. I desired more outdoors, and more beverages, so I thought it about time to hit up the Asian mart, which was a nice little bike ride. Want to use some of my tea to make iced tea, as I finally found the ice machine, but alas, Drak broke my container of holding -1 (because it broke too damn easily). Maybe I can make a little and put it in a bottle.

I also really enjoy eating and studying at the same time. XD Have been trying new continuous eating combined with bringing more stuff to read during the sit-down meals I feel like going to (usually the ones I have time for, like today it was lunch).

This is pretty tempting. Dammit, though, why are all challenges like that based on ROUNDS? I hates deadlines and signup times. XD

Now to finish up my programming. Thankfully taking some time to sit in the dining hall to work on my pilot take-home exam thing worked out well. As it's totally done. Now I've just got a "flight computer" (the most badass circular slide rule of all time) extra credit sheet and attempts at memorizing all the questions in the Gleim book. We'll see how that goes. XD

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As a sort of transcendentalist with a fondness for zen things, I am always striving to perfect things. To streamline my existence. As evidenced by my environmental philosopies, my writing style, and a few other quirks to my personality, I hate waste. I like excess only as an enhancement, not for excess's sake. I've even started doing blog posts on the nerdy productivity/finicky organzation to things that I have (which I haven't talked about until now, because I wasn't sure if I'd ever post anything. But one of the people I share it with started posting and well, I found stuff to talk about). You can check it out here, if you're curious.

Anyway, so I ran across a couple articles in my daily readings (I eat knowledge, rawr) and two really made me think today. The first is about monies. Which I am still figuring out. And the other is about zen monk stuff. Made me feel calm, for some reason.

I've still got that absent-minded, too many projects, having lots of random junk attitude, but I've at least not let it consume my life anymore. Hopefully this will translate into not failing school and being basically awesome.

Oh, and I put up a poll on [profile] ff_fanlisting. So people that are involved in some way, even just lurkers plz answer it!


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Fucking hell. So I decided not to go with my impulse of crashing between and right after classes today and am forcing myself to sleep at like, 10. or 11. To kickstart me back on sleep. Because apparently I've forgotten how to?

So today was interesting trying to stay awake and remember where the fuck I was half the time. Weird thing is, I really want a damn cigarette now. I think once my body has gone into one unhealthy state, it wants to turn to all my vices. Well, nearly all. Heh.

Alright, what sort in interestingness is there.

- Wrote essay, old news. Suffice to say, I like rambling, as usual.

- I have a crapload of RSS feeds. And I'm so quick at deciding what's crap I tend to get it done in fifteen minutes tops, once a day, or like, half that twice a day. Ya'll should go over to [profile] first_seventhe and totally pester her.

- I would like to get something done today. Gra. Tomorrow had better be fucking awesome.

If I continue this longer, I'm likely to start typing in tongues. Peace.


P.S. Hahahaha, ironic icon usage.
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Did not sleep last night, slept this afternoon after class instead. I need to kick my sleeping schedule back to normal, because I haven't worked out in a couple days due to when I crash. I would like to be with the working out again! Gra. Stupid insomnia.

Results of insomnia:

- Wrote a Veld/Tifa in which Tifa meets his daughter and I play around with taboo a little.

- ICONS. Oh god, I forgot how much I loved photoshop. Some FF4, and some random silly Project Runway ones because I realized I needed some.

- Made a [profile] spoony_bards mirror on IJ, here, because I know some of you don't write on LJ anymore. I will be even lazier than Sev with it. As part of the deal, I now have a Lucrecia claim set to David Bowie's "Reality" album. XD I should know that enabling people always backfires.

- Watched half of His Girl Friday, had to stop because I went to class and then crashed.

Things still to do:

- Prelab for VB class.

- ESSAY for Dynamics class. Words cannot describe my GLEE than for an engineering class we have an ESSAY. I LOVE ESSAYS. EEEE. I'm probably typing mine, because I will likely ramble a bit, so I might share when it's done.

Alright, time to buckle down.


P.S. Sometime it feels as if my RSS reader is talking to me.

P.P.S. X-MEN FANS! The rumors are true.
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Man, I've been UP TO STUFF today!

- Exercised! Probably half the reason I've been like a hyper kitten on crack all afternoon. I've been wondering why I've been so hungry lately (minus reading these scary articles about how dieting makes you crazy and the like) and then it occurred to me that duh, I'm moving more, my body requires more to feed its crazy metabolism.

- I like apple slices. I'm starting to wonder if this is hormonal or I've finally conquered my dislike of you know, healthy things but I like them more than candy or chips now. Thankfully my On the Go mart around here stocks them up like crazy.

- I suddenly realized that both my laptop and my Palm Pilot (yes, I have one, you can see where my salary goes...) are bluetooth compatible. I also realized that I might have to get a third party way to do this, because Microsoft is being STUPID about letting me sync. It's like, "ah yes, WE SEE YOUR DEVICE" and then skips to a step that's like, "TRANSFER FILE HERE"... and it doesn't show up. I might have to pull someone more 1337 than me over so that I can have connection. Because that means I could control my music remotely, which would KICK ASS.

- Been making icons because I saw a "haute couture" challenge for some comm and thought it would be an interesting subject to apply very oddly. So I've been looking through different game arts (mostly Amano atm) and finding stuff I like. I'll post them all probably as a big group once they're done. And I found very pretty FF4 pics, so. Those too.

- Working on a Midgar FST because I have lots of music now that I find appropriate. XD Clearly I'm on YAY FUN THINGS overdrive, so. Might as well go with it.

- Saw a girl at dinner that looked fabulous, like straight out of an old movie. I need to get over my creepy observer tendency and just say hi, as she seems pretty cool.

- There were other things I wanted to put here, but I forgot. XD

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+ Did not wake up so easily this morning and will have to move my car soon HA I FOUND PARKING FOR REALZ because apparently parking ALWAYS sucks when you're running later than you'd like to.

+ I am a little panicked about this final, because after the session last night, it's pretty heavy power series based. Now, I hate that crap. Not only that, the last time I took Diff Eq WE SKIPPED THAT CHAPTER to get to, I don't know, useful stuff like LaPlace? Equivalent course my ass.

+ I took pictures of my desk at work because I realize I'm going to miss it. :< That, and I sort of want to join the Unclutterer flickr pool. Because I'm a dork.

+ Also, in order to facilitate me actually studying, I'm going to start using my "school" XP account in the evenings. Which doesn't let me get on the web or on IM. Pretty drastic, but I did make it for a reason. XD Sorry for being scarce! I'll be done by Thursday!

can I just skip to adulthood now? I'm tired of being stuck in between )


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