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Lord, I know college is far from fair, but some days I really wish it was. Got an email from Prof Cock letting me know that I'm passing (yay!) without me having to prompt him (I have a weird feeling that my adviser may have talked to him... thank you super adviser, I am totally buying you something when I graduate finally). Of course, he colored that with "oh and you should keep doing the homework and study hard fro the final" because you know, I'm not done, but he's a condescending prick and I can only expect a certain amount of niceties. But then, he also tells us that we're have a multiple choice final.

Alright, for those of you in the liberal arts, this is commonplace. But you ever tried to do math with no partial credit? Yeah, I'm fucked.

Seriously guys, I just about broke down and cried, because I was trying to track down my TA to turn in homework (GUESS WHO ALSO CAME AND COLLECTED THE HOMEWORK A MINUTE BEFORE I CAME TO CLASS?) and it kind of just hit me. And here I was so happy that I appear to be passing all my classes.

God, I know it's not personal, but some days... some days I really wish that arrogant ass-kissers would stop getting all the credit. Just once.

Oh well, I'd better just get over it and move on. Got a simulation to program and the next homework to do and hopefully the TA will be in the lab he's supposed to be later today (he probably just went to lunch with the other Graduate Slaves... I really like this kid and hope that he gets out from Prof Cock sooner or later). Sure, it's ass that as a fucking super senior there's still those that don't think I belong in the program, but if a professor from the mechanical engineering department can cut me a break because, "you're really kind of brilliant when you're on task" (yeah he said that, I have such a geekcrush on Prof Dragster, why can't he be in my department?) then I can show some spoiled jackass where to shove it.

Ha ha, that was like the five stages of grief again. Really, writing shit out helps. Better than any therapy evar.

In good news, I went thrifting with Sidekick and got ridiculously pimp shoes, my shirt for my Laguna costume, and a ladybug lamp that was like adorable.

Now I'm going to take a few breaths and take an aspirin since I'm going off caffeine again. XD

Edit: Found TA, was able to turn it in, am ordering some bubble tea.

Ah, Mondays

Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:05 pm
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But a fun Monday, for the most part. Prolly because I haven't gotten all my test scores back yet. XD

So things!

- Yuletide signups! I participated for the first time last year, and ah, all my prompts got filled (because I'm awesome) and I got write something I was totally unprepared for, but it still turned out a little awesome. So I offered more this year (mostly movies... I watch too many movies) and requested some really random stuff. So we'll see!

- Failed my math test. Well. I'm still not entirely fucked, considering that I might have a few more points I can talk the prof into for a D. Which is better. I hate math. All I need to do is pass and I can be done with it. Oy.

- It's warm! WONDERFULLY WARM. I am all dapper to match the wonderfulness of the warm.

- I'm attempting to keep up with some level of readingness, so when I found an mp3 of the audiobook for The Perks of Being a Wallflower I decided to download it. I'll link anyone else who's interested.

- I am debating whether or not to review several albums that have come into my possession recently. I mean, my opinion is just one thing. Hrm. Oh, well, if you want to skip over them, you can, I suppose.

- I have gathered stuff for several of the tiny packages I'm sending out to people! Which is excellent. I should have everything together soon, depending on how school treats me.

- Home of my Nano project. Which as I mentioned before isn't a story in any traditional sense, but an epic poem. Because I'm weird like that.

- I have awesome instrumental music to go with my poem. I don't know why this is so exciting, but it is.

Word Count: N/A!
Outline Quality: Uh, sorta have an outline. I suppose it's somewhat useful.

Scene Worked On Most Recently: I: Thelonius II, Pawn of Black
Scene to be Worked On Next: The end of this "scene" and then II: Sela, Bishop of White
"Research" of the Day: I had to recall a specific chess move or two, so ended up reading too much. XD
Quote of the Day:
Pike in hand, he marches with the sons and daughters
Peasant-folk of sturdy character
Laid down their plows and their trowels
To sharpen axes instead.

Novel Poem I Think I'm Unconsciously Channeling In Terms Of Style And Exposition: "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot, or probably some Blake. I'm really into them. XD

Character I'm Eager to Write: The White Queen.
Character I'm Finding Difficult: No one thus far. Then again.
City Much More Lifelike Than I Expected: N/A. I haven't gotten into that yet.
Best Thing I've Been Able To Meta With Today: The nature of pawns. I think I may have to come back to them again and again, because I quite adore the pawn structure I have going.

Today's Goal: Finish Part I. I think it's doable. Particularly considering where I've left poor Thelonius II.

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- Once I'm done with that I HAVE A LAB REPORT



Fuck this, I'm joining the circus. Ok, not really. It's way too late to suddenly decide I want to be a literary critic.

Halloweek Costume Today: Aviatrix, because it's fucking cold and I need pants. This fact will likely mean that the Ninja, Ranger, and Cyberpunk costumes will also be worn unless it gets warmer. Friday is Drak's Choice, which likely means I won't get pants. XD I kind of regret not bringing my steampunk!Edea costume up here with me, because it would totally be warm enough now. Oh well.


P.S. OMG I LOVE GOOGLE BOOK SEARCH AND GOOGLE SCHOLAR. THEY EVEN TELL ME IF MY UNIVERSITY HAS A BOOK (not that I actually go get said book, I get all my info from the excerpts because I am a Bad Student).
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Oy... fuck math class. I'm so utterly frustrated with that BS. Someday, tests won't mean what they do and we'll find a way to honestly track understanding--because I'm not dumb, it wasn't like I didn't put the work in, I'm just really bad at tests. Thermo was around the average. Aerodynamics was just below the average. I'm alright in those classes, then. Just need to keep it up.

Haven't gotten my Dynamics test back yet, not sure if I want to. XD No, I'll find out eventually. I know the average was crappy, so chances are I'm alright.

It just pisses me off some days how much of my skills are judged by arbitrary numbers based on tests of skill that actually have nothing to do with the profession at all.

So how about some good things, to balance this out, because hell if I'm going to let this gnaw at me:

- I got behind on my Gunnerkrigg Court, due to school and just flipping very quickly through my RSS feeds, but I caught up today. GAMMA AND ZIMMY ARE BACK. They're some of my favorite minor characters from that comic, so. Also, Kat. Kat is fab. I actually can't think of anyone I don't like in that comic and the plot's continuing to be twisty without being frustratingly so. I needed that today.

- Old Man's War killed off my favorite, but I knew he was going, because of probility. Still, ;_;. I hope you get to see your constellations. I should know better than to read in the dining hall, I have a tendency of yelling at stories while I'm reading them. Way to go Scalzi, for avoiding most of what was starting to frustrate me about science fiction. Also, it's nice to mostly have characters that are mentally over sixty; the hangups of people my age and younger in narrative wear on me a little. I am not youth obsessed. I'll take an Auschenbach (sp?) over a Luke Skywalker any day.

- Got an email this morning, appears that Caricature is going in [profile] indianconundrum (well, it's getting handed to an editor at least, I think this means I'm in). And I get an illustrator (well, they all do, but my inability to draw ALWAYS makes me excited, since how I write is much like plotting out movie scenes). I've got four chapters, and judging by the release times, it'll be a while before they need any from me, so I have plenty of time to work out the issues with my Paladin chapter, etc. Considering that this was my first serious attempt at an original universe of any sort, I'm a little excited. XD I'm also freaking nervous, as generally two people read my own stuff, so.

- I need to make more time in the day so I can read more. Almost done with Mrs. Dalloway and 3/4 through Old Man's War actually finished that one, and have "Wine in the Wilderness" (that's not even a book, it's a PLAY) to finish. Plus the last half of The Time Traveler's Wife. Can't I just suspend everything so I can fucking read for a while? Honestly. Or can I just skip the next ten years and get to the good part? *sigh*

I need some more sunlight. Going outside. I'll be less bummed then.
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Oh god, Controls Pre-Lab why do you have to be made of such asinine CRAP? Scary thing is, I totally now know EXACTLY what my dad does at work, and omg, he has got to be INSANE. Damn Bode plots.

Last day for [ profile] phoenixmonthly submissions for this month! I know some of ya'll are last minuters, so, the last minute is nigh. FYI. (in the sky?)

I wonder how many of us Aeros put up with all this because we all sort of want to be Tony Stark when we grow up. Conundrum. Furthermore, where the hell is my flying suit.

Professor Collicock, aka, the douche that teaches my Aeromechanics II class and I keep having instances of professor-student STAREDOWNS. I came in late today (hey, it's not like I DON'T HAVE A CLASS BEFORE THIS) because I stopped to talk to my Thermo professor, since he's nice and let me turn in my homework late on Friday (this on time thing has been difficult as of late). He tells me "good morning!" in that, ah, sarcastic way that reminds me how much I want to stab him in the eye, and I smile and respond back. I have a feeling this is going to be a constant thing. Well, eventually something's gotta give. Hopefully it means I pass. Because I really really want to smile at him on the last day of class and tell him I hadn't taken the pre-reqs. Because yeah.

Meanwhile, still love Advanced Dynamics and the stylings of Prof California. His TA, though, really needs to pull the cylindrical object out of his ass. I miss Mohammad. ;_; He was the best Dynamics TA ever. At least I have the book now, and an ability to do the homework! YAY. Something clearly stuck, as I don't feel like a complete idiot. Some day I will have to post a sample problem, because they're fun. RODS ATTACHED TO SPRINGS. LAGRANGIAN FUNCTIONS. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT.

Alright, back to the pre-lab, so I'm not late to Prof California's class. Though, coming in late makes the TA make a sour face and that is kind of hilarious. Prof California himself knows I'll catch up. XD

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Lab Report + Job Whoring + Not Much Sleep =

Seeing a group of Indian kids dressed in black suits and my first thought is, "I didn't realize the Turks outsourced."

I'm taking a nap now.


P.S. Ah, what might have been.

P.P.S. Meme, because after my nap I had to stay up with homework

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So I get into work and the Minions look spooked. I go towards the kitchen to put my lunch in the fridge and they hiss, "don't go in there!" and I realize that there is shouting coming from there. Since our kitchen is attached to a meeting room, I just sat tight. Eventually the yelling stopped and the drama was over. It was still kind of tense for a few minutes and Minion J went on about "there are drills for this!"

I kind of hate this week already, considering that school just switched computer systems and I'm not sure if they get that I'm registered. It does have fees for myself, even for housing, but I don't know what ROOM I'm in, just the dorm. I may need to call the dorm people tomorrow. Also, my financial aid is taking ass forever to get itself through, which is kind of got me paranoid. I discovered on this shiny new system I was supposed to confirm my registration on THERE TOO, which pisses me off a little. But I've got it clicked now and I have charges for my room, which means someone thinks I'm staying there at least. I just need to calm.

so a few things to do )


P.S. [ profile] phoenixmonthly's FIRST ISSUE IS UP. DOWNLOAD IT. PRINT IT OFF. SHARE IT.
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So yesterday was kind of a haze. I did some work, naturally (that's what I get paid for!) but I don't exactly remember what it was I worked on. I've been doing mainly administrative stuff today, making sure the Intern has stuff to do before he leaves for a week (admittedly, I like the kid, but he's kind of useless. I hate saying that, but he's not much of a self-starter, and that's basically required around here). Had a bit of a wild chase concerning my parking pass, but thankfully the secretary needed to get a temp pass off her hands. This makes my life better. I also had to go through my finances during lunch, and I'm happy to say things are pretty green. I may even be able to pay for all of next year without loans! At the very least, I'll manage a semester. I love getting paid. XD

I've gotten out of the hazey slump and got some serious organizational crap done. I'm a little antsy to get home, because I finally have the energy to do something. Got laundry, sewing, and some necklace making to do this weekend, in addition to mailing off another Bookmooch book.

Nothing much interesting. Except maybe my current class schedule. It looks like my doom.

my doom looks like a schedule )

A friend of my sister's has a website for his music now (I have a whole CD worth downloaded, cause I'm special) so I figured I'd give him a quick plug. Check out 3D Noise here. It's techno-y stuff, but actually rather good for a kid mixing stuff in his parents' basement (soon to be living with my sister's best friend).

Gah, why is Friday so looooong?



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