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Was supposed to have a pretty big web meeting this morning, but due to lateness getting the info out, school starting for most people, and probably miscommunication this didn't happen. I'm glad, because I was SO not ready. I'm starting to think I have a social anxiety problem with phones, because I never feel this nervous when in person. Maybe it's the lack of being able to read nonverbal cues? In text you at least have time to think of responses... or maybe I have brain/voice disconnect.

Almost done playing Persona 3, keep delaying getting to the FINAL SHOWDOWN because there are a couple persona I forgot to fuse (ha, whoops). Completist me wants them all, but some that are like LEVEL 90 AND SHIT will not be mine on first playthrough unless I want to bore myself to tears leveling through Tartarus. The fact that the game managed to make me not only do some levels but lots of click-through talking social interactions has given me ideas for stuff at work!

Stuck in the feedback cycle with work right now, waiting on funding for our ITEST grant to come through so that Biology Maven and I can start the CS game we designed months ago.

In other news I made this:

And I'm reading this:

- Women in mathematics cartoon.

- Leveling the playing field by making CS majors learn obscure languages first? Actually, learning Matlab before C in my freshman engineering classes did help me with later stuff and forced the young haxx0rs to readjust their thinking a bit.

- Self-cleaning tech I could use that for our floor.

- Who defines and controls "normal"?

- What your identity has to do with learning Or how an identity crisis will make you suck at school I speak from experience.

- Nifty sorting algorithm demo. Click the boxes with the lines to start them. XD

- The Failings of Force Failure in games. Semi-related to group lunch topics! XD
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This was srsly my weekend, kids. It was glorious.

progress on the Auron coat )
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Now all I have left is detail work; the collar and cuffs on this coat. The trim and belt for the Auron kimono. The collar and hemming for the Ellone skirt. Taking the dress in. Having sewed this coat today is a relief, as it means that I don't have any large sewing things left! All details from now on!

pics )
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Catching up on life, as I tend to after a vacation. Have gotten a backloggery account to help keep track of games, since I am now of the two consoles and time to play them part of my life.

Ico is getting close to the end, I suspect, because shadow creature encounters have increased. Good thing I went and looked up about the SECRET WEAPON, which makes them easier to kill. It also looks cool. Yay yay. I originally thought of Yorda (Ico's companion in the big spooky abandoned castle) as an interesting game mechanic, but I actually genuinely care about her welfare now and appreciate the hints and help she gives me (if I wander about fooling around for too long, she'll point at areas where I need to be heading... the AI work on her is amazing, any of the reviews complaining that she was retarded or a baby are written by soulless assholes). I feel panicky when I have to leave her alone, because I actually care if the shadows get her now.

Haven't done much sewing, but I did get the cloth for my Ellone shawl wrap thing and a bunch of cheap patterns (including one that I had gotten before, just in the wrong size... duh). May be putting up a mis-sized pattern on etsy soon.

Still waiting on the other half of my pyramid stud order... I should check on that. Been nearly a month, but then, the seller was international. Should def take pics of what the Paine shawl thing looks like so far. I keep meaning to. Maybe tonight before Ico I'll sit down and do progress shots.

This weekend, I plan on cutting out the pieces for the Daryl coat, so that I can sew it during the week (cutting is the longest part of sewing!).

At work, I'm doing some fix-it type tasks, and getting even more of the data prepared for analysis. I've been given permission to get a few login codes for AstroEngineer, so a few of you may get to play it! (Oh and [personal profile] lassarina, why it didn't work for you was they'd just released a new version internally, but not on the public download site yet... ah production guys).

Almost done with a random Rufus/Elfe story that wouldn't leave my head after FFEX, despite having other things to write. XD At least it'll be out.
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Thanks to the advice of [personal profile] irishais (I feel kind of idiotic for forgetting to DOUBLE UP THE THREAD), this jacket I suddenly had the urge to alter (well, the shoulders drove me NUTS, 1980s, I'm looking at you) so that I might actually wear it more has been a great success! I now have one sleeve adjusted with only a little bit of a foible (since I don't have straight pins, I've been using safety pins to tack off my sleeve to where I wanted it) but I am going to turn that hopefully into looking intentional. I'll try at least.

I'll be fun when I make the thing somewhat asymmetrical in the front and find various metal things to attach to it.

Now the real problem. I woke up at 3pm today.

I've been damned good about waking up, and even when I sleep in, it tends to be no more than 9 hours after I go to sleep. Or before noon. But 3! Damns. I set an alarm, but I forgot my alarm clock has a "weekday" and a "weekend" and "all days" setting and that it was set for "weekday". Live and learn. I have to get up tomorrow, the parents are visiting at 11 or so and then I get to go hang out at Justin's place he makes a roast. REAL MEATS. Oh, how I miss thee. AND BEER.

I would rant about the dorm policy to not allow alcohol, even if you're of legal age and in a SINGLE ROOM, but I'll just leave it at this statement.

So I need to readjust today's plans (which were a LOT, and I MISSED LUNCH EVEN GODDAMMIT, well, at least I have a sandwich in the fridge...) and get going.


P.S. Don't be shy! Check out my meme here! I know a lot of you are writers!


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