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And made a mix. NSFW unless you have headphones (the 212 song is the particularly NSFW one).


01. 30H!3 - Love 2012
02. Maaya Sakamoto - Buddy
03. RuPaul - Champion
04. Jimmy Eat World - Futures
05. Azealia Banks - 212 (feat. Lazy Jay)
06. 브라운아이드걸스 (Brown Eyed Girls) - Sixth Sense
07. Scissor Sisters - Night Life
08. Lelia Broussard - Hipster Bitch
09. She Wants Revenge - It's Just Begun
10. The Lawrence Arms - 100 Resolutions
11. Drew Neumann - Beautiful Animation
12. David Bowie - Fill Your Heart (1999 Digital Remaster)
13. Flight of the Conchords - Robots
14. Dânnâgôischd - Ôichâbleddr Onnd Ôichâsâmâ
15. Genesis - It's Gonna Get Better
16. Daft Punk - Solar Sailer (Ki:Theory's Lay Our Bodies Down Remix)
17. Cat Stevens - Wild World
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Alright, getting back into the swing of things. This week is going to be full of meetings with work (one of which I may be attending in a conference call while driving to Ohio, well that's what I get for letting them buy me a fancy phone I guess), so I'd better get this out of the way before those all start up!

- Nerdy character aprons! I sort of want to try making some of these myself now for characters that I like! Not that these characters aren't fabulous, of course.

- Mormon housewife blogs... the wave of the future? I've reached new levels of meta, reading a blog post about blogs.

- Clothes for boobs! As in, the larger endowed.

- How to live an extravagantly exuberant life.

- Zero gravity space kittehs.

- Biotic games

- A style strategy for 2011

- Do gamers have the most vivid dreams?

- The luxirare collection. Anytime I see people talk about making a "uniform" of clothes to wear, I cringe. Luxirare's take on dressing simply is quite artyful.

- Hong Kong fashion week. These are the kinds of fashion shows I like to see stuff from. Everything is just beautiful.

- South African musicians, and file sharing. Since everyone's talking about ebooks and the like right now.

- Paint It Black: Johnny Cash Tribute album. Speaking of downloads.

- Engineer designs his own heart implant.

- Fashion while eating. Two things I like!

an in progress shot of my surprise costume... the identity revealed! )

Oh and I made a Veld and Elfe FST for those of you that like that sort of thing.
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So I think I just found Madonna and David Bowie's illicit love child.

Like seriously.

Song stuck in my head forever too, btw. She writes and composes her own stuff. And makes me never want to wear pants evar again.

How have I never heard of her before????

I'm so in pop!love.
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I absolutely love David Bowie. I love artists that change and grow over the years, but still maintain the core of themselves. I love that he experimented in all SORTS of ways and that he is the epitome of male androgyny. I am slowly collecting every album of his, and as many random singles/collabs as I can find. I recently found Low at a local music store, having been unable to find it other places, because it only has one song on it that would make a Greatest Hits compilation. I've been wanting it for a while, because since it was one of the less popular albums it showed up on Pandora and "Be My Wife" was a song I came to like a lot. So let's go through some of the Bowie albums that are special to me, and why.

more rambles and links below )
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Alright, I realize I typically stick up AN ENTIRE MIX for the Monthly Music Post, and since I'm in a weird mood and I've whined enough, SECOND PART. Only now with more older stuff.

Basically, favorite albums from when I first started listening to music with words, which meant when I was about twelve. I was pretty stuck on classical until then. Because of that, I'm not including Vanessa-Mae's The Violin Player, Peter Gabriel's soundtrack for The Last Temptation of Christ, or whatever else I used to ease myself out of just instrumentals and movie soundtracks. Also, no Madonna, even though I liked her, because I didn't have any of her albums, I just watched her on MTV.

Yes, I was influence by pop radio at first, can't you tell?

Ben Folds Five, Whatever and Ever Amen )

Tal Bachman, Self-Titled )

Third Eye Blind, Self-Titled )

Sheryl Crow, Self-Titled )

Natalie Imbruglia, Left of the Middle )

Styx, Kilroy Was Here )

Honorable Mentions (mostly because they're not on my computer because my parents or sister stole them):
Meatloaf, Bat Out of Hell ("Would you give your throat to the wolf with the red roses?" Oh god, that STILL MAKES ME TINGLY, that bit. I didn't actually ever listen to the song that went with that, just the intro convo)
Jethro Tull, Thick As A Brick (the hippie music I DID like)
Aqua, Aquarium (WHO DIDN'T HAVE THIS?)
Chumbawamba, Self-Titled (ditto)
Savage Garden, Self-Titled (OMG THE GAY... HOW COULD I HAVE NOT KNOWN?)
R.E.M., Monster (very jangly and I liked that)


P.S. results from that meme I put up before )
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How about some commentary on some of the newer albums I've gotten recently? Good music makes me happy and since I can focus on writing text again (hey, sleeping all day clearly helped somewhat!). I'd work on my poem, but eh, not coming to me. Need happy boost.

So on with the show.

Tori Amos, American Doll Posse )

Jake Shimabukuro, Gently Weeps )

Blonde Redhead, Misery is a Butterfly )

She & Him, Volume One )

Sneaker Pimps, Bloodsport )

Venetian Snares, Detrimentalist! )
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Alright, I've discovered the design flaw in lockable bathrooms. You can totally lock your keys in. As I discovered at 7 am this morning.

Yeah, let's not do that again.

I'm mostly working on a lab report and prepping myself for IR, which is kind of like a carnival of companies come to recruit people. A job fair of sorts, I suppose. We'll see how handing out resumes goes. I'm going on a strict policy that if they ask for my GPA, I will ask them why they want it. Yes, that may sound, well, arrogant, but I am principled, and really don't think that my extremely hard earned GPA is any worse than someone else's higher one. My dad backs me up on this, and really, I am curious as to why an arbitrary number would cause them to filter me out, when I've had more job experience than most of the kids, and definitely more life experience. Egads, the amount of life experience I managed to stuff into five years is kind of freaky.

Ha, almost went off on a rant there. I'll spare you. I'm just pretty confident in my abilities these days, and just because I can't take tests--which reflect nothing in the real world in my type of field, unless I was say, a pilot--doesn't mean that I should be automatically rejected.

God, I am my father.

For fun things, I'm using a meme instead of a mixtape this month, since muxtape is still down and for the life of me I couldn't think up a decent theme.

10 songs you're into right now )


hrm, well!

Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:46 pm
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I did a lot of biking and walking today.

Partly for things related to class, but mostly because I really just like walking and biking. Biking for the rush and the ability to go farther out--I did that in the morning while it was still cool. Then when it got too warm for that I walked around some. I saw all these nice little things they've built around campus, noticed a few trees had gotten bigger, and found the second Asian mart that's really close to my dorm. I also went and checked out a camera from the library, I have it until Friday. I'll take pictures of my room sometime before then, probably in the late morning when the light is best.

I attempted to blend in today, for observational purposes, but most likely because I've seen too many spy movies. Going undercover was interesting--noticed a few people I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Like one girl that reminded me of Molly Ringwald had she been less pristine in her youth, and Orlando Bloom look-alike dressed like a hipster, and I had a conversation with a girl that apparently only wears the color green. As much as people can tire me out, I still need to be somewhere where I can just walk around and bump into them. I like being able to do that. I think that's the real reason I started reading things about streetfashion online--it's another way to just bump into random people. Sure, I may not have a single thing in common with them, but it's interesting.

Since [personal profile] firefly99 is a cool person that gets me music that is nearly always good as she's got a real good ear for it (and a dad that sounds like he should be my dad's British pen pal), I'm going to do a music babble. Since muxtape is still down, I'm prolly going to upload this month's mixtape somewhere else, and I'm still figuring out where to do that. I'm also figuring out that mixtape, cause yeah, August sort of ate me. So a pseudo review of sorts:

I was listing to Jeff Buckley's old girlfriend and I suddenly understood the songs he wrote )

And now some babble about Project Runway, because we're all allowed something that's silly to like. And the Project Rungay boys sort of make my day, and this season has started to really entertain me again.

so his name is Ratbones, of course )

One last thing.

So, I really sort of want to do "Professional Cosplay Wednesdays", but I need some ideas. Like random characters from anime, TV, video games--whatever. I just have a few constraints:

- I don't have any of my wigs/crazy costuming stuff yet. It'll come later this month. So if it involves any of that, then I can't do it.
- It has to involve a tie of somesort. I've worn ties every single Wednesday except once or twice due to being sick since I was a senior in high school, which was like six years ago. A bowtie or a Western stringy tie thing also works, but gotta have tie.
- My wardrobe is crazy, but I don't have like, armor or anything crazy like that. I do have a robe that looks like a kimono, though. Think reasonably.
- Can't have a hat or a t-shirt with a logo. Because the prof is dumb.
- Link me to a picture. It helps.
- Male or female doesn't matter, but alien or animal does.

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Today is going much much much better--we're all communicating and speaking the same language and no one's bitching about what I do and it's all wonderful. It's about damn time, I felt like I was speaking Sanskrit or something.

Some things:

- For the .05% of you that missed Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, they put the whole thing up on Hulu. It's nifty seeing it all together. I can't help it, I like mad science. XD

- Put an FST up. Didn't have time to either get a cover or make one, oh well. I like the music.

- I am excited because I have some new boxes. Seriously, that'd dorky.

- Updated my WIPs to reflect the requests. And doom. Lots of doom.

- Kind of want to make my "20 most impactful works" list, as it's not always books that do it for me, as I'm kind of a multimedia whore (book and film snobs would be abhorred by my influences. XD)

Maybe I should go to the cafe again (not to eat though, I just did that). Have some tea. I work much better when I'm not freezing to death (it's so COLD in this part of the office). Maybe later. Time to get something done.
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She really wanted one, and since her birthday is the 16th, Dad and I are officially awesome. All the points are belong to us. It's at least one piece of technology that she's not afraid of (attempts at assuring her that the internet will not eat her have been in vein. I blame the news and the fact that she still believes everything on TV is true *sigh*). We'll need to hook it up so that she can turn it on in the middle of the day, instead of watching HGTV and playing bubblet on her Palm Pilot when she needs to sit down.

on music, geek assimilation, and how to make a chicken sandwich taste good )

Project Runway starts up again in a week. God, I'm such a dork. And on my mom's birthday. I need to find a way to watch it without looking like a jerk. Hrm.

Can I mention that I love Hitherby Dragons? God, I love that story.


P.S. Ha, a Columbus Ohio muxtape.
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So this month's theme, since it's July and my mom's birthday is this month and she likes nautical things is out to sea: fickle as the tide. This has a slight progression/story to it, if you can catch it.

there's a mutiny brewing inside of me now )
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I now have:

+ Over the Rhine's "Ohio" two disc awesome album (you do not understand, I've never heard a band so achingly Midwestern before, they feel like the good parts of home to me)

+ Feathers! For costume!

+ A nifty biography on Alan Turing because I cannot turn down $5 books at the bookstore with the cats roaming about and being cute (omg, I missed you!)

+ A monopoly victory


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So this month's theme, since it's June and it makes me think of wandering the theme is epic travel: go on and get lost.

two friends, off to see the world )
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So today I decided to run errands. Which was strangely fun. Mailed off the first batch of books I promised to people, still have one more package to send to someone (as something I wanted to send I can't locate) and possibly a couple more. Because media mail is awesome, I managed to send the first batch pretty cheap. Have two rather large boxes to send to a charity for homeless kids (Project Night Night... I seriously love that group) but I need to clean up the books first. Get rid of dust, stickies, all that. That'll prolly be what I'll do after work during the week unless I get super productive tomorrow.

Have a library card now, so I won't be tempted to buy too many new books (and that way I can get my Herding Cats Book Challenge ones read). Ran into the mom of a old friend, she was always nice so it was a pleasant run-in. Got two books, since library books have a time limit attached and I don't know when I'll have time to read. I should have the nonfiction one read sooner, as I tend to get through nonfiction faster (no idea why). I also have a Borders gift card... well, I suppose some new bookage will be in order. ^^ I only feel bad because my "to read" list is getting huge. XD

Also found David Bowie's 'Heroes' album at the local record store. Which has oddly been hard to find. 1/3 of the "Berlin Trilogy" is mine! It's really good, then again, I love Brian Eno and he collabed on it. <3 Between that and finding Aladdin Sane about a month ago, my fangirlism is appeased.

Overall, it was a good time for scavenging. And since I have a good tote bag now, I didn't have to have anything put into plastic bags! Carrying your own shopping bag is awesome and helps keep the world from being taken over by plastic bags. For realz.


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Most if not all of these are guilty pleasures for one reason or another. When I really like a song, I have a tendency of finding like, five covers and remixes for it. XD I've probably used a couple of these on FSTs. Since it's just a mix I don't really care, have at it. XD I know, I'm on vacation, but the internets at work here are SO fucking fast I couldn't not abuse the connection for nefarious purposes.

Welcome to Club Armadillo )
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So, last night, I totally was like, on something. Since I always let myself sleep in a little on Fridays, I actually went with my natural desire to stay up later and well, wrote. Is it wrong that 'Carbon Made' makes me fucking excited? Seriously, I just, felt so good getting it out. Also, the daddy issues are surfacing and they are awesome.

I clearly have a theme with families and stuff. But I can't help it. I have a good family. Dysfunctional ones are like, something I analyze? I don't know.

I'm probably going to be making a Rinoa FST to go with all this, because I'm seriously starting to like my Rinoa playlist. It's creepy how much music I own that just jives with her. XD Also how appropriate Nick Cave ends up being for most of the things I write. I LOVE YOU NICK CAVE.

Take home exam this weekend. Open to any resources that are not people and I've been keeping up in class. So I think I'll be alright. I hope. No, I will be alright. Considering that the awful canard (if you didn't here me whine about this when I had this homework, a canard is a tail on a plane in the front, it comes from the French word for duck) problem ended up being a 100% (REALLY I WAS SO SHOCKED), I'm totally more prepared than I think I am.

Got my history exam back. Got an A!! Professor History Gast likes to draw things on essays. I kid you not. When he doesn't like something and wishes you would omit it, he draws a mouth with teeth eating it. I've never giggled while reading essay comments before either. Not only that, he said "by cracky" in a comment. Isn't that just precious?

Handed a Red Bull on the way back from class, from a fancy Red Bull car... was a slight bit like crack dealing. Am amused. I guess I just don't say no to drugs. D.A.R.E. will be so disappointed in me. But it was free!

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Sure, there's still snow on the ground, and it was melting, which meant lots of puddles, and there was fog because the ground was cold, but the AIR was WARM and that's ALL THAT MATTERS. To celebrate this, I decided to wear a skirt.

Note to self: buy more high waisted skirts. Because yeah. I'm rocking this look.

I also dressed up a little more than usual because I woke up later than I intended and had to do my workout during midday break, which was starting to make me cranky, so yeah. Don't ask me why it helps, it just does. I'm foppish like that.

Also, hilarity on the track (because you go around noonish and all the treadmills are taken)! I was feeling self conscious about being the only walker on the track (as opposed to the EXTREME RUNNERS OMG), and then this incredibly old (at least he looked it) guy started snailing around. And I mean snailing. I walk fast.

But the main lesson of the day is when I get a derivation problem, if you defend your steps enough, you get lots of credit! Considering that I was making it up as I go along and hoping the math went with my semi-logical basis, this is good!

Oh, and I have Andy Hunter's Life album finally. I don't know why I didn't look for it before, considering the song "Wonderful" pops up on my Pandora playlist all the time. It's great workout music that is happy (as I realized a lot of my techno was dark and kind of defeats the sort of on crack mood you have to be in when you're working out).

Alright, dinnertime. Still have to do Monday Updates for [profile] ff_fanlisting. It's on like, all three of my reminder things, so I will not forget.


P.S. Also, new love, The Quantic Soul Orchestra has brought the funk back to my playlist. Never ever close down, music blogs!

P.P.S. Saw a boy today in a black shirt with white stripes and a white tie. Was half tempted to stop him and tell him how proud I was to see a boy that could dress himself, but I thought that would be weird, even for me.
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Since my brain is not functioning anymore today in the work capacity, and it is New Year's Eve, I figured some fun listy-like reviews would be just the thing to do while waiting for to go home. Top five because I'm from the High Fidelity school of lists.

I've seen a lot of stuff this past year.... )

I'm not putting books because I only read like, seven, since I suck at life. And that's unfair. I may add more later tonight, STAY TUNED. Also, I am trying this posting to multiple journals thing. DOES IT WORK? WE SHALL SEE.



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