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Man, I've been UP TO STUFF today!

- Exercised! Probably half the reason I've been like a hyper kitten on crack all afternoon. I've been wondering why I've been so hungry lately (minus reading these scary articles about how dieting makes you crazy and the like) and then it occurred to me that duh, I'm moving more, my body requires more to feed its crazy metabolism.

- I like apple slices. I'm starting to wonder if this is hormonal or I've finally conquered my dislike of you know, healthy things but I like them more than candy or chips now. Thankfully my On the Go mart around here stocks them up like crazy.

- I suddenly realized that both my laptop and my Palm Pilot (yes, I have one, you can see where my salary goes...) are bluetooth compatible. I also realized that I might have to get a third party way to do this, because Microsoft is being STUPID about letting me sync. It's like, "ah yes, WE SEE YOUR DEVICE" and then skips to a step that's like, "TRANSFER FILE HERE"... and it doesn't show up. I might have to pull someone more 1337 than me over so that I can have connection. Because that means I could control my music remotely, which would KICK ASS.

- Been making icons because I saw a "haute couture" challenge for some comm and thought it would be an interesting subject to apply very oddly. So I've been looking through different game arts (mostly Amano atm) and finding stuff I like. I'll post them all probably as a big group once they're done. And I found very pretty FF4 pics, so. Those too.

- Working on a Midgar FST because I have lots of music now that I find appropriate. XD Clearly I'm on YAY FUN THINGS overdrive, so. Might as well go with it.

- Saw a girl at dinner that looked fabulous, like straight out of an old movie. I need to get over my creepy observer tendency and just say hi, as she seems pretty cool.

- There were other things I wanted to put here, but I forgot. XD

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Have not broken the chain on exercising yet! (and have determined to take weekends off, so I don't die completely) Running and walking is hella better when you're the one determining your workout. Sure, I'm not doing anything SUPER HARD (and yet, I am still a little sore... maybe I'm harder on myself than I thought) as compared to say, when I ran Track, but doing things at MY pace is way better than having a coach yelling at me. Since I'm not a long distance person, I do intervals. Really, fancy machines (except I use a treadmill when I can, so I can get readings on my heartrate and keep my speed fixed) are not needed.

Two tests this week, one's a lab practical (and Visual Basic is probably the easiest programming language KNOWN TO MAN, thank you again for the recommendation, Justin), and the other is a fifty question multiple choice. In say, a math class multiple choice would be doom. But it's my pilot lecture course, and half of it is stuff I've spent the last four years studying. Still, I've been going over the areas he said to review. Because that's awesome and responsible and stuff.

Eating breakfast, even if I don't want to get up, no matter what, has probably been THE best decision ever. Seriously, if you feel like the suck, eat breakfast in the morning. Or you know, regularly. Chances are your insomnia is partly because you're hungry after dinner. TRUE FACT.

[personal profile] imaginarybeasts's new theme is basically genderswap. Considering the people I know that read this, want an excuse to write awesome original fiction? Yeah. I missed "Science and Magic" last month because of well, EVERYTHING HAPPENING, so hopefully I won't miss it this round. You won't see the signup post, since you have to be a member (which is open, I think) to read it, so. But you will see the wonderful back issues.

I should probably do a little writing, but I've laundry and study and a homework assignment that kind of snuck up on me. XD I have ideas on the things I'm working on writing-wise, just having a slightly hard time finding that zone that I hit. I may need to do a little sewing to get my braincells flowing. XD Almost done with the second sleeve on the jacket! Once that's done I mess with the closure and possibly make it a little asymmetrical. Who knows!

Well, I know of ONE thing I could probably write without too much trouble. But to start the laundry first. Yeah.


P.S. Since I noticed several of you have been putting up your WIP/To Do/Projects, I actually have been keeping up recording mine. And I just updated it yesterday.
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Sure, there's still snow on the ground, and it was melting, which meant lots of puddles, and there was fog because the ground was cold, but the AIR was WARM and that's ALL THAT MATTERS. To celebrate this, I decided to wear a skirt.

Note to self: buy more high waisted skirts. Because yeah. I'm rocking this look.

I also dressed up a little more than usual because I woke up later than I intended and had to do my workout during midday break, which was starting to make me cranky, so yeah. Don't ask me why it helps, it just does. I'm foppish like that.

Also, hilarity on the track (because you go around noonish and all the treadmills are taken)! I was feeling self conscious about being the only walker on the track (as opposed to the EXTREME RUNNERS OMG), and then this incredibly old (at least he looked it) guy started snailing around. And I mean snailing. I walk fast.

But the main lesson of the day is when I get a derivation problem, if you defend your steps enough, you get lots of credit! Considering that I was making it up as I go along and hoping the math went with my semi-logical basis, this is good!

Oh, and I have Andy Hunter's Life album finally. I don't know why I didn't look for it before, considering the song "Wonderful" pops up on my Pandora playlist all the time. It's great workout music that is happy (as I realized a lot of my techno was dark and kind of defeats the sort of on crack mood you have to be in when you're working out).

Alright, dinnertime. Still have to do Monday Updates for [profile] ff_fanlisting. It's on like, all three of my reminder things, so I will not forget.


P.S. Also, new love, The Quantic Soul Orchestra has brought the funk back to my playlist. Never ever close down, music blogs!

P.P.S. Saw a boy today in a black shirt with white stripes and a white tie. Was half tempted to stop him and tell him how proud I was to see a boy that could dress himself, but I thought that would be weird, even for me.
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So this was sitting enqueue all day practically... I'm spacing out.

I don't believe I've sat down at all besides in class or eating until just now. Wow.

Snow is crazy. Freezing is a warming process, so it was warmer WHILE it was snowing. Now it's just slushy and cold. At least we have heated sidewalks in places and probably one of the most ON IT plow crews evar. Seriously, I nearly got ran over by them a couple times.

I started a new "carry with me so I don't forget things because I am the Queen of Notes to Self" notebook. It's copper. Shiny. It has a pocket in the back. It's slim enough to fit in my coat pocket. I might be a little too in love with this thing.

I am so glad that it's Friday, my brain is only working at half capacity, it feels.

And this guy is my hero.

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I only wanted to post to share some stuff I found on my RSS feeds yesterday.

how does a skinny person become more healthy anyway? or healthblogging )

Alright, enough of that. Time to get back to studying. And eat something. XD



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