Ah, Mondays

Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:05 pm
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But a fun Monday, for the most part. Prolly because I haven't gotten all my test scores back yet. XD

So things!

- Yuletide signups! I participated for the first time last year, and ah, all my prompts got filled (because I'm awesome) and I got write something I was totally unprepared for, but it still turned out a little awesome. So I offered more this year (mostly movies... I watch too many movies) and requested some really random stuff. So we'll see!

- Failed my math test. Well. I'm still not entirely fucked, considering that I might have a few more points I can talk the prof into for a D. Which is better. I hate math. All I need to do is pass and I can be done with it. Oy.

- It's warm! WONDERFULLY WARM. I am all dapper to match the wonderfulness of the warm.

- I'm attempting to keep up with some level of readingness, so when I found an mp3 of the audiobook for The Perks of Being a Wallflower I decided to download it. I'll link anyone else who's interested.

- I am debating whether or not to review several albums that have come into my possession recently. I mean, my opinion is just one thing. Hrm. Oh, well, if you want to skip over them, you can, I suppose.

- I have gathered stuff for several of the tiny packages I'm sending out to people! Which is excellent. I should have everything together soon, depending on how school treats me.

- Home of my Nano project. Which as I mentioned before isn't a story in any traditional sense, but an epic poem. Because I'm weird like that.

- I have awesome instrumental music to go with my poem. I don't know why this is so exciting, but it is.

Word Count: N/A!
Outline Quality: Uh, sorta have an outline. I suppose it's somewhat useful.

Scene Worked On Most Recently: I: Thelonius II, Pawn of Black
Scene to be Worked On Next: The end of this "scene" and then II: Sela, Bishop of White
"Research" of the Day: I had to recall a specific chess move or two, so ended up reading too much. XD
Quote of the Day:
Pike in hand, he marches with the sons and daughters
Peasant-folk of sturdy character
Laid down their plows and their trowels
To sharpen axes instead.

Novel Poem I Think I'm Unconsciously Channeling In Terms Of Style And Exposition: "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot, or probably some Blake. I'm really into them. XD

Character I'm Eager to Write: The White Queen.
Character I'm Finding Difficult: No one thus far. Then again.
City Much More Lifelike Than I Expected: N/A. I haven't gotten into that yet.
Best Thing I've Been Able To Meta With Today: The nature of pawns. I think I may have to come back to them again and again, because I quite adore the pawn structure I have going.

Today's Goal: Finish Part I. I think it's doable. Particularly considering where I've left poor Thelonius II.

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Oy... fuck math class. I'm so utterly frustrated with that BS. Someday, tests won't mean what they do and we'll find a way to honestly track understanding--because I'm not dumb, it wasn't like I didn't put the work in, I'm just really bad at tests. Thermo was around the average. Aerodynamics was just below the average. I'm alright in those classes, then. Just need to keep it up.

Haven't gotten my Dynamics test back yet, not sure if I want to. XD No, I'll find out eventually. I know the average was crappy, so chances are I'm alright.

It just pisses me off some days how much of my skills are judged by arbitrary numbers based on tests of skill that actually have nothing to do with the profession at all.

So how about some good things, to balance this out, because hell if I'm going to let this gnaw at me:

- I got behind on my Gunnerkrigg Court, due to school and just flipping very quickly through my RSS feeds, but I caught up today. GAMMA AND ZIMMY ARE BACK. They're some of my favorite minor characters from that comic, so. Also, Kat. Kat is fab. I actually can't think of anyone I don't like in that comic and the plot's continuing to be twisty without being frustratingly so. I needed that today.

- Old Man's War killed off my favorite, but I knew he was going, because of probility. Still, ;_;. I hope you get to see your constellations. I should know better than to read in the dining hall, I have a tendency of yelling at stories while I'm reading them. Way to go Scalzi, for avoiding most of what was starting to frustrate me about science fiction. Also, it's nice to mostly have characters that are mentally over sixty; the hangups of people my age and younger in narrative wear on me a little. I am not youth obsessed. I'll take an Auschenbach (sp?) over a Luke Skywalker any day.

- Got an email this morning, appears that Caricature is going in [profile] indianconundrum (well, it's getting handed to an editor at least, I think this means I'm in). And I get an illustrator (well, they all do, but my inability to draw ALWAYS makes me excited, since how I write is much like plotting out movie scenes). I've got four chapters, and judging by the release times, it'll be a while before they need any from me, so I have plenty of time to work out the issues with my Paladin chapter, etc. Considering that this was my first serious attempt at an original universe of any sort, I'm a little excited. XD I'm also freaking nervous, as generally two people read my own stuff, so.

- I need to make more time in the day so I can read more. Almost done with Mrs. Dalloway and 3/4 through Old Man's War actually finished that one, and have "Wine in the Wilderness" (that's not even a book, it's a PLAY) to finish. Plus the last half of The Time Traveler's Wife. Can't I just suspend everything so I can fucking read for a while? Honestly. Or can I just skip the next ten years and get to the good part? *sigh*

I need some more sunlight. Going outside. I'll be less bummed then.
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Made a Cylon Mix because I needed a brain break. Actually, I just needed like, two songs for it and to arrange. But taking study breaks is good. 1/3 exams done, one tonight, one tomorrow during class. Considering that last night's exam sucked hardkore, I'm trying desperately to forget about it and keep my head in the game for this next one. I can't believe I forgot how to INTEGRATE that fucking part...

Enough. Anyway, this test tonight is on normal shockwaves and isentropic conditions for compressible flow, and I've spent the better part of the week preparing the Equation Sheet. I've learned over the years that if your Equation Sheet is unorganized and hard to read, guess what, your test is going to suck. I use colored and black pen, small but clear writing (we're only allowed one sheet, and it's best if you can just add to your current one for the next exam), and a three column method. This is largely taken from my friend Matt, whose Equation Sheet for Aerodynamics I singlehandedly made it so I passed (and a few other things, but yeah. that was basically it).

I think at some point that will be my What I Learned this week, because it'd be a good review. But I've got a few more equations to add to the Sheet first. Oh and thermo homework. Yes, we had an exam yesterday, but we still have homework due on Friday. I'm not even annoyed, this is so typical, I'm just used to it. XD

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Alright, so Diff Eq II just about made me cry today.

fuck the cosine, right here )

And now I need to figure out a topic for my Structural Design course before 4:30 and write an abstract. I think I want to do something about those nifty materials that change shapes when a current goes through them, but hell if I remember what they're called. FUCK SOMEONE DID THAT LAST YEAR. NEW IDEA. HA ELASTIC MEMORY COMPOSITES LOOK FUN. This calls for a crazy google search and some BSing. Thank god this class is so low maintenance. If this were a homework heavy class, I might just lose my mind.

Also, Prof Collicock is REALLY on my shit list. I was up until 4 am on his homework and had to talk someone else into turning it in for me so I could get some sleep. Again, "you should have started it earlier!" but I forgot about it. Plus I was studying for exams. His annoying ass homework can kiss my grits.

tl;dr: Mathematics can suck it, Collicock needs to get laid more.

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I have found the lab that is to become my new home.

And it's not in the aero building.

In fact, it was my freshman year lab home. But since the shiny new aero building has been made, it is somewhat less used. And as shiny as the aero building is, the lab tables SUCK. They're TINY! How is any respectable engineering student supposed to work on THOSE?

Luckily, this lab has the old HUGE lab tables. And since there are less comps? Some of them have become dual monitored.

Dual. Monitors.

You cannot understand my love for dual monitors until you've got Matlab and google and like some random pdfs and a lab report Word file open. Screen real estate is GOLD.

I've also gone nearly all Portable Apps with my stuff, because AIM annoys me, the computers I can log into don't even have Trillian, and well, I like my firefox settings. Though I need to update it to Firefox 3, as I haven't used the portable apps since I was last in school. Oy. Well, when I'm not being eaten by lab report and homework and exams, I'll fiddle with it.

In other news Justin made food today. It was good and I took some of it home because I like to eat a lot. I will return his container later. I also have eggs now (I just wanted the six pack! COME ON FOOD MART WORK WITH ME HERE.) Eggs are great. I love protein.

I also have acquired an umbrella from Justin's lab, because someone left it and it was sitting for a while and I left my umbrella at my parents' house. So it's mine. It's huge and I can wear it across my back like an anime samurai.

I'm also thinking about doing a sort of weekly, "stuff I learned this week that was kind of cool" and try to write it in layman's terms so I make sure I understand it conceptually. And ya'll might learn some rocket science. Sound fun? I think it does.

Oh and I got the new Venetian Snares CD, Detrementalist! and it's kind of awesome. I'm ridiculously fond of the track "Koonut-Kaliffee" because Leonard Nemoy is sampled in it and I always imagined he would narrate my life.

You know, theoretically speaking.

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Going to be busy with thermo after class, that and doing my Wednesday Dining Hall Meal, because it isn't like I'm not already finicky with, um, scheduling.

To think, my sister is even more rigid than I am.

Collicock screwed up the homework, since he programmed it himself, and I have been given a reprieve and it's now due on Monday. Hallelujah. That fixes the End of Week Hell a bit. Just a little bit.

Just to give you an idea of End of Week Hell, and why I sort of disappear during those days especially:

just a couple days )

I know, you're thinking, "well just start your homework earlier!" Um, no, it doesn't work like that. See, I have one class that has homework due EVERY CLASS, so I have to work on that nearly constantly, two classes that have stuff due on Fridays, one of which I hate, the other I love, one class that doesn't have homework, but instead has QUIZZES, so I have to do practice problems and spend a lot of time looking through older math books to understand things I forgot, and one class that will randomly be like, "oh hey, write a paper over this" (but that's my easy one, I tend to ah, write the paper in the break before the class before it XD).

Oh, and lab. That's a whole other beast.

Thing is, I can keep up with all this, but it like... it works weirdly. I end up doing my homework for my favorite class last because it's my favorite class; I don't have to spend a lot of extra hours understanding it, because it comes to me easier. Is it a gamble? Yeah. But it's been working. Last week I had EVEN MORE piled on the last few days because I lost my Tuesday to a lab report and that job fair BS.

I miss socializing and writing, but I make up for it by reading during my quick meals and talking to Drak, because hey, we're in a relationship and I can always make time to talk to her. I don't want to turn into a COMPLETE workaholic after all.

Anyway, this isn't a complaint, I just sort of wanted to parse the whole THIS IS MY LIFE thing. I'm glad that we've got a decent task division for PDM, because I didn't want to quit that. XD

But wow. Looking at that is kind of daunting. I think I've overstepped my free half hour and need to grab some food and possibly read some more Mrs. Dalloway. God, I envy you kid that get grades for reading stuff. XD

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Alright, I've discovered the design flaw in lockable bathrooms. You can totally lock your keys in. As I discovered at 7 am this morning.

Yeah, let's not do that again.

I'm mostly working on a lab report and prepping myself for IR, which is kind of like a carnival of companies come to recruit people. A job fair of sorts, I suppose. We'll see how handing out resumes goes. I'm going on a strict policy that if they ask for my GPA, I will ask them why they want it. Yes, that may sound, well, arrogant, but I am principled, and really don't think that my extremely hard earned GPA is any worse than someone else's higher one. My dad backs me up on this, and really, I am curious as to why an arbitrary number would cause them to filter me out, when I've had more job experience than most of the kids, and definitely more life experience. Egads, the amount of life experience I managed to stuff into five years is kind of freaky.

Ha, almost went off on a rant there. I'll spare you. I'm just pretty confident in my abilities these days, and just because I can't take tests--which reflect nothing in the real world in my type of field, unless I was say, a pilot--doesn't mean that I should be automatically rejected.

God, I am my father.

For fun things, I'm using a meme instead of a mixtape this month, since muxtape is still down and for the life of me I couldn't think up a decent theme.

10 songs you're into right now )

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Pictures of my room eventually. I need to download and sort through them, as I took them this morning. Really want to do a "what's in my bag" pic for my backpack, because I'm a dork. Plus I like picture inventories.

But I did take pics of my art festival swag. These earrings and this brooch are going to be added to the Edea costume, which I'm thinking of wearing on Halloween. Because I'm crazy, clearly. But the most awesome thing is my new pencil bag (front and back).

Today was like massive homework day, and it's not even over yet. I remember why I envied those kids that always got to party on Thursdays so so much. And now that I live near the bars it's even more clear.

Still, I can't complain too much. Back to work for me.
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Because I don't have anything to add of any value. And it might be giving me a headache on top of learning the way the universe works. Well, sort of.

So. Wow. Managed to get my homework done in enough time to clean up my room a bit in time for my mom to come pick me up (I'm going home for this weekend, because I'm tired of missing the art festival that's like a family tradition...). It's kind of a rush. I forgot what hardkore engineering school stuff was like (last semester I was in school, I was mostly in tech classes... vastly different pace). I think this will be a good year, so long as I don't let myself get behind.

[profile] protect_vester got her death ray earrings so I can show them to you.

I am also spacing out something terrible. Ha ha, only two more classes today and then I get food made/bought for me and I get to mostly chill with cable that, you know, has AMC and Bravo. Only for a little bit, though, I'll likely be heading back on Sunday, so that I get some thermo done. Or something.

Hrm. That's about all the interesting I have. The Basic Kinematic Equation and the general solution of a differential equation and the relation between Mach number and some whatsit have sort of fried my brain. I have figured out that one of my old professors is a ninja.

Then again, they all might be.

Now let's see if I can stay awake for two more hours at least.

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Cannot find book for the one class yet, may need to bike and track it down. Am slightly perturbed by this.

Had to come back to room for thermo book (aka BINDER since I'm cheap). Am kind of reeling at the fact that profs are no longer babbling in incomprehensible babble to my ears anymore. Does this mean I know what the hell is going on? Did I actually LEARN something? Seriously, it's weirding me out.

Also what's weirding me out--the college student uniform. I recall in past years at least the art students had a sense of personal style, even if it was like each other. Now there is a sort of homogeneous state of being that stranges me out. Oh well, at least I haven't run into many hipster kids (if I have, they are high schoolers that hang around this college looking for someone to buy them beer and a place to smoke where their parents won't find out, theoretically).

Speaking of strange, since it's Professional Wednesday, I didn't have a hat on earlier today, and I sort of through on some tan pants and a white shirt and randomly decided to wear my red tie, because I felt bland without a hat. So I sit down in class and a couple of Asian kids start giggling at me. I ask them wtf they're giggling at. Apparently, with my morning "what the hell" hair and my outfit, I looked a bit like Light from Death Note. This made for a pleasant visualization as I imagined I was writing a death note for my professor. It didn't work. Oh well.

Gah... just so much going on already. My head's spinning a little.


P.S. This may have made my day. Tim Gunn + David Bowie = HELL YEAH.


P.P.P.S. Muxtape is down. Freaking RIAA, it wasn't a download site! VIVA LA STREAMING MUSIC.
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I HAS INTERNET. FUCK YEAH PROMPT SERVICE (I paid for it on Sunday, just to give you an idea).

omg, I loooooove how close I am to everything. Seriously, I had no realization just HOW close to everything I was until I realized that I didn't need a bike to get my books, or to go eat, or to go to the bar. Only thing I need it for is class, possibly dining hall dinners (TODAY I AM TRYING THE NEW DINING HALL I THINK. MAYBE. JUSTIN IF YOU ARE READING THIS WE SHOULD CHECK IT OUT). I can wake up ten minutes before class and NOT PANIC.

Thermo book I had to buy (THIS IS THE THIRD FREAKING ONE) came in handy "binder ready" form, which I got because hell no I am not paying for another WHOLE BOOK. They change editions so often... it's insane. But I don't want to have to translate the new problem numbers from my old book, so. Advanced Dynamics book was sold out, may have to go to the other bookstore (the not so close one XD). Still, all I had was "lab explanation" today (and hell yeah, I got the CUTE chick as my TA). Other than that, thankfully, I need no more books. All the other classes use books I bought for previous classes (yay!) or have no book at all (DOUBLE YAY). I'm starting to wonder if textbook publishers are in fact the mafia.

So there's a Dark Angel marathon on Sci-Fi (yes, I liked that show, dystopia + hot brunette + CONSPIRACIES? I'm in) and apparently they're doing a TNG marathon on Labor Day. Hell yes. Picaaaaaard! I must not let it distract me too much, though, as I have homework due tomorrow (yeah, already, WELCOME BACK TO ENGINEERING HERE IS YOUR LUBE). And I'm also still, ah, moving in. Yesterday was like, ALL CLASS ALL THE TIME. So.

Gotta get back in the grooove.
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I'm kidding, but lord. Mondays are not going to be good days. All my classes are on Mondays (minus the actual LAB part of my lab class, but the blah blah blah theory part's on Mondays, so I figure it counts). Having nothing on Thursday basically means it's homework day, considering that ALL engineering homework is due on Fridays, without fail. But I've got a fun breakdown of pros and cons!

the pros and cons of this semester, as indicative of Monday )
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Hardest part of the paper is done, very nearly. Will likely be pestering a certain literary personage as to whether or not it makes sense.

May not be failing pilot lecture after all, got an A on the weather exam. Kickass.

The list is getting less daunting. Maybe.

Not so worried about the lab practical, except getting up. May need someone to call me to make sure I'm up. Paranoia.

Going to go have a FABULOUS dinner and write some more of that damn paper and hopefully get to the sources part. Yes, I always write what I want first and then insert the evidence. I'm backwards like that. IMed one of my bosses to send me some problem-based learning articles, as my research has all the metaphysics covered, but not so much the "hey educators do this" stuff. May have to source some of the papers my bosses have published. Hey, they've got doctorates for a reason. Will be pillaging the bibliography of our grants. XD

Kind of want to sleep, but I've got to keep this up until Thursday, at least. I can get more sleep then. This afternoon was productive, took a break. Back to work.


P.S. Finally went down the giant herding cats book thingy masterlist and picked out some books that look interesting, and put the list up on a goodreads shelf because I'm a network whore. Actually, I like services like that so I don't have to put much stuff on lists, it automates things and timestamps them, which is good. I have to read at least three of those books, so we'll see how this summer goes.
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Saturday: Complete unproductivity, text message from The German, finding of a martini bar and making me feel better.

Sunday: More unproductivity, paper's introduction and basis written.

Monday way early in the morning: a breakthrough

Dynamics class: Jersey Highwind did a Dutch Roll dance and had too much fun with Simulink. Title is a quote from him. There was much laughter, and wiggling of plane models. And getting rid of wiggles in graphs. Engineering is serious business, clearly.

Am disconnecting myself from the internet and getting out of my room tonight, like I should have over the weekend, but didn't. Because I suck. News to follow.

this is what the week looks like now )
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So I accidentally pirated the movie Hard Candy which was surprising good (in a OMG WTF THRILLER) way and reminded me one of the things I love about certain modern narrative/characterization devices: what you are sympathizing with at the moment can be unsettling and cause you to evaluate things. Especially when good and bad aren't obvious. Lust, Caution managed some similar things, so it's kind of interesting that movie trend. Ah, movie theatre work, you have finally corrupted me fully, not only do I look for certain directors/producers now, but I actually analyze camera techniques and script flow. Damn you.


Got all shit done. Yay! Took some Red Bull and a break to watch said movie, because the brain can only take so much. My room, though, is a complete mess now. Entropy increases with stress (which works with thermodynamics as stress tends to mean more heat which means more disorder hence entropy).


Still kind of powering down from that. I think it was hit or miss with the multiple choice and the true-false, and I think I might have rocked the picture section more this time. The essay can go a couple ways, depending on if I sounded too hippie or not. I somehow managed to write an essay which was supposed to be about comparing the advancements in the cotton industry to the precision tooling of metals and their impact on industrialization. I ended up with some crazy tie between cotton, fashion, and consumerism to the nerdy interchangeability of machine parts. And how technically they both had an equal impact as you cannot have one without the other and so forth. Experience has taught me that when given two choices, always pick the third. And sound smart.

Oh god I think this means I'm overeducated now.

I think now I will pass out and hopefully not wake up to having failed that exam and thus have to wait a fucking year to finish school. Happy thoughts! I will now use my sheer will to make that not happen. But sleep first.


P.S. In other news, I am increasingly being pissed off by eco-yuppies. $90 is a STEAL?! Surely you jest. Creating an eco class totally reverses any good your little self-wank ecologism does, you (editorial you) realize. I get far more awesome-vibes seeing "made from recycled materials" on average, cheap, mass-produced things than your special snowflake nonprofit blech.

Sorry, pet peeve. Eco-yuppies and enviroweenies just really get my goat, especially considering that I've been trying harder to ease my consumption habits.
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More than halfway done with my exam. REALLY. I AM SHOCKED TOO.

And the Project Rungay boys just put up the most hilarious clip evar. Seriously, MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE SO MUCH BETTER FOR THAT.

Omg, Tim Gunn is just so proper. <3!

Ahem, back to work.

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So, last night, I totally was like, on something. Since I always let myself sleep in a little on Fridays, I actually went with my natural desire to stay up later and well, wrote. Is it wrong that 'Carbon Made' makes me fucking excited? Seriously, I just, felt so good getting it out. Also, the daddy issues are surfacing and they are awesome.

I clearly have a theme with families and stuff. But I can't help it. I have a good family. Dysfunctional ones are like, something I analyze? I don't know.

I'm probably going to be making a Rinoa FST to go with all this, because I'm seriously starting to like my Rinoa playlist. It's creepy how much music I own that just jives with her. XD Also how appropriate Nick Cave ends up being for most of the things I write. I LOVE YOU NICK CAVE.

Take home exam this weekend. Open to any resources that are not people and I've been keeping up in class. So I think I'll be alright. I hope. No, I will be alright. Considering that the awful canard (if you didn't here me whine about this when I had this homework, a canard is a tail on a plane in the front, it comes from the French word for duck) problem ended up being a 100% (REALLY I WAS SO SHOCKED), I'm totally more prepared than I think I am.

Got my history exam back. Got an A!! Professor History Gast likes to draw things on essays. I kid you not. When he doesn't like something and wishes you would omit it, he draws a mouth with teeth eating it. I've never giggled while reading essay comments before either. Not only that, he said "by cracky" in a comment. Isn't that just precious?

Handed a Red Bull on the way back from class, from a fancy Red Bull car... was a slight bit like crack dealing. Am amused. I guess I just don't say no to drugs. D.A.R.E. will be so disappointed in me. But it was free!

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Be Spring already. I do not like these days in which I practically have to bribe myself with treats to get out of bed. Really. Bribing oneself does not always work.

Have exam tonight, but it's for the class that I not only like, but kind of kick ass in. Programming is fun.

I need to do something fun after this exam, I think. Because this whole wanting to sleep all the time and barely being able to move thing despite the fact things rock is indicative of a relapse and I don't need that shit.

If I didn't have a take home exam this weekend I'd totally call up some people and ask if they wanted to go out. But I will probably need the whole weekend to do that. Don't expect to see me much. XD

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Did not sleep last night, slept this afternoon after class instead. I need to kick my sleeping schedule back to normal, because I haven't worked out in a couple days due to when I crash. I would like to be with the working out again! Gra. Stupid insomnia.

Results of insomnia:

- Wrote a Veld/Tifa in which Tifa meets his daughter and I play around with taboo a little.

- ICONS. Oh god, I forgot how much I loved photoshop. Some FF4, and some random silly Project Runway ones because I realized I needed some.

- Made a [profile] spoony_bards mirror on IJ, here, because I know some of you don't write on LJ anymore. I will be even lazier than Sev with it. As part of the deal, I now have a Lucrecia claim set to David Bowie's "Reality" album. XD I should know that enabling people always backfires.

- Watched half of His Girl Friday, had to stop because I went to class and then crashed.

Things still to do:

- Prelab for VB class.

- ESSAY for Dynamics class. Words cannot describe my GLEE than for an engineering class we have an ESSAY. I LOVE ESSAYS. EEEE. I'm probably typing mine, because I will likely ramble a bit, so I might share when it's done.

Alright, time to buckle down.


P.S. Sometime it feels as if my RSS reader is talking to me.

P.P.S. X-MEN FANS! The rumors are true.

Oh Monday

Feb. 18th, 2008 04:20 pm
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Suffice to say, I really didn't want to wake up this Monday. Just, really did. not. want. It's cold again, and due to the sleeping situation this weekend, I had a real sense of vertigo about where the hell I was. So I missed Dynamics, which made me sad, because apparently there's an essay assigned.

Yes. Essay. Dear Prof Jersey Highwind, you rock.

So some things.

- Hooray I finally upped the Midgar FST. I may be a white girl, but I've got soul, dammit. I have to admit, doing one for a place as opposed to people let me have far too much fun. Part of me wants to do one for Spira now (or god forbid, Balamb).

- Did some major housekeeping for [profile] ff_fanlisting, which meant I totally copied the same comment onto several entries. Not to be annoying, but the better you maintain a standard on a comm like that, the easier it is to find things, which is the aim. Speaking of, I totally know some of you still should make a profile... [profile] tijuana_pirate I still need to make a poll one of these days, because I'm seriously considering mirroring it on insanejournal, because I know there's a section of fandom that hangs out there. And since I have semagic, admin entries can all be made at the same time. Hmm. I'd need a partner over there too, though, is the thing.

- Reading music blogs has been good for me. Also knowing that not all pop music sucks and that if I strategically avoid it, I can keep off the risk of overexposure.

- [profile] first_seventhe you totally owe me like, three Ziggy Stardust tracks by now. XD I didn't write any today, though.

- Dexter is pretty awesome. Then again, I like anything that involves disciplined crazy, which is a great deal of that show. Plus, there are adorable brother-sister moments that make me smile, and I'm fond of his girlfriend. I also like that most of his social interaction is very obviously faked, if you know how to look for it, which considering my dating history the kinds of things I find interesting in people says something. I need to read the books, dammit.

- Finally finished my book on psychological Flow, and I really want to dig up his one on creativity. As my paper really seems to be leaning in "how to cultivate creativity in adults" and how that relates to inventors, engineers, some scientists, etc. History exam on Friday is going to set me back a little on that, but I've still got time. Need to pester Prof JH about some specifics on the module he asked me to design.

- I really need to finish this damned lab. How did I totally forget to finish it for several days? At least it's not due until 10 pm.

- I don't want to go outside again, but Justin has my notes for class. Dammit. I'll just have to suck it up.



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