Feb. 20th, 2009 11:04 pm
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D: D: D:

Why do I always love the total punching bag characters?!
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More like a mix, as it lacks a cover because hell if I had the time for it. I just needed to do something vaguely creative desperately.

songs to rise against your human masters by )
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Suffice to say, I LOVED that episode. What a way to end the half season. What a way to pull EVERYTHING I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE WITH CHARACTERS EVAR in the span of two episodes. My only complaint is HAVING TO FRAKKING WAIT UNTIL POSSIBLY MARCH for the next half! UGH!

In other news, my sewing machine works. In fact, my grandpa got it all fixed up before giving it to us. Also, it's SO PRETTY. And old! But a workable old! I have to admit, I'm a little in love with it. If I were to imagine myself sewing, it would be with this machine. And yes I took pictures.

Also, sorry to confuse some of you yesterday! It was just BLITEOTW day, google it if you didn't get that. And sorry on Twitter, I just figured it would go more with the theme if I stopped blogging and made "phone posts". XD It was just something to entertain me yesterday, as yesterday was kind of slow.

Overall, now is exciting times! Having Project Runway on while I read up on the manual for this machine and practice with scraps is like, perfect.

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Good things:

+ Had breakfast with family

+ Walked around outside and around town a bit

+ Finally figured out why one of [personal profile] drakonlily's OCs is named "Araby" and on a related note have decided that Dubliners is a great book thus far.

+ Had a very tasty cookie with my lunch and might have gotten hit on by a cute barista girl.

+ Have finally figured out Yahoo Pipes so now I can tame my RSS feeds. Actually, I just like playing with things. XD

+ Behold the next step of the costume. I need to fit that thing, as it's a recovered piece from this hideous shirt. This will require me to see if the two sewing machines in the house are actually functional and getting over my slight fear of them (I've sewn everything by hand up to this point). Looking at various sites and getting advice as far as going about it. I'm going to practice on some other things before attempting to work on that waist cincher.

+ Got the backlog of links for [profile] ff_fanlisting taken care of.

+ Started making some BSG icons. Because it's about frakking time.

Bad things:

+ Tragedy nearly struck as some Trojan buried itself in a component of my text editor. Which meant I had to uninstall and reinstall once I'd purged the computer of it. Considering I nearly depend on that text editor, this was annoying.

+ MORE RAIN IS COMING. Since my workplace's building is still, ah, drying from the last flooding this is somewhat worrisome. Then again, can't be as bad as poor Iowa.

+ Nobody is home tonight! I may be making phone calls.
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Ha, so, there is no power at my house. We have no electricity. None, nada. Been that way since Friday night (after BSG, THANK GOD I WOULD HAVE THROWN THINGS). Seriously, it was like LIGHTNING BOLT OF DOOM. ZAP. NO POWER. CUE SCRAMBLING AROUND LIKE COCKROACHES.

But we're ok, though we're going to have to toss a lot of stuff in the fridge... the freezer should be fine, considering we haven't opened it at all. Still a pain in the ass and the darkness at night is unsettling (yes, I'm afraid of the dark a little). Don't know when we'll have power considering our power station is actually FLOODED.

I did however get some nice sewing and reading time in. XD My dad was pretty much stuck as far as entertainments went, as he doesn't read or do any sort of handicrafts.

so about that BSG.... )

Review of The Difference Engine to follow.


P.S. This comic making fun of Twilight just about made me cough up a lung.

P.P.S. There are Literati type of people in the library and it is very hard not to laugh at their conversation. First off, you are loud. Second off, if you use that many art/culture buzzwords in a sentence as you just did, YOU FAIL.


May. 29th, 2008 10:00 pm
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Work + [profile] phoenixmonthly + new layout on my journal + plotbunnies + MAN IN CHAIR* = busy.

Basically. No fun pictures today. And Minon J has anime box sets of things for me to watch. Nerds are like the Borg; always assimilating people into their culture. It's true.


* Man In Chair is what is commonly referred to as an inside joke. The minions and I were jacking around a lot today.
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So today I decided to run errands. Which was strangely fun. Mailed off the first batch of books I promised to people, still have one more package to send to someone (as something I wanted to send I can't locate) and possibly a couple more. Because media mail is awesome, I managed to send the first batch pretty cheap. Have two rather large boxes to send to a charity for homeless kids (Project Night Night... I seriously love that group) but I need to clean up the books first. Get rid of dust, stickies, all that. That'll prolly be what I'll do after work during the week unless I get super productive tomorrow.

Have a library card now, so I won't be tempted to buy too many new books (and that way I can get my Herding Cats Book Challenge ones read). Ran into the mom of a old friend, she was always nice so it was a pleasant run-in. Got two books, since library books have a time limit attached and I don't know when I'll have time to read. I should have the nonfiction one read sooner, as I tend to get through nonfiction faster (no idea why). I also have a Borders gift card... well, I suppose some new bookage will be in order. ^^ I only feel bad because my "to read" list is getting huge. XD

Also found David Bowie's 'Heroes' album at the local record store. Which has oddly been hard to find. 1/3 of the "Berlin Trilogy" is mine! It's really good, then again, I love Brian Eno and he collabed on it. <3 Between that and finding Aladdin Sane about a month ago, my fangirlism is appeased.

Overall, it was a good time for scavenging. And since I have a good tote bag now, I didn't have to have anything put into plastic bags! Carrying your own shopping bag is awesome and helps keep the world from being taken over by plastic bags. For realz.


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So prototype phase is basically exciting at work. Had awesome meeting, there was gesturing and drawing on the whiteboard, and gasp, we're actually standardizing our documentation. Yes, this sounds boring, but it's important. Up until now it was basically a system I sort of farted around with and went with my own idiosyncrasies. Basically this is a Good Thing. Worked out the issues with the latest version of the last module, also good. Might be having lunch with the minions and Flash Wizard next week, as FW wants to hang out besides through email. Which is cool. He has cool hats, so obviously this will be fun. Herding people together is easier at the beginning of the day, so I'm glad I jumped in while FW was in town (he's one of our remote workers, he lives a county away in hill country and doesn't like leaving his house if he doesn't have to... I personally don't have the discipline to work from home, else I might).

Had the interesting experience of being the most Math Knowledgeable person in the room earlier, which is hilarious. It's all about context.

I'm very glad there are people with more experience on the fun and cool side on the team now. While I have a certain amount of experience there from a user and person who read a lot of sci-fi back in the day standpoint, I do feel more comfortable with the boring parts. Maybe it's because they're more challenging or the huge chip on my shoulder from struggling in school has finally yielded something useful; whatever it is, I'm glad to have someone tell me that something is not fun and how to make it so. Or at least throw ideas around with me. Team bigger = awesome.

Some other basically awesome things:

+ io9's awesome and spoileriffic take on the latest BSG episode. I'm highly amused and entertained.

+ Gamer research has yielded something weird. PMOGs sound basically gimicky to me, but part of me wants to play. It's the word passive being in there that does it for me. And I am lazy. Maybe I'll poke around.

+ This may sound like common sense but I like it when articles like this pop up in my feed. I know personally there's a huge correlation between physical and emotional clutter; I've cleaned up my act quite a bit in the last half a year or so, and I'd like to think that's really helped my emotional health. Or maybe my emotional health has gotten to the point I feel good enough to want to get put together. Who knows. Still nice.

And something not so awesome:

+ Earthquake. And this is where I remember I'm mortal and on a major fault line. Luckily it doesn't move much.


Dear BSG

May. 10th, 2008 05:09 pm
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So much love though for this week's episode please write maor?


P.S. I need this shirt like burning.
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I survived! And seem to be doing pretty well. Was down to the wire with that paper, but it's all done now. Handed in. I was actually the last person to turn it in on Friday, since I had a class from 3:30-4:20 (the history class itself is the hour before). So History Gast told me to sit down, catch my breath and then talked about vision quests and stuff. Might actually attempt one, as weird as it may sound. Research to follow.

Things that I love about the weekend:

- Take home exam not due until Tuesday, so guilt at only having done a couple problems is not huge

- Had the most hickish dinner ever on Friday: wine in individually packaged plastic bottles and Fazoli's, all eaten in my dorm room, on my desk, while watching TV on the internets. Ha, I didn't get caught.

- I accidentally flashed some Mormon missionaries on my bike and laughed so hard I almost fell off my bike. Wearing a skirt on a bike = fail. If entertaining fail, at least.

- Don't have to wake up early on Monday (though I shouldn't sleep all day)

- Sapporo. Big bottle. Not to be consumed after the last of hick wine, as it causes major bitchiness.

- BSG this weekend: Not really spoilerific, but just in case... )

- Chinese food that probably doesn't resemble anything the Chinese would actually make. And declining to learn what's in the brown sauce.

- Realizing this entry was in my queue all weekend, as I didn't really hang online much except to watch Queer As Folk, shut up, it's awesome.

- Because I can't seem to write, I worked on my Rinoa FST on and off. Once again proves my taste in music is the crazy sometimes (bad Latin, technopunk, spare drums, and female vocals prominent).

- Realization I am getting back to work soon! I MISSED WORK SO BAD. WORK > SCHOOL, I'M SORRY IT JUST IS.

- Neat bracelet that Drak gave me helped me do a tarot reading, which I haven't done in quite some time. Deck has gained a dry sense of humor and a slight attitude.

- Laundry starting, though not finishing. God, I hate it when I get behind because of insanity. Sure, I could wait until I get to my parents place, but I'm here until Saturday and well, dirty clothes smell.




Apr. 14th, 2008 02:32 am
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In case you haven't seen this:

Best. Battlestar. Summary. Evar.

Really, it's like, all you need to know, in 8 minutes. Also, it's frakking hilarious.


P.S. Current episode? Still reacting. From the awesome.



Apr. 7th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Today was gorgeous, decided to put on a dress because it's never warm enough to wear a dress when I want to. XD So glad I sewed the missing buttons back on only a week ago.

So I promised a recap of the highlights from this weekend. Here goes. I'm breaking it up by section as this will be long.

on ASN, socialization with boys, and doom )

on antiquing, the historic downtown area, river smelling, and the best weather ever )

on movies, or the international buffet of viewing pleasure )

tl;dr version: Drank with Aeros, have hat, watched movies. Weather is good.

Also, cool links:

- Documentary fetishism in Battlestar Galactica
- Surf Jams Joker
- Cheap goggles for steampunking

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Dear Battlestar Galactica. I love how you make your promo images of win and blasphemy. CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY OMG.

Also, I missed most of the all-week BSG marathon on Sci-Fi. *sigh* Stupid exam this week. At least I got to watch "Unfinished Business" which I kind of like because it has hilarious flashback of Roslin and Adama smoking weed leaf. I knew Roslin had some hippie in her.<3 ILU YOU TWO.

I also need a BSG icon. I should go remedy that, because with my renewed account I strangely have more icons.

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I'm so glad it's Friday already, I've got things that I needed to take care of and couldn't while classes were going. Tomorrow I am getting up EARLY (I swear!) to do said things.

As for stuff that's been happening:

- I made some FF4 icons. Because the art is pretty. Cross-posted to my IJ (I only put them up on [community profile] viniel too because of [community profile] ff_press, because I'm a dork that's mildly proud of my squares of copyright infringement). Also, Square, why do Tellah and Cid lack CG models? I am outraged on behalf of the white and nerdy population. XD

- Figured out that I have a codec to convert music files on my foobar2000 (I did have to download LAME, but that wasn't hard to set up), so I'm systematically converting everything to mp3 during my programming class, because I get sleepy otherwise. It's one of the OCD type activities that allows me to pay attention and yet not feel sleepy. I'm half considering taking my computer to my pilot lectures course for this.

- No idea how that pilot lecture exam went, it was kind of an out of body experience. I do remember making lots of hand gestures as I tried to figure out aircraft orientation. As if the class doesn't know I'm nuts.

- Seems like I never have the time or focus to write more than like, a paragraph at any time. Which means I need to just shut myself up for like an hour with only music on and no internets. As I'd like to move on to more projects.

- I keep forgetting to finish that sleeve on my jacket. Then again, not having time to just sit down and watch Battlestar Galactica likely contributes to this.

- Surprise quiz in programming class was triumphant, because I think I understand the programming/problem solving mindset well enough now there's like a SEKRIT FORMULA to how it works. Insane, I know.

- Is it wrong that despite being female I want to have this shirt anyway?

Alright, dinnertime.


P.S. Well isn't this slick. I might be nerdy enough to try this out.


Feb. 6th, 2008 01:08 pm
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Barely got any sleep last night, for reasons I can't explain. I think I might forgo exercise today on the basis it might make me pass out.

Since I've been watching season 2 (which is an awesome season) of Battlestar Galactica and I have an inordinate amount of love for Battlestar Galactica: Razor, I've been surfing around looking for essays. My favorites are the paternal military man that is certainly not without his faults (Adama), probably the most kickass teacher in existence and religious strategist (Roslin), and one of the best examples of the fall from humanity into something raw and visceral (Cain). Starbuck and Tigh and that adorable little mechanic chick whose name escapes me at the moment are also ones I've grown fond of. So when I saw this awesome essay about Razor in particular it all made sense to me. I mean, I haven't the foggiest clue how I would act at the possible end of humanity, but I've a feeling I'd end up more on the well, inhuman side. >.> And well, I too was worried they were turning Cain into another "evil lesbian" because god if there aren't enough of those out there (or probably the most violent flavor, the evil bisexual, who can lure men too!). But so far the series has handled all manner of crazy things that combines my favorite bits of Trek (the technology, the organization, the really commanding leaders) and Firefly (future imperfect, people still acting like people, natural accents) as well as spy movies with a hint of mythology. So heart.

My dad and I argue about the new Battlestar all the time, because ironically, when he was in college the original was out (which is furthering my suspicion I'm a clone of his that they messed up the gender on...). And he likes to watch things more for the military maneuvers and snark, while I am and always have been the character attached sort. I do like drama, but only if it's done well, really. Which is why I could never get into most medical or lawyer shows, because I kept having this sense of complete deja vu with them, plus, it gets annoying being able to predict the outcome (yes yes, I've heard of House and I'll get to it one of these days). It's not that I'm an angst whore or anything, it's just good drama is more filling than say, a sitcom or purely an action series (not that I don't have my guilty pleasures there, but the older I get the more I like to be engaged by the media I watch). We can still watch Trek and not argue, though. I don't care if it's a shiny utopian future, Next Gen is classic. It's like the Gemini Program during the prime of our first Space Age--full of cowboys and lots of shinies. <3

Since my consciousness is altered when I can barely sleep, I might just take a nap now. Or write something. I did have to down caffeine to not sleep through Dynamics (which I hate feeling tired during, as I quite adore the professor, he puts an emphasis on actually knowing how planes work in practicality, not just theory, though I wish the practicality part was more stuff I got graded on plus I could see him saying "you need trigonometry a good ass kicking").

I think sleep is winning.


P.S. Huh. NASA Tech briefs never fail to amaze me (nor do certain programs I might be affiliated with).


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