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Alright, so, yesterday was one of those personal anniversaries that I sometimes like to talk about and sometimes don't (this year was mostly don't) and due to like nobody showing up at work I ended up coming home. Yeah, my workplace doesn't "officially" (aka: you have to either not be paid or take personal time) take off Independence Day, because hey holiday pay would just be too much for its full time employees!


Today the AC is out in the office, and I'm in one of those regions of the US that is in the 100+ (Fahrenheit) temperatures. I lasted about an hour there (so the office has windows EVERYWHERE so that it's kind of like a greenhouse. Yeah) before biking my ass back home to the solace of my own apartment.

So it's like surprise two days off from work almost (I still have to handle things like: people that can't search their gmail, people who don't know how to log into a server, and the continued disorganization of this trip I'm supposedly going on next week).

I'm doing a cosplay weekend with ladyfriend next weekend, which means I miss the big van of everyone going up there (it's a 5 hour drive from here) so I'm hoping that by being noncommittal I will dodge this bullet.

We'll see.

Right now I'm alternating between dumb emails and housework, because if I get the housework out of the way I can work on cosplay and stuff this evening and tomorrow until I have to get on a shuttle to visit some friends.

I've really kept busy this summer, haven't I?

Fuck it

Mar. 29th, 2012 11:34 am
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Quitting this job in August, I'll just get a loan to handle the parts of grad school my stipend doesn't pay, I am not putting up with this bullshit anymore.


It's just.

People need to die.
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So let me tell you that was stressful. Though everything came together much faster (due to having done this exact application process before) I still didn't really enjoy it. Also; is it just me, or it is shitty that it costs money to apply to grad school? I mean seriously, it just screams "HEY IF YOU'RE POOR DON'T BOTHER".


This time around I have four letters of recommendation, which I figured were necessary since I was applying for the second time. The fourth letter is from this wonderful lady that works for NASA who has been helping us with the Huge Timesink Project. She's an educator, not a scientist, but I would take her over any SME any day, frankly. My statements are much more... clear. Mostly because I know better what to spin and what I would like to study. I cringe a little at my previous statements, they were really naive-sounding. I can see why they didn't completely convince anybody. XD Also considering in the year since I last applied I got put on more projects and have HYPERLINKS in my resume, I feel a lot more confident this time.

Now all I have left is to apply to that Master's program here for the backup, but that's due in January. XD

In other good news, I'm getting more technical control over some e-learning content, which is making me very happy. MORE MATH! :D And actual doing of the things! Of course, this makes the total of major projects I have a hand in for the next month so about five. Hopefully I can keep them straight.

Also, this game is really good to play while working. At least so far.
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About how much I hate double standards in my working environment (hint: I am always expected to do twice the work for half the credit) but I realized that for some of you this is your life, not just your work. That and I got the rant out of me over IM.

Instead I'm going to focus on happy things, like how I'm putting the finishing touches on my sister's graduation dress at home (she graduates this weekend, this is the dress that never ends) and how I got cleaning products in the mail ( is a lifesaver for someone who is car-less like me in a city where all the stores I want to get cheaper cleaning products from are out in the fringes) and how I'm going to be writing the Epic Shera Story for [community profile] megaflare_ff.

Yes, I feel much better already.

Also, I'm feeling travel antsy, Chicago and Boston sound like goals for fall and late late summer. Maybe I'll look up some roller derby dates and see who's willing to let me sleep on their couch. ^^ I may also see if I can train adventure to Chicago and then Cleveland, and fly back from Cleveland. I like trains. And planes. Not so much automobiles.
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No, seriously, all at once.

NASA Conference Thing

+ I shook an astronaut's hand!

+ And met some cool dudes from Idaho who are doing awesome outreach with kids on reservations

+ Found a very excellent dive bar

- Most of the meetings were really boring though, like being in really unfun school that alludes to fun things for 8 hours a day. Two days of which were in a children's science museum where I could hear the sounds of them having fun outside the room... *sigh*

- I am probably not going to be sleeping much for the next month

- Holy fuck we only have two weeks before the first groups start doing this and we don't have all our curriculum worked out wtf

Operation Move Out

+ So, the guy that has my apartment got an internship out of town and is letting me move in early as a sublease. He just sent me pictures of the place all cleaned up and let me know how to transfer the electric bill to my name and hook up internets and all that good stuff

+ I can effectively begin moving in this weekend

o Some of his stuff is still there, but he's piled it out of the way as much as he could and I'm free to use his couch and table in the meantime.

- I'm so not packed to move at all. Thank god I'm just moving across town and that a fair amount of stuff never got unpacked (due to, you know, me not having a kitchen to myself).

Health Suckage!

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Today I got to go to the Children's Museum for a meeting and talk to people who make exhibits and are organizing some big aviation thing they're in the process of setting up. Some dude with Weezer glasses and an iPad nerded with me about MUDs and I got to explain the difference between aeronautics and aerospace and literally used the phrase, "when you Venn Diagram it".

And then I got to walk around the museum for free.

And I saw an exhibit on TV/Movie costumes, which was mostly nerdy TV/Movie costumes. And realized that some cosplayers are better than the professionals (and I am could totally have been a costume designer for Star Trek: The Next Generation). Also that my ladyfriend could cosplay Seven of Nine easily, as they are about the same height and their builds aren't that far off either (not kidding, woman only LOOKS tall on TV, she is a shortie short). So yeah, Gem from the new Tron won't be a stretch. Oh and Tron Guy made a better costume than the designers too.

Then I drew Trogdor on an interactive panel thing, and my boss was confused. The volunteer working the area cracked up.

We then drove back and I am sitting at my new desk spot that actually feels like an office, the interns haven't blown anything up and I'm looking up shit on aeroshells.

Considering this Monday started out like suck I'm glad it decided to just not do that.

Also, if this whole gaming thing falls through, I think I want to work for a children's museum. I could totally make exhibits. So now I have a backup plan, fuckass!

Edit: I almost forgot the part where a kid dressed as Buzz Lightyear came up to me and jumped and yelled "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND" and I gave him a high five. I am approve of his parentals letting him go out of the house like that. More children need to be allowed to go out dressed as fictional characters. It's good for their development. At least I think so.


Feb. 28th, 2011 04:49 pm
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Today I managed to not only get our regional Girl Scouts interested in using our game for a pilot, but they actually want to pay for it! So I kind of made a sale. Yay.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Big City and attend an afterschool summit thingie. I heard about it yesterday, because my bossboss forgot that he was at GDC (you know, Game Developers Conference, the FUN conference) and had a registration for this and needed someone to go. I almost had to go today too, but I had said Girl Scouts reps meeting.

I'm one part excited, one part not emotionally ready for having to get up at 5 am to get my ass to the place on time. Bah for living an hour away.

This weekend I went through my closet, and only found two pieces of clothing I want to give away. XD So a short Goodwill trip. I will likely make another pass soon.

I also got started on two of my sewing projects. I started my sister's dress, which is in four pieces, as I have to cut out the lining (I was debating if it needed a lining, the top part could use one. It's such a supercute pattern, I really like how it's turning out. An in-process picture I took. The shiny side is the inside, not the outside.

The Toph costume has been cut and the top is in a partial state of construction. I'm trying to ensure that it is the right combination of drape-y and fitted, so there has been much draping on the mannequin and debating how to go. I also am doing a modified neckline, so there is much drape, look at it, fold, cut... look at it again going on. I also managed to mix up my front and back patterns (the back has a seam, because I wanted one) but thankfully I managed to figure out how to reverse that issue. XD The pants are still in pieces.

So, yeah, that's basically what's been up.
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New people! Just updated my personal information post. If you feel lost about what I'm rambling about at anytime, that might help illuminate things.

So, I managed to do a meeting this morning without any visual aids, because I was running a bit late and totally forgot how to log into the meeting as a host. Virtual meetings are hard. But despite this I seem to have roped three, possibly four schools into the spring pilot of using our game. So yay more kids playing the game!

The catch is that two of the schools want to get this started in March.

Now, we didn't have as great of website set up, and half the documentation wasn't finished for the pilot in the fall, but I am still a little nervous. As IT people don't want to talk to me for some reason (really, they seem incapable of telling me what is wrong directly and assume it's the fault of the game. 9 times out of 10, it is not the game). But since I double triple emphasized that they need to come to me ASAP when they have a problem we shouldn't have a repeat of "hey, so, we can't run the game and we're supposed to use it with kids in a couple days" that happened in the fall.

Also, my interns have a big presentation coming up, they are super excited about it. All five of them have game designs, and the two new ones will start with Cendri's Crash Course in Basic Programming after their presentations. Even if they don't end up programming much, I know for a fact that at least messing programming a little before college will help them immensely if they go into the sciences and especially engineering. Yay!

NASA is still making the grant work I'm doing now a pain in the ass.

But the design for the aerospace game is coming along nicely, I can't wait to start prototyping.

sewing )

gaming )

reading, which includes links as well as books )
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Am in an incredibly good mood!

Things to share:

- I have apparently made it to the final 20 applicants that are going to be shown to the Grad Committee for admission into the ENE program. SO, here's to hoping that the final cut doesn't include me. They want a picture, so I am probably going to figure out the dorkiest picture I can of myself without looking TOO ridiculous. Considering as I'm basically a living cartoon, this shouldn't be hard.

- Both the HS intern applicants are pretty awesome. I'm going to make them learn some programming, as they both have an interest in the technical as well as the content side. The girl in particular (YES. FINALLY A GIRL) seems to really be interested in the e-learning aspects. She also actually knows what cosplay is, so that was nice. XD I am basically the world's easiest interviewer; if you show up on time (she was an hour early actually) and actually seem interested in what's going on, you're likely to get hired. Granted, it wasn't like I was hiring financial advisors or anything serious like that. So now in addition to Biggs, Jessie, and Wedge, we now have Zone and Watts. Yes, I rename them after FF NPCS.

Tomorrow is the DAY OF MEETINGS, including technically a presentation for the Dept of Education regarding our usage of Astro in schools, another planning meeting for the Aero game, planning meeting for the STEM SPACE projects (aka, all the things I work on), and the weekly Intern Meeting. I'm most excited about the intern meeting, as it will no doubt be full of energy with the new kids, as well as Wedge making us play through parts of his robot game.

I know adults aren't nearly as fun as kids when it comes to managing for projects, but I am waaaay less nervous about doing any project manager work now. I need to not assume people won't listen to me, get out of that mindset. I'm not in undergrad anymore, I can assert my expertise. I'm the engineer in the company, after all.

So yes, all good things.
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Just handling a lot of stuff lately, due to someone being incompetent. Thankfully, they're leaving (not only the company, but the city and the state! FLORIDA CAN HAVE YOU). But I had to pick up their slack today, so that we can have shit done on time.

Stage one of destress: scary videogame in complete. Stage two: a beer is about to commence.

At least on Saturday night I finally get a break and have a costume party to go to.

When this blows over I'll be able to read entries and stuff, my head is just... blah.
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Cause I know there are a few of you on here. If you're in the US of A and were/are/know a lot about homeschooling, I need some infos.

- Where did your parents (or you if you are a parent/teacher thing) get your homeschool materials? This is especially relevant if this involved computers somewhat.

- Aside from learning to read and the basics, what sort of activities did your parents do for you (did you go to museums, church, run around naked in fields)? Which of those would have been easier/cheaper if you could do them on the computer?

- Which subject were your parents least prepared to teach and thus needed the most support on? What kind of support worked best (a book, a website, a forum, a laser show)?

- Did you get much STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) beyond what was required in your state? Why or why not?

Pointing me to communities/resources is also very helpful.

Edit: For those not on my f-list that may not know me that come across this: I work at a small educational gaming company, and this is kind of part of some informal market research I guess? You won't get spammed (we don't have the staff to spam anyone XD we've got just enough to make our games and do the research related to them) and I most certainly don't want personal info.

I just find that it really helps my research and creative process if I go to the internet sometimes. If the internet didn't exist you can bet I would be that annoying person asking questions of people at the bus stop. Just the internet is less intrusive and works quicker. XD
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Now the interns have a proper habitat.

Yes, that's a table. IT'S LIKE A FORT NOW. The rest of the office is not that messy; we just shove the interns over next to the server. I'll have to post a new picture of my desk for ya'll to compare.

Also: FFX-2 is still fun, I have the GUN MAGE dressphere and it makes me want to write dressphere meta connecting the dresspheres to other FFs (like, the Gun Mage sphere would be Rikku getting some of Quistis's memories). But that's just me. Also, Paine is now my favorite quiet dark and sarcastic character in a main party. Somehow she doesn't come off as much as a dick as the others. This furthers my theory that Squall really should have been female. XD
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Was supposed to have a pretty big web meeting this morning, but due to lateness getting the info out, school starting for most people, and probably miscommunication this didn't happen. I'm glad, because I was SO not ready. I'm starting to think I have a social anxiety problem with phones, because I never feel this nervous when in person. Maybe it's the lack of being able to read nonverbal cues? In text you at least have time to think of responses... or maybe I have brain/voice disconnect.

Almost done playing Persona 3, keep delaying getting to the FINAL SHOWDOWN because there are a couple persona I forgot to fuse (ha, whoops). Completist me wants them all, but some that are like LEVEL 90 AND SHIT will not be mine on first playthrough unless I want to bore myself to tears leveling through Tartarus. The fact that the game managed to make me not only do some levels but lots of click-through talking social interactions has given me ideas for stuff at work!

Stuck in the feedback cycle with work right now, waiting on funding for our ITEST grant to come through so that Biology Maven and I can start the CS game we designed months ago.

In other news I made this:

And I'm reading this:

- Women in mathematics cartoon.

- Leveling the playing field by making CS majors learn obscure languages first? Actually, learning Matlab before C in my freshman engineering classes did help me with later stuff and forced the young haxx0rs to readjust their thinking a bit.

- Self-cleaning tech I could use that for our floor.

- Who defines and controls "normal"?

- What your identity has to do with learning Or how an identity crisis will make you suck at school I speak from experience.

- Nifty sorting algorithm demo. Click the boxes with the lines to start them. XD

- The Failings of Force Failure in games. Semi-related to group lunch topics! XD
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So, I've had something niggling at the back of my brain.

Even if you haven't known me long, you realize that I love my job. Even on days when the specific tasks are a little boring, the overall job satisfaction I have is like, 1000x more than any other job I've had. I'm extremely emotionally invested in the success of the products I work on, and the company in general. I haven't been this in love with work and science and everything since I was a kid.

This is actually starting to worry me!

I think that it is a product of having a shitty time at college (I did, there's no way to get around that, I was miserable most of the time) and July 4th having just happened (it's the anniversary of the Very Dramatic Day in which I left my husband, fyi) that I start to have doubts.

Not that I think anything currently is bad. I think I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I don't think many people that know me now know how desperately and passionately I wanted to be an Aerospace Engineer and work on planes and rockets and basically do cool stuff until I died of pure awesome. It was my only career choice since turning 11, and that meant I was going to be at NASA doing NASA things and all that. Then I went to college and realized that only certain types got into NASA, and actually, I kind of hated working with them my enthusiasm died. I assume that not all of NASA is full of the entitled jackasses I had to deal with, but knowing I had to get through those entitled jackasses first was enough to make me just not want to even go for that anymore. And Air Force job didn't last long enough for me to make the contacts to go over their heads. It was depressing.

I'm not any less of an engineer than I wanted to be, but what I'm doing as one is VASTLY different than what college taught me that being one would be. And I love it! It's like being a hyper artistic sort that can say smart things! XD

But I remember getting disappointed at discovering the reality differed so much from my childhood dreams, that now when I have ambition again, and really enjoy things... I worry something will fuck up.

I guess acknowledging that helps, and I'm already feeling better just GETTING IT OUT THERE, so yeah. You can feel personally successful and still have doubts, I guess.

Now back to educational standards. XD
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After the past few weeks of data manipulation, putting out fires, various and sundry things, I am back on the sort of thing I like most at work; game design. Couple of Phase II's in the works since the success of Astroengineer, so I've been doing writeups and currently mockups for where we're going to take this crazy thing. MARS COLONIZATION, subtle usage of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, puzzles involving nuclear fission will all hopefully make appearances as developed games in the next couple years.

And people still wonder why I read/watch/play so much random shit. You never know where you're going to get an idea for something.

I'm waffling on what to do with Obsolescence, my original big bang project. Since I signed up for [community profile] megaflare_ff in order to write the Female-centric FF Crossover of Crazy (which will definitely have FFIV in there, as I'm finally playing it myself and it would go well with my ideas), I'm considering going back to my original idea for it, which was as an Interactive Fiction game/novel.

You'd think I'd have my fill of game design related stuff at work, but it would be nice to do something that I didn't have any limitations on but my own skills and imagination. Also while science and tech are a large part of my work week, Obsolescence is a more philosophical approach, which I don't get to do at work as often. But I still need to get a better grasp of Inform7--oddly enough, my knowledge in programming has been a hindrance to understanding that.

But I'll worry about that after Otakon. Only writing I'm doing before then is my [ profile] femgenficathon piece, which is coming along little by little. I quite enjoy coming up with Yorda's voice even if it may be more than a little influenced by a younger me and motivations, trying to answer a lot of the complaints about her character (usually from people that finish the game and see the reversal that happens with her, which turns me a bit gooey inside).

Oh, and since a DS is wonderfully portable and makes lunchbreak interesting, I've gotten past the Tower of Zot in FFIV, and have (temporarily) defeated Golbez. It's good to have my girlfriend Rosa back, and I thought their reunion was really sweet. Also Rydia is all growed up. Is it wrong I kind of liked her as a kid better, even if she comes with more summons and black magic now? She's all sexified now. Both her and Rosa's costumes really make me want to try my hand at drawing realistic practical versions of their costumes. At least her personality hasn't changed negatively, so that's REALLY what matters. Also, Kain is a creeper. STAB.

At least Amano was an equal opportunity ridiculous costume designer. XD

This weekend: sewing, and distracting myself from the fact it's July 4th (not that I have anything against Independence Day, in all actuality, the date is purely coincidental).
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Been catching up with work. Tuesday I'm taking the game to a kids' camp! A little nervous because I have to introduce and explain it all by myself. After all the data sorting, this is a welcome change. I've never gotten to see the game being used in the field, so I'm excited!

Started playing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box... so cute! I wish I had a proper top hat. A gentleman never takes off his hat, hee!

This short film made my day.

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So, I spent a couple days sorting through our paper data from our game testing, and its finally all organized. There are a bajillion sticky notes on various things, they are in hanging folders, and hopefully nothing should get lost. I have a masterlist in excel for what students didn't fill out what, and what was found to be missing. Also, Intern, that was not a very helpful comment about databases; not everyone uses digital things solely, so be quiet and sort those permission forms.

My eyes are kind of tired from that. XD

Now we are reorganizing how we're keeping track of tasks, and I'm making sure to jump in on stuff. In charge of the next phase of game design (initial, I'll have to talk with production and the other science content person, but I'm always in charge of first draft designs... it's kind of nice and I won't pretend it doesn't make me feel a little special). Yesterday I pestered data out of teachers, which worked. I like pestering partners/clients on the phone or by email, because then they don't see I'm a young punk and there is less problems (truefact: my age is always an issue with educator sorts... it is troublesome).

Of course, this always happens right before I have to go out of town, so I had caffeine. Not the best idea but damn if I don't feel more energetic now.

So, essentially, this is how educational game design works:

- Much pestering of teachers and educational experts when we need stuff from them
- Me sitting around with my old classnotes and interns and waving my hands around as I explain monopropellants
- Me realizing I do in fact know propulsion ideas pretty well and wondering how in the hell I almost failed that class
- Playing some FFIV on lunchbreak and wondering if I can somehow get dwarven tool-making ideas into a space game at some point
- Freaking out when five more tasks end up in my email
- Calming down when I realize it's not stuff that needs to be done right away
- Writing an intern agenda and hoping that my boys stay behaving and listening to me, and the new ones stop being dudebros
- Five minutes wondering when I'm going to start getting my application for my PhD packet together
- Doubt about PhD
- Excitement about PhD
- Emailing company partners and showing them the basics of ideas and hoping that I don't have to go in a completely different direction
- Getting excited about the fact we're finally getting some data results on Monday and possibly starting to outline the research paper!
- Debating learning how to program in Python
- Texting the intern who is presenting today and hoping he actually shows up. Otherwise I may have to juggle or something in the meeting

Yeah... you get the idea.

Also, our CEO is at E3 right now. I'm kind of geeked about that and hope he brings back cool stuff.
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From now on, we had better use a webform for data collection on this game.

Ow my eyes and my FINGERS. Fuck you, paper.
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My position at work may be giving me more responsibility, and the possibility of having more interns under me. We're also going to be overhauling our whole task system, so that there will be less idling. I am in favor of this, because I really do not idle well. I'm also being put on the core team for more projects, and maybe more if the last game design I wrote gets funded. XD

I really hope that design gets funded, because it will be awesome.

This means probably less fanfic writing at work, but I've BARELY been doing that since I graduated. I like this, because I really do sort of thrive on being busy. I think I love games so much because it gives me stuff to work for that is less EPIC IMPORTANT in real life, but still feels epic important. Sure this means I write a little less, and way less than I did in school, but it means when I do write, it'll be more awesome; as in, stuff I really want to write or find fun.

Also, my boss's elementary aged daughter was very helpful with our paper data sorting. I almost wish she was an intern. XD She likes to play word games and is endlessly fascinated with my hats.

And my favorite intern is trying to grow a mustache and is excited to turn 16 in a few days because "his life gets to start". I sort of want to hug him. Especially considering he's trying to get a paying job at the movie theater, which is where I worked in high school.

It takes a lot of control not to burst out, "MY PROTEGE. I WILL TEACH YOU THE WAYS OF THE USHER."

But now I am quite tired, and will likely crash early. Tomorrow is roller derby! Yay!

Oh, and this article discussing another "study" about how women suck at math and science makes my day. I mean, this part:

But, in discussing the extreme right tail, Summers did and Tierney does miss the bigger point. Is the academic institution too entrenched in its devotion to those few scientific individuals who make up the extreme right tail? The scientific and academic enterprise is much larger than the physics departments of the top 10 top tier universities. Yet, we see the hiring biases persist throughout the system.


Also this:

John Tierney titles his article "Daring to Discuss Women's Potential in Science," as though he is bravely daring to out the dirty little secret that we all supposedly know deep in our hearts. Girls suck at math and science. The truth is, they really don't. It's just that John Tierney sucks at googling.

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After a somewhat frustrating day at work on Friday, I'm glad it's the weekend. Suffice to say, I am really really looking forward to turning at least 30, maybe then I won't keep having to do a song and dance to prove to interns that yes, I do know more than them, and yes, I am qualified to give them tasks and quit going to the nearest male instead.

Sometimes I really just want to shake teenaged boys. Enough of that.

To make myself feel better and to use up my state tax return that came in the mail, I went to the Gamestop, and picked up several PS2 games because they are cheap, along with FFIV DS. It is not only fun, but economical to be behind on consoles sometimes. Starting FFIV DS alone made my day better, as I could probably go on for days about how much I adore Cecil Harvey, and I am kind of all sort of hearts over his little chibi dark knight form.

Seriously how fucking cute is everyone in chibi form? Also Kain? Your voice cracks me up. SO FUCKING SERIOUS.

I also spent some time with [personal profile] whitemage sewing, as she was using Effy while I was using Sandy. I have the lining attached to the front panels of my vest for the stealth Hojo cosplay for Failboat Wedding. Her Lu dress is very very sparkly. Sure, I am going to the special hell for showing up to someone's wedding in subtle cosplay/drag, but in this case it's worth it.

Tomorrow: finish that vest (I GET DISTRACTED OK), cut out pieces for Daryl coat, attach both pieces of Paine shawl thing together, take pictures.


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