Two weeks

Aug. 5th, 2013 09:36 am
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Two weeks left in Columbus. Summer's ending and I have to pack up and head back to grad school soon. I'm excited, because I really do love my grad program, but I'm also more than a little sad. I really like my internship, and my lifestyle here. Didn't get as much hobby done as I would normally do, but then, I had a lot going on, adjustment-wise. It was good for the summer to focus on relationships and big questions and the future.

I know I'll be coming back here after I graduate.

In other good news, Ladyfriend and I saw Pacific Rim this weekend, which is perhaps my favorite world-ending movie since Independence Day (shut up, I really like optimistic movies that unite the world because of bad aliens ok? you can keep your grimdark if you want). It basically combines a couple of my favorite things; WWII-era aesthetics with giant fucking robots. It somehow manages to call on anime, monster movies, and kind of a smoosh of Carl Sagan-esque/Gene Roddenberry hopes/fears for humanity. I mean especially the whole "fight against extinction, but if you fight against each other you're DOOMED" themes. Ugh. I missed this in my science fiction. *continues to boycott Star Trek: Into Darkness*

Naturally, ladyfriend and I sort of got obsessed with the bickering old married scientists. No one is surprised. Especially considering one of them is hyperactive and covered in monster tattoos and the other is fussy and dresses like an old professor. Come on. Also, Stacker Pentacost gives me good adoptive badass dad feels.

In conclusion, I want to be Mako Mori when I grow up. Or I could settle for Tendo Choi.

Also this cover is both hilarious and awesome.
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Alright, so, yesterday was one of those personal anniversaries that I sometimes like to talk about and sometimes don't (this year was mostly don't) and due to like nobody showing up at work I ended up coming home. Yeah, my workplace doesn't "officially" (aka: you have to either not be paid or take personal time) take off Independence Day, because hey holiday pay would just be too much for its full time employees!


Today the AC is out in the office, and I'm in one of those regions of the US that is in the 100+ (Fahrenheit) temperatures. I lasted about an hour there (so the office has windows EVERYWHERE so that it's kind of like a greenhouse. Yeah) before biking my ass back home to the solace of my own apartment.

So it's like surprise two days off from work almost (I still have to handle things like: people that can't search their gmail, people who don't know how to log into a server, and the continued disorganization of this trip I'm supposedly going on next week).

I'm doing a cosplay weekend with ladyfriend next weekend, which means I miss the big van of everyone going up there (it's a 5 hour drive from here) so I'm hoping that by being noncommittal I will dodge this bullet.

We'll see.

Right now I'm alternating between dumb emails and housework, because if I get the housework out of the way I can work on cosplay and stuff this evening and tomorrow until I have to get on a shuttle to visit some friends.

I've really kept busy this summer, haven't I?


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