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So, I wanted to do some stuff for [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, but since work is MAD BUSY and I've been entering lots of data into spreadsheets (if my job is anything it is extremely varying work, because we are a small company, so sometimes I have grunt work, but so does everyone) I'm just going to do a couple entries here and there!

Since I'm currently designing some teaching points for our game (that are used outside of the game narrative and just using the mechanics), I thought, "hey, how about I talk about some things I'm trying to help teach kids". This particular project is very dear to me, because it's teaching engineering skills in particular. So I'm going to talk about the very fundamental basis of engineering work here. I'm sure a lot of you, since you're somewhere near or above my age have a good grasp, but I like explaining things. XD

let's talk about problem solving )

If there are any other subjects related engineering, science, gaming, or education that you'd like me to ramble about, explain, or given an opinion of, feel free to let me know. If I have no idea about something, I'll opt out, unless it's quick research or I can find something I know that is close. XD I like rambling about these things and don't often have the opportunity to outside of work, or a bar.

brb geeking

Apr. 2nd, 2009 01:45 pm
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My simulation is working within the correct bounds, and unless I'm missing something fundamental, that means it works! I'm writing the report now, and cringing a bit at the report I wrote for the last one (admittedly, it sounds a little like someone who hadn't slept for a weekend... ha ha funny considering THAT IS WHAT I DID FOR THE LAST SIM) and this makes me happy. I've thankfully got no classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I've basically sat my ass down in a lab to just write this. Considering that this is how I write all my most brilliant papers (I had a funny conversation with a professor once where he said, "this must have taken you a week to write!" "Um... yeah sure believe that.") I should be able to get this done by tonight.

Which is great considering I sort of haven't looked at my thermo homework yet. And thank god the aerodynamics assignment isn't due until Monday.

I learned mostly to make sure my program is pulling out the data I needed as I was programming it. Considering there are people in the class talking yesterday who hadn't even started programming I am clearly with the not completely fucked crowd. And people apparently are using EXCEL for a lot of their charts, what the hell. I guess I'm actually a pretty decent programmer, even if how I write my code sometimes gives my Sidekick fits (it's organized how I think! which is admittedly a little scattered, but it's organized!).

Only one more function to make, which is the one that pulls out all the data I need for the table. No going through columns of data THIS time. And is it wrong that I find my algorithm for plotting everything slightly awesome? I mean, I've got four test cases AND two tire models and somehow I got all the data on the charts they need to be. INTENSE.

Plus I actually got 9 hours of sleep last night! WHOA.

When I'm all done maybe I'll put up the report and show ya'll. And then translate it. It's good practice for stuff I do at work, so. If I can't explain it in normal terms, well, then I fail at work! So it's a good exercise.

I really really love this class, even if the last simulation was awful. But it was more me being sick and a little lost than anything. Handling is so ROCKIN' and closer to the types of dynamics I'm used to. We even use the same variable name for yaw (turning left or right in a vehicle, that's yaw) and I got to make a comment about that in class (because it's r, which you'd think they'd use for roll, but I don't question that shit).

I wish I could convey exactly how elegant rigid body dynamics is. There's really a lot of physics and mathematics harmony in there which is AMAZING. I mean, I can even sort of like derivations in this subject (and I hate derivations... derivations can kiss my ass).

How such complex systems can actually work so simply just... it's why I'm in this for more than a paycheck later in life, yanno? God, I just hope whatever senior design group I get next semester isn't full of jerks and lets me handle the dynamics part. I know this stuff. If I could I'd take like a bajillion more classes in this.

Ha ha, now that I understand a bit more about tires and stuff, I could do a better job with my skateboard/hoverboard analysis. I think I want to do that anyway, if I have free time.

Also, I think I need to go see Prof California and thank him from recommending Prof Dragster to me. I think him reccing this really does sort of make me a favorite. XD And one of the Slackers said he mentioned my hoverboard project in his class recently! I'm kind of touched! If only aerodynamics were as full of love...

Ah, Mondays

Nov. 3rd, 2008 02:05 pm
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But a fun Monday, for the most part. Prolly because I haven't gotten all my test scores back yet. XD

So things!

- Yuletide signups! I participated for the first time last year, and ah, all my prompts got filled (because I'm awesome) and I got write something I was totally unprepared for, but it still turned out a little awesome. So I offered more this year (mostly movies... I watch too many movies) and requested some really random stuff. So we'll see!

- Failed my math test. Well. I'm still not entirely fucked, considering that I might have a few more points I can talk the prof into for a D. Which is better. I hate math. All I need to do is pass and I can be done with it. Oy.

- It's warm! WONDERFULLY WARM. I am all dapper to match the wonderfulness of the warm.

- I'm attempting to keep up with some level of readingness, so when I found an mp3 of the audiobook for The Perks of Being a Wallflower I decided to download it. I'll link anyone else who's interested.

- I am debating whether or not to review several albums that have come into my possession recently. I mean, my opinion is just one thing. Hrm. Oh, well, if you want to skip over them, you can, I suppose.

- I have gathered stuff for several of the tiny packages I'm sending out to people! Which is excellent. I should have everything together soon, depending on how school treats me.

- Home of my Nano project. Which as I mentioned before isn't a story in any traditional sense, but an epic poem. Because I'm weird like that.

- I have awesome instrumental music to go with my poem. I don't know why this is so exciting, but it is.

Word Count: N/A!
Outline Quality: Uh, sorta have an outline. I suppose it's somewhat useful.

Scene Worked On Most Recently: I: Thelonius II, Pawn of Black
Scene to be Worked On Next: The end of this "scene" and then II: Sela, Bishop of White
"Research" of the Day: I had to recall a specific chess move or two, so ended up reading too much. XD
Quote of the Day:
Pike in hand, he marches with the sons and daughters
Peasant-folk of sturdy character
Laid down their plows and their trowels
To sharpen axes instead.

Novel Poem I Think I'm Unconsciously Channeling In Terms Of Style And Exposition: "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot, or probably some Blake. I'm really into them. XD

Character I'm Eager to Write: The White Queen.
Character I'm Finding Difficult: No one thus far. Then again.
City Much More Lifelike Than I Expected: N/A. I haven't gotten into that yet.
Best Thing I've Been Able To Meta With Today: The nature of pawns. I think I may have to come back to them again and again, because I quite adore the pawn structure I have going.

Today's Goal: Finish Part I. I think it's doable. Particularly considering where I've left poor Thelonius II.

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- Once I'm done with that I HAVE A LAB REPORT



Fuck this, I'm joining the circus. Ok, not really. It's way too late to suddenly decide I want to be a literary critic.

Halloweek Costume Today: Aviatrix, because it's fucking cold and I need pants. This fact will likely mean that the Ninja, Ranger, and Cyberpunk costumes will also be worn unless it gets warmer. Friday is Drak's Choice, which likely means I won't get pants. XD I kind of regret not bringing my steampunk!Edea costume up here with me, because it would totally be warm enough now. Oh well.


P.S. OMG I LOVE GOOGLE BOOK SEARCH AND GOOGLE SCHOLAR. THEY EVEN TELL ME IF MY UNIVERSITY HAS A BOOK (not that I actually go get said book, I get all my info from the excerpts because I am a Bad Student).
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I think I've gotten back to a level of fitness. Because I just did the Engineering Lab Report Dash.

Now, the lab where I have made my home is in a building that's not my aero building. But it's not that far. Decent little walk. Takes about five minutes. Now, I had to turn in my lab report by 5:00 pm, likely before because the secretary for our department likes to close the office doors as soon as she can, because she's a lose that likes to go home early. Sure, manning a desk can be boring, but PUT IN YOUR EIGHT HOURS, DAMMIT. At least on Tuesdays.

Anyway, I just finish up, realize it's 4:50. Since I was in an engineering lab and most people wouldn't even notice I was gone, I grab my report off the printer, staple, throw it in a folder and make a mad dash out the building. I also had an umbrella because hey, lookit, IT'S RAINING.

I sprint the entire way there, through the aero building lobby (and incidentally past some kind of shindig, and I thought dressing like a ninja got me weird looks), up to the THIRD FLOOR and make it just as Cranky Secretary is locking up. She gives me a little attitude about omg, having to close up right that minute, but my lab report is safely in the drop box and I can breathe.

Oh yeah, I'm in prime condition for this. XD

Now to figure out how to grab some food and not lose my spot in lab. I think this means I'm leaving some papers here and making it look like I just went to the bathroom. Which is allowed. I think.

And today isn't even close to finished. Still got a group meeting and my aerodynamics to finish.

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Ok, this isn't the end of the week, but I thought this was something fun to share with ya'll. The kind of stuff I remember hearing and thinking, "HELL YEAH I WANT TO BE AN ENGINEER THAT ROCKS".

Alright, so it might not have the same effect on you, but at least it helps me recover from the result of my last exam grade. Ha.

So who wants to learn about gimbal lock and why the Apollo 13 movie had so many slide rules? )

So, the moral of this story:

- Don't divide by zero, you could crash and die.
- Some technobabble in movies is based on real things
- Jim Lovell would have made a good pirate
- This icon makes more sense now, doesn't it?


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Oy... fuck math class. I'm so utterly frustrated with that BS. Someday, tests won't mean what they do and we'll find a way to honestly track understanding--because I'm not dumb, it wasn't like I didn't put the work in, I'm just really bad at tests. Thermo was around the average. Aerodynamics was just below the average. I'm alright in those classes, then. Just need to keep it up.

Haven't gotten my Dynamics test back yet, not sure if I want to. XD No, I'll find out eventually. I know the average was crappy, so chances are I'm alright.

It just pisses me off some days how much of my skills are judged by arbitrary numbers based on tests of skill that actually have nothing to do with the profession at all.

So how about some good things, to balance this out, because hell if I'm going to let this gnaw at me:

- I got behind on my Gunnerkrigg Court, due to school and just flipping very quickly through my RSS feeds, but I caught up today. GAMMA AND ZIMMY ARE BACK. They're some of my favorite minor characters from that comic, so. Also, Kat. Kat is fab. I actually can't think of anyone I don't like in that comic and the plot's continuing to be twisty without being frustratingly so. I needed that today.

- Old Man's War killed off my favorite, but I knew he was going, because of probility. Still, ;_;. I hope you get to see your constellations. I should know better than to read in the dining hall, I have a tendency of yelling at stories while I'm reading them. Way to go Scalzi, for avoiding most of what was starting to frustrate me about science fiction. Also, it's nice to mostly have characters that are mentally over sixty; the hangups of people my age and younger in narrative wear on me a little. I am not youth obsessed. I'll take an Auschenbach (sp?) over a Luke Skywalker any day.

- Got an email this morning, appears that Caricature is going in [profile] indianconundrum (well, it's getting handed to an editor at least, I think this means I'm in). And I get an illustrator (well, they all do, but my inability to draw ALWAYS makes me excited, since how I write is much like plotting out movie scenes). I've got four chapters, and judging by the release times, it'll be a while before they need any from me, so I have plenty of time to work out the issues with my Paladin chapter, etc. Considering that this was my first serious attempt at an original universe of any sort, I'm a little excited. XD I'm also freaking nervous, as generally two people read my own stuff, so.

- I need to make more time in the day so I can read more. Almost done with Mrs. Dalloway and 3/4 through Old Man's War actually finished that one, and have "Wine in the Wilderness" (that's not even a book, it's a PLAY) to finish. Plus the last half of The Time Traveler's Wife. Can't I just suspend everything so I can fucking read for a while? Honestly. Or can I just skip the next ten years and get to the good part? *sigh*

I need some more sunlight. Going outside. I'll be less bummed then.
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The Intern is still in a chair, but the minions and I have desks. This makes working so much easier, but it also means we're not all hanging around the same set of tables. The level of BS and shenanigans has gone down. Good for business, but I miss shenanigans already. I don't feel nearly as exposed, though, which was weird. We're all facing walls now, so everyone can focus. Considering all the work the minions have lately, this is prolly good for them.

Emailed Super Adviser, he does think I'm insane, but he says I know what I'm getting myself into. I'd rather the Fall suck than the Spring (because that's SENIOR DESIGN OMG) and really, I just want to fucking graduate already. I am very likely to be extremely cranky for the next year or so, just be advised. Nothing personal.

my schedule, for anyone interested )

So yeah, it's going to be fun. And by that I mean slightly suicidal. But I have requirements left to meet, and I have no tech or liberal arts electives left. XD I also need to contact the History department and make sure that I get a minor, because I earned it, dammit. I also set myself a reminder to go see History Gast when I get back to school, because he still has my final project and I want to see what he thought of it. I have a feeling that professors are going to get sick of me this year, but hell if I'm failing anything. I am going to graduate in the Spring if it kills me. C means Cool and D means Done!

And some fun things:

+ I wrote stuff yesterday! A cute Veld/Iffy and a distinctly un-cute rated R addition to my "Liquid" series. The latter was mostly done for a while, I just had to add an ending. I may actually finish a claim somewhere! Figures, it's my crazy psychological crap that I finish. XD

+ I took a picture of my vaguely paganistic pendant I made for myself. I even like the hemp cord it's on. Wire wrapping and finding random polished rocks in my things is awesome.

+ Fashionista pic. Mainly because my lime green heels are awesome, if not made for walking very far in. I'm glad I have a desk job. XD

+ And a dorky poll thing.

I really need to do some sewing tonight. I've been so lazy lately.


P.S. Those who haven't submitted, you know who you are.
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Oh my god, my schedule next year is going to suck no matter what I do. I'm down to two lingering stupid required classes (Diff Eq II, and Thermo-fucking-dynamics), one lab (controls! :<), a propulsion requirement (also :<), and of course my senior design. The rest are "electives" which means whatever Structures or Dynamics classes I want to take that will hopefully not kill me. I may take some rocket classes just cause rocket/space dynamics is simpler than air vehicle dynamics (do you want to deal with wings or not, basically). I managed to find a Structures elective that will prolly not suck, as I've taken a class with this guy before and managed a B (which is fucking amazing in engineering for me) because he's probably the oldest guy in the department. Also that course said nothing about math. Which is good. The other elective I'm trying to take is Principles of Dynamics which translates as "wobbly things with some math!" but since I rather like that professor (he was my first Dynamics prof and I generally understood what he was about) I'm willing to give it a shot.

This is all dependent on my adviser looking at my proposed Plan of Study and telling me if I'm psycho or not. I'm trying to overload this first semester slightly to account for a possible failing of my math class (considering my track record with that, this is necessary). Since I've got so few credits left (28!!! OMG ONLY 28!!!) the worst that can happen is I go on probation again. You have to be on probation for a couple semesters before the dropping happens, so ha. Even if I got an extra semester, that ain't happening. So really, my goal is simply to pass my damn classes and see how it goes. Having a job already makes me less stressed out about this, as they honestly don't care what my graduating GPA is, merely that I do graduate. My dad recommends I do interviews at other places, as it's easier to turn down a job after an interview than for your company to suddenly go belly up and you go begging for a job. Since engineering companies are slightly bastards about GPAs these days (I'll spare you the rant about how ridiculous that is) I'm probably not likely to get many offers. But then again, I have more experience than about 85% of the department (our school is really bad at setting up co-ops and jobs). I can always tell them that I have minions at this job and they want to make an action figure of me.

Future talk is crazy, basically. I'll admit to eying certain apartment complexes near my work building, because I'm about 98% likely to keep working here, full-time, and make salary after working for about 6 months to a year. Since I don't plan on having a car (hence the eying of the apartment complexes NEARBY) or cable, or anything really besides the basic utilities and of course, internet, I might not need too much of a raise. I figure since they do seem rather enthusiastic about keeping me working here, possibly on more projects and liasonning between companies at some point that I can negotiate a good wage. I don't want to be greedy, just be able to feed myself more than ramen. XD We'll see when it comes, I guess. Main goal is to graduate school already. SIX YEARS IS ENOUGH DAMN TIME.

And this is totally why I took the summer off. Working is awesome, school, not so much. I hope I haven't gotten dumber and suddenly won't understand this stuff. There might be bugging of the few grad students I know that are crazy and hanging around the department. Also, TAs.

Oh god, I'm dreading going back already. Why am I not one of those genius kids?


P.S. So I stumbled upon a college forum when I was looking around for class descriptions (because course numbers change sometimes) and I came across this entry:

Fortunately, I've been accepted to [name of my school]'s First Year Engineering Program. How is it (are there lots of weeding-out classes)? IF I do plan to attend [school] this year, do you think majoring in aerospace engineering ([my school's rank]) is worth my time and money? How's majoring in aerospace engineering, in future prospect? I've heard that not many students major in aerospace during their undergraduate degree; why is this? I also have a strong desire to study business/economics but I'm not sure whether I should or not. Do you think it's wise to major in aerospace engineering for undergraduate and go to MBA after few years of experience?

Many questions but I hope you can help me out. Thanks.

And maybe this is indicative of how long I've been in school, but I laughed uncontrollably. Especially at the "there's not many in there". No, there's not many in my major because you have to be a little out of your mind. XD

P.P.S. BEHOLD A POLL! Because all the cool kids are doing it and I'm slightly bored.
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I survived! And seem to be doing pretty well. Was down to the wire with that paper, but it's all done now. Handed in. I was actually the last person to turn it in on Friday, since I had a class from 3:30-4:20 (the history class itself is the hour before). So History Gast told me to sit down, catch my breath and then talked about vision quests and stuff. Might actually attempt one, as weird as it may sound. Research to follow.

Things that I love about the weekend:

- Take home exam not due until Tuesday, so guilt at only having done a couple problems is not huge

- Had the most hickish dinner ever on Friday: wine in individually packaged plastic bottles and Fazoli's, all eaten in my dorm room, on my desk, while watching TV on the internets. Ha, I didn't get caught.

- I accidentally flashed some Mormon missionaries on my bike and laughed so hard I almost fell off my bike. Wearing a skirt on a bike = fail. If entertaining fail, at least.

- Don't have to wake up early on Monday (though I shouldn't sleep all day)

- Sapporo. Big bottle. Not to be consumed after the last of hick wine, as it causes major bitchiness.

- BSG this weekend: Not really spoilerific, but just in case... )

- Chinese food that probably doesn't resemble anything the Chinese would actually make. And declining to learn what's in the brown sauce.

- Realizing this entry was in my queue all weekend, as I didn't really hang online much except to watch Queer As Folk, shut up, it's awesome.

- Because I can't seem to write, I worked on my Rinoa FST on and off. Once again proves my taste in music is the crazy sometimes (bad Latin, technopunk, spare drums, and female vocals prominent).

- Realization I am getting back to work soon! I MISSED WORK SO BAD. WORK > SCHOOL, I'M SORRY IT JUST IS.

- Neat bracelet that Drak gave me helped me do a tarot reading, which I haven't done in quite some time. Deck has gained a dry sense of humor and a slight attitude.

- Laundry starting, though not finishing. God, I hate it when I get behind because of insanity. Sure, I could wait until I get to my parents place, but I'm here until Saturday and well, dirty clothes smell.




Apr. 7th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Today was gorgeous, decided to put on a dress because it's never warm enough to wear a dress when I want to. XD So glad I sewed the missing buttons back on only a week ago.

So I promised a recap of the highlights from this weekend. Here goes. I'm breaking it up by section as this will be long.

on ASN, socialization with boys, and doom )

on antiquing, the historic downtown area, river smelling, and the best weather ever )

on movies, or the international buffet of viewing pleasure )

tl;dr version: Drank with Aeros, have hat, watched movies. Weather is good.

Also, cool links:

- Documentary fetishism in Battlestar Galactica
- Surf Jams Joker
- Cheap goggles for steampunking

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God, a lot of my stuff is starting to sound like a manifesto. For some background, keep in mind the context, the whole "inner and outer world" idea is that the mental and abstract processes constitute an inner world, where external influences and objects constitute the outer. Edit: This inner/outer world was provided to us as a concept, hence the linked questions. While this is a little more simplified than I usually like my concepts (and you can tell by how my answers tend to ask questions back), but that's what I had to work with.

Also note I wrote this in a fit of inspiration mere hours from when it was due. Oh, if only I could tame my writing experience to work better on cue.

why don't all my engineering classes get into this kind of thing, well, ever? )
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Did not sleep last night, slept this afternoon after class instead. I need to kick my sleeping schedule back to normal, because I haven't worked out in a couple days due to when I crash. I would like to be with the working out again! Gra. Stupid insomnia.

Results of insomnia:

- Wrote a Veld/Tifa in which Tifa meets his daughter and I play around with taboo a little.

- ICONS. Oh god, I forgot how much I loved photoshop. Some FF4, and some random silly Project Runway ones because I realized I needed some.

- Made a [profile] spoony_bards mirror on IJ, here, because I know some of you don't write on LJ anymore. I will be even lazier than Sev with it. As part of the deal, I now have a Lucrecia claim set to David Bowie's "Reality" album. XD I should know that enabling people always backfires.

- Watched half of His Girl Friday, had to stop because I went to class and then crashed.

Things still to do:

- Prelab for VB class.

- ESSAY for Dynamics class. Words cannot describe my GLEE than for an engineering class we have an ESSAY. I LOVE ESSAYS. EEEE. I'm probably typing mine, because I will likely ramble a bit, so I might share when it's done.

Alright, time to buckle down.


P.S. Sometime it feels as if my RSS reader is talking to me.

P.P.S. X-MEN FANS! The rumors are true.
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- History Professors That Keep Pointing Me In That Direction With That Knowing Sort of Prodding
- My Job Of Awesome Which I Miss Like Fyre
- My Inability to Learn Anything Without BABBLING About It
- My New Favorite Aero Professor

More on that professor. So today, we get to class and he's setting up the computer projector for something. I'm thinking "oh neat, he's going to tangent on some Skunkworks stuff and basically make my life" because really? Tangents aren't just so that shit doesn't end up on the test. Tangents are where I actually learn as opposed to endless notes on the board ([profile] first_seventhe totally knows what I'm talking about).

So what he put up was this AMAZING video where an old dude was talking to a bunch of educators and basically said everything that I'd suspected since entering college and nearly losing my soul and getting it back. Basically, this guy said, "the older you get, the less creative you are encouraged to be".


and more on that, because I'm apt to ramble )

tl;dr version for those watching at home:

Yay creativity!
Boo soul-sucking equations!
OMGWTF can I has graduation now?

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Sure, there's still snow on the ground, and it was melting, which meant lots of puddles, and there was fog because the ground was cold, but the AIR was WARM and that's ALL THAT MATTERS. To celebrate this, I decided to wear a skirt.

Note to self: buy more high waisted skirts. Because yeah. I'm rocking this look.

I also dressed up a little more than usual because I woke up later than I intended and had to do my workout during midday break, which was starting to make me cranky, so yeah. Don't ask me why it helps, it just does. I'm foppish like that.

Also, hilarity on the track (because you go around noonish and all the treadmills are taken)! I was feeling self conscious about being the only walker on the track (as opposed to the EXTREME RUNNERS OMG), and then this incredibly old (at least he looked it) guy started snailing around. And I mean snailing. I walk fast.

But the main lesson of the day is when I get a derivation problem, if you defend your steps enough, you get lots of credit! Considering that I was making it up as I go along and hoping the math went with my semi-logical basis, this is good!

Oh, and I have Andy Hunter's Life album finally. I don't know why I didn't look for it before, considering the song "Wonderful" pops up on my Pandora playlist all the time. It's great workout music that is happy (as I realized a lot of my techno was dark and kind of defeats the sort of on crack mood you have to be in when you're working out).

Alright, dinnertime. Still have to do Monday Updates for [profile] ff_fanlisting. It's on like, all three of my reminder things, so I will not forget.


P.S. Also, new love, The Quantic Soul Orchestra has brought the funk back to my playlist. Never ever close down, music blogs!

P.P.S. Saw a boy today in a black shirt with white stripes and a white tie. Was half tempted to stop him and tell him how proud I was to see a boy that could dress himself, but I thought that would be weird, even for me.


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