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I have been following with some amusement the epic struggle at work between the minions and our Political Game guy. The minions, while sometimes annoying, do get their shit done, and done well and cause me the least amount of problems. I went and had lunch today, where the gloves were off and they got to air their frustrations. We also shared humorous stories of weirdos we've known.

Granted, when I talk about "weirdos" it's with a certain sort of self-deprecation. Teasing is a family past time, and to keep it from abuse, you have to offer a little of your own strangeness. Minions apparently want Otakon pictures really badly for this reason.

Anyway, there was a comment about Political Game guy being a middle-aged prima donna (he is). So I took a sip of my tea and suggested they buy him a tiara and leave it on his desk. This idea seemed to please them greatly and there was much plotting. I may have inadvertently started something, due to being somewhat dry humored.

I'd like to think I have a healthy level of fantasy vs. reality, and like having reminders that I am in fact a dork (but I like being one). Hanging with the minions provides good perspective. I just wanted to say, I appreciate all my friends, and their quirks and everything. I enjoy knowing quirky and varied people. The world can look so grey otherwise. A lack of self-consciousness is something I'm getting back and I enjoy finding people that I don't have to worry about looking silly with.

In other news, hairstick materials all found, I laid out the materials and took a picture (which I haven't uploaded) in order to do some in progress shots. Because those are fun. I am excited about some of the materials I've found for them. ^^

And random fashionista picture. I have worn that purple sweater several times lately. But it's so comfortable. Plus, I love the couch at work. I may go sit on it later today.

So far so good today.

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Homelessness at work has reached an all time high. Now we have Graphics Intern (who I wish I could steal, this kid is SO ADORABLY ENTHUSIASTIC) at The Table, the minions and I graduated to having our own desks, and Graphics Master is stuck in the corner. But my Intern and the New Finance Assistant have the floor and the couch respectively.

We get anymore and it'll be MAX DENSITY. There's already been talk like this is Geekstock. I've warned them not to burn the couch, it might esplode. And I thought getting my chair stolen was annoying. The look on Annoying Intern's face when he saw Graphics Intern and realized that Graphics Intern could take him was PRICELESS. Is it bad I want to see them duke it out gladiator style?

So today I've been working on a process document thing, and yes, it's as boring as it sounds. Luckily the minions made me go to lunch with them, or my brain might have fried. Though, the payback is if I write this up well and after some editing, this might end up being a publishable work (as apparently there's some kind of problem designing systems oriented educational stuff? I don't know, our curricular adviser made a huge deal over my stuff. XD Maybe I should be flattered?). I find it ironic that the only publishable things I've done have been pretty boring and instructionally based. XD If it's not a user manual or a training simulation... hey, at least I get paid. And really, I am a bit of a theorist type, as much as pure subjects annoy me. And I usually get to do fun things, it's just I have to make sure I have shit setup for when I go back to school, because this is approaching quickly!

Hey, anyone wanna do my last year of engineering for me? Kidding. Only not.

I'm prematurely missing work. XD Is that wrong? At work I feel, I dunno, like a useful contributor. School likes to do basically the opposite; it's not so much I'm not a "big fish" (I'm not even a big fish here, I'm part of a TEAM) but more that I hate being treated like an idiot? I'm not genius, but come on, just because I don't do differential equations in my sleep and have all sorts of plane models memorized doesn't make me completely useless.

Maybe when I'm older I'll go be a professor, and try to reverse that attitude. Ha, ambitious, I know.


P.S. Sev, this made me think of your plight. XD

P.P.S. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS. The site may crash though, because everyone wants to see it, but it's WORTH IT.
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She really wanted one, and since her birthday is the 16th, Dad and I are officially awesome. All the points are belong to us. It's at least one piece of technology that she's not afraid of (attempts at assuring her that the internet will not eat her have been in vein. I blame the news and the fact that she still believes everything on TV is true *sigh*). We'll need to hook it up so that she can turn it on in the middle of the day, instead of watching HGTV and playing bubblet on her Palm Pilot when she needs to sit down.

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Project Runway starts up again in a week. God, I'm such a dork. And on my mom's birthday. I need to find a way to watch it without looking like a jerk. Hrm.

Can I mention that I love Hitherby Dragons? God, I love that story.


P.S. Ha, a Columbus Ohio muxtape.
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The Intern is still in a chair, but the minions and I have desks. This makes working so much easier, but it also means we're not all hanging around the same set of tables. The level of BS and shenanigans has gone down. Good for business, but I miss shenanigans already. I don't feel nearly as exposed, though, which was weird. We're all facing walls now, so everyone can focus. Considering all the work the minions have lately, this is prolly good for them.

Emailed Super Adviser, he does think I'm insane, but he says I know what I'm getting myself into. I'd rather the Fall suck than the Spring (because that's SENIOR DESIGN OMG) and really, I just want to fucking graduate already. I am very likely to be extremely cranky for the next year or so, just be advised. Nothing personal.

my schedule, for anyone interested )

So yeah, it's going to be fun. And by that I mean slightly suicidal. But I have requirements left to meet, and I have no tech or liberal arts electives left. XD I also need to contact the History department and make sure that I get a minor, because I earned it, dammit. I also set myself a reminder to go see History Gast when I get back to school, because he still has my final project and I want to see what he thought of it. I have a feeling that professors are going to get sick of me this year, but hell if I'm failing anything. I am going to graduate in the Spring if it kills me. C means Cool and D means Done!

And some fun things:

+ I wrote stuff yesterday! A cute Veld/Iffy and a distinctly un-cute rated R addition to my "Liquid" series. The latter was mostly done for a while, I just had to add an ending. I may actually finish a claim somewhere! Figures, it's my crazy psychological crap that I finish. XD

+ I took a picture of my vaguely paganistic pendant I made for myself. I even like the hemp cord it's on. Wire wrapping and finding random polished rocks in my things is awesome.

+ Fashionista pic. Mainly because my lime green heels are awesome, if not made for walking very far in. I'm glad I have a desk job. XD

+ And a dorky poll thing.

I really need to do some sewing tonight. I've been so lazy lately.


P.S. Those who haven't submitted, you know who you are.
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No, really. They hired on these guys that have actually done game design that I can tell what to do. I will try not to let the power go to my head. They seem cool, and since we're running out of space in the office, they've been given tables in the game room (I am currently homeless as far as desks are concerned, but they said since I am usually in before noon I can totally snipe a desk whenever). Have had a whorlwind re-introduction to what's been happening (I kept up as best I could, but SCHOOL WAS DOOM). Also, rumors of my not being in town were greatly exaggerated.

One of said minions is working on a language game (arabic) in addition to hearing my ideas, and is apparently a huge Final Fantasy fan and is inspired design-wise by Amano. I was cornered in the kitchen to talk about said geekery and there was discussion on my part about prettiness vs. immersiveness and storytelling. I think we will get along. XD Other minion is a little shyer. Hopefully my wild gesturing will not scare him.

Get to go with Boss #1 to kids' game design class she teaches tomorrow. Mildly nervous about this, as most of my interaction with the kids has been behind the scenes. Must look cool.

Already have tons to do, which is exciting. And apparently my reputation precedes me, once again, as all these new people knew who I was once the name was said. XD That's mildly intimidating, as now I'm not just the designer for our Mars Game, I'm also the Person Who Will Solve Problems With Your Proposal Or Logic.

Also, they kept my keyboard off limits. Aww, thanks guys. The post-it with my name on it was nice. I shouldn't be touched by such small things, but it's nice not to be forgotten.

God, it's good to be back at work. Work > School, as bad as that is. "Grad School" was tossed around again. Have trepidations.


P.S. And apparently the rumors about the NASA MMO and my company possibly hooking up with that are true. Only thing is, NASA wants a partner, but doesn't want to pay them. I call foul. But we've got other grants on the back burner, so.


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