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Today I got to go to the Children's Museum for a meeting and talk to people who make exhibits and are organizing some big aviation thing they're in the process of setting up. Some dude with Weezer glasses and an iPad nerded with me about MUDs and I got to explain the difference between aeronautics and aerospace and literally used the phrase, "when you Venn Diagram it".

And then I got to walk around the museum for free.

And I saw an exhibit on TV/Movie costumes, which was mostly nerdy TV/Movie costumes. And realized that some cosplayers are better than the professionals (and I am could totally have been a costume designer for Star Trek: The Next Generation). Also that my ladyfriend could cosplay Seven of Nine easily, as they are about the same height and their builds aren't that far off either (not kidding, woman only LOOKS tall on TV, she is a shortie short). So yeah, Gem from the new Tron won't be a stretch. Oh and Tron Guy made a better costume than the designers too.

Then I drew Trogdor on an interactive panel thing, and my boss was confused. The volunteer working the area cracked up.

We then drove back and I am sitting at my new desk spot that actually feels like an office, the interns haven't blown anything up and I'm looking up shit on aeroshells.

Considering this Monday started out like suck I'm glad it decided to just not do that.

Also, if this whole gaming thing falls through, I think I want to work for a children's museum. I could totally make exhibits. So now I have a backup plan, fuckass!

Edit: I almost forgot the part where a kid dressed as Buzz Lightyear came up to me and jumped and yelled "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND" and I gave him a high five. I am approve of his parentals letting him go out of the house like that. More children need to be allowed to go out dressed as fictional characters. It's good for their development. At least I think so.
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Dear non-Final Fantasy friends... sorry I'm gonna geek out here.


Truefact; I have always secretly hoped for fanart, as I cannot draw so well on my own!

+ Once Upon a Time Compression (FFIV/FFVII, Cecil, Edea)

+ Ifalna Sketches (FFVII:OGC, Ifalna)

+ Someone Has to Do It (FFVII:OGC, Ifalna)

I feel quite a bit like this girl right now:


And for those that may be curious, I wrote two things, an FF7:AC Cid/Yuffie and an FF7:BC Rufus/Elfe. It was nice that this year I had the opportunity to write two things I'm into right now. XD
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She really wanted one, and since her birthday is the 16th, Dad and I are officially awesome. All the points are belong to us. It's at least one piece of technology that she's not afraid of (attempts at assuring her that the internet will not eat her have been in vein. I blame the news and the fact that she still believes everything on TV is true *sigh*). We'll need to hook it up so that she can turn it on in the middle of the day, instead of watching HGTV and playing bubblet on her Palm Pilot when she needs to sit down.

on music, geek assimilation, and how to make a chicken sandwich taste good )

Project Runway starts up again in a week. God, I'm such a dork. And on my mom's birthday. I need to find a way to watch it without looking like a jerk. Hrm.

Can I mention that I love Hitherby Dragons? God, I love that story.


P.S. Ha, a Columbus Ohio muxtape.
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Wow, so yesterday was massive writing day due to having a very slow day (I ended up with a sad rated R Veld story, a semi-philosophical FFX femmeslash, and a silly Vin/Veld based on getting locked out of my house). After writing that sad story yesterday (man, I'd forgotten how emotionally draining in a good way just sitting down and writing until something feels done is) I feel the need to do something cute or graphical. Or both. But today's been busy, so needle therapy will likely be the only thing I have time for. XD Icons should be up sometime, a strange mix. Because I'm weird.


We went to some little bitty house-turned-restaurant that was strangely good, and really cute. We sat out on the porch and chatted for a bit. I ended up talking about costuming and writing, because after the "well, this is what's going on at work" talk, I don't have much of a personal life. XD It's true, but it's not something I regret much, I mean, shit's transitional right now. In this day and age it shouldn't be that shocking to admit that most of my friends I can only keep in contact with by being online. Especially since I'm not in school and one of the youngest people at my company. But it was nice to tell her about costuming, how I'm going to a con, and then this somehow got related to fandom and I told her about [profile] phoenixmonthly. She's one of those seriously awesome people that she was kind of fascinated a bit as I told her about some fandom things. I have a tendency to ramble if I'm not careful, but then again, so does she. Which is good, because I still want to be her when I grow up. She's been traveling and basically being fabulous. I cannot describe how much this woman just exudes fabulousity. I felt smart because she hadn't heard of creative commons and as some of ya'll know, I'm kind of an open source crusader, so um. Yeah.

Mrs. G is fabulous because she's passionate about life, and makes me feel passionate about things. I nearly cried when I got back from lunch because I nearly lost that vivaciousness but I realize now it's back. And I'm so thankful to be able to feel again, to really be into something. I mean, that's why I sound so, I don't know, obsessive sometimes. I can't help it. I just... there is always a part of me in what I do, no matter what. I can't distance myself from it, and you know what, it's better that I don't. And I think I can still be like Mrs. G when I grow up. XD

I also have an intern. We have no place to put him so he sits on the floor, but that's ok. While the Minions get paid and have projects of their own and more experience than me, the Intern is in high school, doesn't get paid, and pretty much only answers to me and the bosses. I am so stoked. He's going to help me get a kick start in the higher level game stuff, and I get to do some teaching-ish stuff. I love explaining things! I get to gesture wildly and send him off to copy textbooks for me. SCORE.

Have decided to definitely write more in the vein of On The Maintenance Of Friendships because I like being cheeky. And Mrs. G approves of this type of writing (yeah, she read it. seriously, this woman is awesome). Besides, I haven't gotten to them meeting Barry and Tain, and the deal with kids powering country machines and Percival's wings. It's also practice in the type of worldbuilding I like--subtle, not very full of exposition. Why are connected short stories so much more fun than writing chapters? I'll never know.


P.S. My sidekick and my girlfriend are basically awesome.

P.P.S. Do I lose my nerd license admitting I love articles like this?
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Good things:

+ Had breakfast with family

+ Walked around outside and around town a bit

+ Finally figured out why one of [personal profile] drakonlily's OCs is named "Araby" and on a related note have decided that Dubliners is a great book thus far.

+ Had a very tasty cookie with my lunch and might have gotten hit on by a cute barista girl.

+ Have finally figured out Yahoo Pipes so now I can tame my RSS feeds. Actually, I just like playing with things. XD

+ Behold the next step of the costume. I need to fit that thing, as it's a recovered piece from this hideous shirt. This will require me to see if the two sewing machines in the house are actually functional and getting over my slight fear of them (I've sewn everything by hand up to this point). Looking at various sites and getting advice as far as going about it. I'm going to practice on some other things before attempting to work on that waist cincher.

+ Got the backlog of links for [profile] ff_fanlisting taken care of.

+ Started making some BSG icons. Because it's about frakking time.

Bad things:

+ Tragedy nearly struck as some Trojan buried itself in a component of my text editor. Which meant I had to uninstall and reinstall once I'd purged the computer of it. Considering I nearly depend on that text editor, this was annoying.

+ MORE RAIN IS COMING. Since my workplace's building is still, ah, drying from the last flooding this is somewhat worrisome. Then again, can't be as bad as poor Iowa.

+ Nobody is home tonight! I may be making phone calls.


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