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Hrm, where to begin? Well it seems the beginning of the month and the timed reminders and notes have served a really good purpose as far as me doing things. I didn't actually finish writing anything in May (though I worked on stuff), but I worked on stuff and have a couple things I just finally finished up. And now that the tornado sirens have stopped going off (gotta love Indiana fucking weather) I can pimp out some stuff.

+ On The Maintenance of Friendships. That little zombie!robot story I was writing for [personal profile] imaginarybeasts but didn't finish in time. Still not satisfied with the ending and kind of want to do more with the world that I've got forming in my head, but I liked Percival enough to want to have something written. Keep in mind this is meant as a slightly grim kids' story and may suck lots. At least I didn't attempt any actual teenagers.

+ They Were Four (also on [community profile] viniel). The first part (of probably 4 if I can manage it right) of a story based on one of [profile] first_seventhe's prompts, because she's evil. Done in Edea voice because she's always been the easiest for me to grasp and I don't want to struggle with getting Ellone's tone right. I basically bastardize Revelations and what little game canon there is on Sorceresses. XD

+ [profile] sorceressathon, which [profile] irish_ais started up to keep me from graduating school. Goddammit.

+ Spiral Out, that FST I linked yesterday a bit late. In case you didn't catch it. It's a little Epic.

Also going to be hanging out with real people and going to see Iron Man again because the theater crew is awesome. Maybe Facebook serves some purpose (I left a note saying I was in town a couple weeks back, but no contact info, as the only people I'd want bothering me have my info or can find it XD). Hopefully the storm system lets up enough so I don't die.


P.S. I want this.
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Managed to calm down a major panic attack. God, I hate the end of the year, all that stress just... gah. It really screws with my head. I'm not a weak person, at least I hope I'm not. But I'm better now, hopefully, and getting things done.

But since I was thinking about it, I am going to meta about porn.

this is about porn, no rly )

tl;dr version: I hate porn, but like erotica. Bettie Page is hot. Also I am cockphobic.



Apr. 7th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Today was gorgeous, decided to put on a dress because it's never warm enough to wear a dress when I want to. XD So glad I sewed the missing buttons back on only a week ago.

So I promised a recap of the highlights from this weekend. Here goes. I'm breaking it up by section as this will be long.

on ASN, socialization with boys, and doom )

on antiquing, the historic downtown area, river smelling, and the best weather ever )

on movies, or the international buffet of viewing pleasure )

tl;dr version: Drank with Aeros, have hat, watched movies. Weather is good.

Also, cool links:

- Documentary fetishism in Battlestar Galactica
- Surf Jams Joker
- Cheap goggles for steampunking

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Today is much better; the crazy organizational things I'm doing to calm myself are working. I can reach a Zen-like state of contentment while tagging music--it's true. Considering how my music library looked only a month ago and what it looks like now, I am pretty impressed by the progress. Combined with switching to foobar2000 which I don't know, lets me actually access my directories without much of an issue and doesn't expect me to use it to organize stuff, it's pretty easy, too.

I find myself mending things more, now that I'm less scared of making things looks silly while sewing. Granted, I've still yet to learn to use a machine, but since I'm mostly a repair/adapt/fix/remix type crafty person, I haven't sat and gone "darn, I wish I had a sewing machine". I still should learn. Boss #1 offered to let me use hers, which is apparently sitting idle in her house now that she has kids. Might take her up on that offer once school is done. Need to steal some jean fabric from something that doesn't fit to patch a pair of jeans that I liked but somehow I managed to wear the knee out of them. While that look can be chic, I am not into it that much. So a patch it needs.

Speaking of work, I might actually get to see some of the kids we're using for next phase! They're doing stuff with them mid-May, and since school ends the first week... it means awesome and win for me.

Gotta get through more domestic things, which is half for my sanity and half because I'm having personage over this weekend and while my room isn't MESSY the dirty dishes are starting to smell a little. Which is ew.

also, a strange dream I had )


More doom

Mar. 26th, 2008 01:29 pm
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KILLED my lab practical exam today. I came in about ten minutes late and still left before everyone and had no compile errors and it ran perfectly. YES I PWN YOU VISUAL BASIC. God, it's fun being the annoying kid that something comes naturally to. XD

And I've clearly gotta do more collab writing with [personal profile] drakonlily as it's like writing a story that gets done twice as fast. And contains action sequences because I cannot write them for crap. I think we should put "Disclaimer: Cockphobics Wrote This" at the top. I missed AUs. XD For anyone watching, Chapter Four is up

Actually going to try and practice describing movement in Carbon Made as that Dead Fantasy video was ridiculously inspiring.

Also, I was sitting in Dynamics class and remembered how most of Aeronautics sounds like a bunch of dirty jokes if you're half listening. Like Jersey Highwind was on a tirade about rolling balls and weathercocks today. Suffice to say, it was amusing, as I was a little tired and thus more susceptible to things like that. Jersey Highwind never change you're awesome.

Am estactic that my pilot lecture exam got pushed back, as I haven't really studied enough. It's over charts, which are crazy. Anyone who said throttle jockeys are a bunch of dummies (because I've heard that) is an idiot. Makes me wonder why pilot characters in fiction are always assumed to be only common-sense smart. If plane performance charts are common sense, then damns I fail at common sense.

Flux was also good today.

some memage, as I haven't done any in a while )


P.S. So apparently Firefly is just one big rape fantasy with homoerotic undertones. Mind you, this is probably the most BATSHIT thing I've heard in a while.

P.P.S. But what are your thoughts on yaoi? The mind boggles.
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I remember seeing the first one and thinking, "oh SWEET" when Tifa made her entrance (as I have a horrible horrible gamecrush on her) also because I've always wanted to write something with Tifa and Yuna and badassery. Because I can.


It's pretty much just fighting, but it. is. worth. it. And might have plotbunnied me a little. <3 <3 <3

They've got a link to the first video on the side, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. Basically just FF girls vs. DoA girls and AWESOME. Alright fine I'll link the first one.

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Alright. So apparently the way housing works around here sucks. I basically would have had to claim my room a week after I got here. I was still moving in and trying not to freak out over insurance crap then!

I just need to get a little ranty for a moment, you can ignore this )


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