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If it's not obvious to everyone, something that has always brought me joy is being able to make things. Sure, they're not always good or beautiful, but being able to say, "I made that" is like, basically what brings me joy in life. This extends to hacks and various other things that I consider on the creative side. And as much as I bitch about math, I'm in a very "making things" career field. And I do love science. It's hard sometimes, but the second joy of my life is to be able to point at something and be like, "I understand why that works".

That said, it should be obvious I'm somewhat addicted to "making things" type of reality television. Sure, there's drama and hell, sometimes I like that, but the bottom line to the things that I watch on TV is there's a level of... creativity I like. I really don't like watching people be idiots. I don't really like Desperate Housewives, or House, or Dr. Who. House can be clever sometimes, but... hrm. I want to like it. But I have way more fun watching people trying to put clothes together (or a room, goddamn you Top Design). I mean, there are other shows I like (Battlestar Galactica and Mad Men are at the top right now) but those are almost like movies to me, and fall heavily into my obsession with tragedy thing.

Anyway, that whole babble was to preface the fact I watched the Project Runway finale. AND I WAS FUCKING EXCITED.

leanimal! )

I've also been watching Metalocalypse. Omg, hilarious. It reminds me of Minion J's stories about his Dragonforce fixation. I've watched all the episodes I've been able to find online. It's kind of nice they're ADD short, because I don't have to devote much time. Toki's my favorite. I kind of want to hug him. So I found this nifty cover of the Metalocalypse theme song. I have an obsession with classical instrument covers of metal songs. >.>


And check out [profile] phoenixmonthly if you haven't yet, kids.


hrm, well!

Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:46 pm
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I did a lot of biking and walking today.

Partly for things related to class, but mostly because I really just like walking and biking. Biking for the rush and the ability to go farther out--I did that in the morning while it was still cool. Then when it got too warm for that I walked around some. I saw all these nice little things they've built around campus, noticed a few trees had gotten bigger, and found the second Asian mart that's really close to my dorm. I also went and checked out a camera from the library, I have it until Friday. I'll take pictures of my room sometime before then, probably in the late morning when the light is best.

I attempted to blend in today, for observational purposes, but most likely because I've seen too many spy movies. Going undercover was interesting--noticed a few people I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Like one girl that reminded me of Molly Ringwald had she been less pristine in her youth, and Orlando Bloom look-alike dressed like a hipster, and I had a conversation with a girl that apparently only wears the color green. As much as people can tire me out, I still need to be somewhere where I can just walk around and bump into them. I like being able to do that. I think that's the real reason I started reading things about streetfashion online--it's another way to just bump into random people. Sure, I may not have a single thing in common with them, but it's interesting.

Since [personal profile] firefly99 is a cool person that gets me music that is nearly always good as she's got a real good ear for it (and a dad that sounds like he should be my dad's British pen pal), I'm going to do a music babble. Since muxtape is still down, I'm prolly going to upload this month's mixtape somewhere else, and I'm still figuring out where to do that. I'm also figuring out that mixtape, cause yeah, August sort of ate me. So a pseudo review of sorts:

I was listing to Jeff Buckley's old girlfriend and I suddenly understood the songs he wrote )

And now some babble about Project Runway, because we're all allowed something that's silly to like. And the Project Rungay boys sort of make my day, and this season has started to really entertain me again.

so his name is Ratbones, of course )

One last thing.

So, I really sort of want to do "Professional Cosplay Wednesdays", but I need some ideas. Like random characters from anime, TV, video games--whatever. I just have a few constraints:

- I don't have any of my wigs/crazy costuming stuff yet. It'll come later this month. So if it involves any of that, then I can't do it.
- It has to involve a tie of somesort. I've worn ties every single Wednesday except once or twice due to being sick since I was a senior in high school, which was like six years ago. A bowtie or a Western stringy tie thing also works, but gotta have tie.
- My wardrobe is crazy, but I don't have like, armor or anything crazy like that. I do have a robe that looks like a kimono, though. Think reasonably.
- Can't have a hat or a t-shirt with a logo. Because the prof is dumb.
- Link me to a picture. It helps.
- Male or female doesn't matter, but alien or animal does.

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Awesome day compared to yesterday, even if I woke up late.

So, I missed part of the morning's meeting, but it was apparently the boring part. Score! There was some ribbing from the minions, but it was all in good fun. I was there for the relevent parts.

And then Boss #1 said she wanted Japanese. I am not going to turn down Japanese, and besides, I forgot to pack a lunch. So several of us went to have Japanese (not including the Intern, as he's Grounded, essentially. he didn't get his stuff done, he doesn't get happy extended lunch time.). And since the Japanese place has awesome discount bento box lunches (seriously STUFFED with food; California rolls, fried dumpling things, teriyaki chicken, rice and also comes with miso soup and ginger dressing salad FOR FIVE DOLLARS), they paid for it. I feel healthier for it, as I've been having Coke and ramen for lunch a lot (because it's quick and I've been eating and working at the same time lately). Mmmm, chicken and seaweed and crab. I'm developing a higher tolerance to seafood through my love of the Japanese, maybe some day I'll be able to eat cooked fish without gagging (ironic thing about sushi is that i like it just fine).

Things have been worked out with the Intern. It seems he really didn't get that while he's not paid and that a lot of us APPEAR to be goofing around, we're still working. And that I am Actually In Charge of Him and it makes me annoyed that I have to babysit and hold his hand to go through things. Half the reason I got a raise and respect and the like is that I am a self starter. If I don't have a task in front of me, I do something parallel--learn more gaming theory, read through textbooks, and yes, sometimes goof off, but it's never like, completely useless goofing off? I dunno, it does sort of baffle me that someone won't at least ask for stuff to be doing. I highly suspect his "internship" is more a matter that his mom works in town and needs somewhere to drop him off. Whatever. I don't babysit. Kid's eighteen, should be able to figure out a FEW things.

At least The Word of Boss has cleared up the foodchain.

Going to be staring at more excel files today, may put it off in favor of outlining on the whiteboard. Sometimes I need to see my ideas visually, and I am right next to it.

In dorky news, I have officially developed the muscles to be able to walk around town in heels; not spike heels, because those are crazy. But my nicely re-enforced boot heels? Yes. I'm aware of how shallow that sounds, but I am trying not to wear sneakers all the time, even if they look awesome with suits for shear dorkishness.

And Project Runway starts tomorrow heeeell yes. Also my mom's birthday, where she will be surprised with a Wii, as she fully expected my dad to have gone to Home Depot to get her something. We're sneaky. She's got enough game-age to get her used to it, so that for Christmas we can get her a WiiFit and more games. In fact, this qualifies as gifts for a while. Makes my life a little easier. Now if only she wasn't so scared of a computer.

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Suffice to say, I LOVED that episode. What a way to end the half season. What a way to pull EVERYTHING I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE WITH CHARACTERS EVAR in the span of two episodes. My only complaint is HAVING TO FRAKKING WAIT UNTIL POSSIBLY MARCH for the next half! UGH!

In other news, my sewing machine works. In fact, my grandpa got it all fixed up before giving it to us. Also, it's SO PRETTY. And old! But a workable old! I have to admit, I'm a little in love with it. If I were to imagine myself sewing, it would be with this machine. And yes I took pictures.

Also, sorry to confuse some of you yesterday! It was just BLITEOTW day, google it if you didn't get that. And sorry on Twitter, I just figured it would go more with the theme if I stopped blogging and made "phone posts". XD It was just something to entertain me yesterday, as yesterday was kind of slow.

Overall, now is exciting times! Having Project Runway on while I read up on the manual for this machine and practice with scraps is like, perfect.

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Now, I've always been around artsiness. Sometimes this is good, sometimes it's hideous. One of my favorite things about my hometown was the fact that no matter what strange thing I decided to wear, there was always someone 10^5 times stranger. I think that I sort of missed being around artists and I replaced that always being around creative people thing with my online haunts, and let me tell you, my LJ f-list alone has got some pretty fabulous art talent in a ridiculous amount of media.

I also RSS a few people I'm too shy to actually friend, because I'm a dork.

Not that there's not any crazy artsy people around here, but it's way more subdued. People that in an attempt to "be taken serious" get sort of lost in the greyish background of everyone else wanting to be taken seriously. While I don't miss the ridiculous mindless crap I hear on the streets of B-town sometimes, I do miss the shit the art students wear and how they seemingly have style-offs with the older hippie-turned-yuppie set (the older ones are kicking their ass by the way). I love street fashion, because it's more real, but there's something to be said for the craziness that is runway fashion. I also like knowing the trickle-down rate of how high fashion makes its way into department stores, which is the highest of my price range, really. My favorite types of clothing should make it to my area by the time I'm out of school and can possible afford it, I estimate. The Midwest takes a while.

I just figured I'd say that, so that everything under the cut makes sense. Also, I need to have a happy Project Runway icon. But this quintessential Nina one is too funny.

So I just watched the Project Runway finale, spoilers ABOUND if you have not )
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More than halfway done with my exam. REALLY. I AM SHOCKED TOO.

And the Project Rungay boys just put up the most hilarious clip evar. Seriously, MY DAY HAS BEEN MADE SO MUCH BETTER FOR THAT.

Omg, Tim Gunn is just so proper. <3!

Ahem, back to work.

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12 FF4 DS Remake
13 Project Runway (Seasons 1 and 4)
7 "Couture" (1 FF1, 1 FF2, 1 FF5, 4 Project Runway Season 1 Finale)


pretties and witties )

Ow ow ow

Jan. 17th, 2008 02:45 pm
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Alright, so I woke up this morning being unable to move well. I managed to get down from my loft to turn off my alarm, but I pretty much decided to just hop back up there and lay down until my muscles stopped jumping. So I ended up missing the one class I had today, but I told the prof what the deal was and he said as long as I have the class notes (which were printed out) I'm good. Thankfully this happened today instead of like, tomorrow.

I tried to get into the student health center... it must be that hypochondriac time of the year, because that didn't happen. So we'll see if I can do something about it tomorrow. For now I have Ibuprofen and plenty of food stocked up in my room.

Still, this sucks. I must have really jacked my back up in that accident. I've never had back problems before. I have generally good posture (which I'm always working on) and I'm young. Egads.

Also, I found out one of my favorites just got auf'ed on Project Runway. What the hell?! I don't know what she did that was so awful (knowing the judging this season, probably not much) but damns. At least my other favorite (SISSYBEAR) is still on.

That, and I started my [profile] spoony_bards claim. I hope it doesn't turn into some Sylvia Plath crap, though (yes, I cannot stand Ms. Plath, sue me). We'll see with this next bit of it.



Jan. 11th, 2008 09:40 am
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That said... I have a busy day ahead of me. XD Have to go pillage the library(ies), buy a couple more class materials, and plan for Justin and Liz's Big Adventure (c) this weekend.

in which I talk about Project Runway, since I've outed myself as a fan )


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