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So this weekend I'm going to do a self photoshoot, like I did with my Daryl costume sometime back. I live a couple blocks from a university with super gothic architecture which I think would be a great setting for my Kuja costume, and also the students aren't all back yet so it'll be fairly quiet. As many amazeballs photographers and makeup superheroes as I know, there is something very satisfying about taking an idea through its entire conception; sewing the costume, doing the styling, taking the pictures. Hell, my Daryl pictures ended up in my grad school application portfolio, without any sort of shame because it really felt like my work.

I may be going through a phase right now where I am going to be pretentious and arty and really don't give a fuck. Engineering has more in common with art than it does with science a lot of the time. It was only a matter of time before I fell into it. I'm just keeping a realistic head on my shoulders and keeping on focusing on the career aspects of that.

I suppose AU me probably got into theater, and may have done awful performance art stuff. XD

I plan on starting several other costumes soon, and plan out others. Not all of them are for me, which is fun because only making stuff for myself can get a little limiting. I'm also admitting the costumes I really want to make for myself/my ladyfriend, because yeah.

Costumes I intend on making this year:

- Maria (FFII) for [personal profile] lassarina by March.
- V2 Lady Braska (FFX) for [personal profile] novel_machinist by January.
- Snake (999) for myself by January (all I need to do is make the jacket I have everything else).
- Yui (Angel Beats!) for myself and helping with Yuri for [personal profile] novel_machinist by January maybe?

Costumes I intend on starting research/acquiring materials for with the intent to make later:

- Amano Cid Highwind (FFVII) This is a thing that's been in my head for a while because I like patterns and beads and also making up shit as I go along... I'm doing research on WWI flight jackets in Russia and America to start out with. Cause I'm like that. Hopefully I can get a V1 done by a summer con.
- Pearl/Blackpearl (Legend of Mana) So ladyfriend has expressed interest in being my Blackpearl for this, and I know it will take me a couple years to do these costumes. Because seriously the concept art is complicated. But these are kind of my dream costumes that I just can't get out of my head because gorgeousness. And aside from Blackpearl's hammer they are entirely composed of stuff I like to work with--fabric and pretty bits. XD

Thankfully most of these are pretty straight forward, like the vest I made for ladyfriend's Zell costume--because um grad school. Aside from the fancy ones that I intend on taking some time with of course.
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Wow, so that whole time management thing got away from me this summer. I have no regrets, because it got away from me so I could travel freaking everywhere and visit everyone I've been meaning to visit for some time. And you know also sprawled about and read and played games and otherwise chilled out.

So I decided to cut a costume from my list (while it involved Goodwill clothes, they still needed to be dyed and I had to make a prop or else it wouldn't have made sense and I just haven't had the time to bus over to the other side of town where said materials can be purchased). That way I can focus on my Kuja costume, which is shaping up really nicely. I had my doubts about doing this, but I kind of love being properly genderfucky and Kuja is really my style. XD

Currently I have everything major that needs to be sewed done, I'm just attaching and gathering and what-not. The only big thing that I haven't done yet is the boots--I have to go get some black thigh high stockings and determine if I want to make it look somewhat like his crazy boots or just wear these metallic gold high heeled knee-highs I have. Both are viable options. It'll depend on how many fucks I have.

Anyway for those of you not following me on various quick-post networks, here's a couple in-progress pictures. Things are much farther along than in these pictures.

pics )
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So, I am waiting on some more photos before I make a full con report, but I just need to point you all to this genderbend FFX group who apparently were inspired by the genderbent Auron-Jecht-Braska we had last year.

I'm a little gay for Yuna, I have to say. Unf. Guy cosplayers, please crossplay more. It can turn out REALLY awesome. Also HALO WAKKA.

Variant cosplays are still my favorite ones to see. They're SO CREATIVE.
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Here's some of the cosplays I've liked on dA. I don't have enough spoons today to talk much or even video, so here's a lot of prety pictures. For me, good cosplay is not just about construction, it's about attitude.

pretty pictures! )

Also, some pics of my Sorceress Selphie cosplay and my sister's Megumi costume. Pics were taken with a point and shoot camera with a flash, while I was probably drunk, so I do not look very graceful. I will take some better pictures of this costume on my own when I find a nice day out here... it's been raining a lot, so. May take a while.

my costumes )


Feb. 28th, 2011 04:49 pm
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Today I managed to not only get our regional Girl Scouts interested in using our game for a pilot, but they actually want to pay for it! So I kind of made a sale. Yay.

Tomorrow I have to drive to Big City and attend an afterschool summit thingie. I heard about it yesterday, because my bossboss forgot that he was at GDC (you know, Game Developers Conference, the FUN conference) and had a registration for this and needed someone to go. I almost had to go today too, but I had said Girl Scouts reps meeting.

I'm one part excited, one part not emotionally ready for having to get up at 5 am to get my ass to the place on time. Bah for living an hour away.

This weekend I went through my closet, and only found two pieces of clothing I want to give away. XD So a short Goodwill trip. I will likely make another pass soon.

I also got started on two of my sewing projects. I started my sister's dress, which is in four pieces, as I have to cut out the lining (I was debating if it needed a lining, the top part could use one. It's such a supercute pattern, I really like how it's turning out. An in-process picture I took. The shiny side is the inside, not the outside.

The Toph costume has been cut and the top is in a partial state of construction. I'm trying to ensure that it is the right combination of drape-y and fitted, so there has been much draping on the mannequin and debating how to go. I also am doing a modified neckline, so there is much drape, look at it, fold, cut... look at it again going on. I also managed to mix up my front and back patterns (the back has a seam, because I wanted one) but thankfully I managed to figure out how to reverse that issue. XD The pants are still in pieces.

So, yeah, that's basically what's been up.
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So I'm almost done with FFIV DS! Just have the final boss fight left (I think, knowing FF I have like three boss fights).

flailing, with spoilers )

I also did a photoshoot with my FFVI Daryl costume )
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Alright, getting back into the swing of things. This week is going to be full of meetings with work (one of which I may be attending in a conference call while driving to Ohio, well that's what I get for letting them buy me a fancy phone I guess), so I'd better get this out of the way before those all start up!

- Nerdy character aprons! I sort of want to try making some of these myself now for characters that I like! Not that these characters aren't fabulous, of course.

- Mormon housewife blogs... the wave of the future? I've reached new levels of meta, reading a blog post about blogs.

- Clothes for boobs! As in, the larger endowed.

- How to live an extravagantly exuberant life.

- Zero gravity space kittehs.

- Biotic games

- A style strategy for 2011

- Do gamers have the most vivid dreams?

- The luxirare collection. Anytime I see people talk about making a "uniform" of clothes to wear, I cringe. Luxirare's take on dressing simply is quite artyful.

- Hong Kong fashion week. These are the kinds of fashion shows I like to see stuff from. Everything is just beautiful.

- South African musicians, and file sharing. Since everyone's talking about ebooks and the like right now.

- Paint It Black: Johnny Cash Tribute album. Speaking of downloads.

- Engineer designs his own heart implant.

- Fashion while eating. Two things I like!

an in progress shot of my surprise costume... the identity revealed! )

Oh and I made a Veld and Elfe FST for those of you that like that sort of thing.
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Since I'm going through lists of things to make.

first, have a finished apron )

Got two more aprons to make in the immediate future, one for someone who asked, and one for a SURPRISE RECIPIENT.

And here's my costume lineup as of an AWESOME EMAIL yesterday:


Ohayocon (January)

- Surprise Sparkle Costume

- Daryl (FFVI), re-wearing it for a photoshoot so there is awesomeness.

- Ward (FFVIII), if I feel like it. Dependent on if I find cheap overalls or not.

Acen (May)

- Elizabeth (Persona 3). I love her outfit, and it will be fun to sew.

- Juliet (RomeoxJuliet)... maybe. This look in particular, I like.

- Probably going to re-wear Daryl again, because I LOVE THAT COSTUME.

Otakon (July/August)

- Moon!Yue (Avatar: The Last Airbender). We're getting together a whole A:TLA group, and I was originally going to do Azula, but Sev is more appropriate for this group. Plus this look is airy enough for a summer con.

- Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender) for [ profile] drakonlily. Aged up version of her, first FULL costume I'm sewing for someone else. Very excited.

- Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender) for [ profile] yi_sen. Um YES. TEAHOUSE VERSION TOO. With help from Sev.

- Ahriman, or THE FLYING EYEBALL (Final Fantasy Series). For the epic MONSTER GROUP.


Ohayocon (January)

- Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Otakon (July/August)

- The epic Cecil Dark-Knight-Fading-Into-Paladin costume.

I need to get cracking!


Aug. 16th, 2010 12:47 pm
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Having a few dark days, I suppose.

Sad thing is nothing has happened really. But I'm finding myself eating too much ramen, getting too much sleep during the day and not enough at night and generally not taking care of myself so I end up with a sick-but-not-sick feeling and no desire to do anything.

So I'm going to force myself to eat some vegetables/hippie food, drink some happy protein shakes, and start drinking sleepy tea at night. I've wallowed in it long enough, time to DO some stuff. Having to work today was helpful, and I did manage to sew myself a lovely summery shirt that will take me into Fall this weekend. All I've left to do is reinforce the seams.

And how about some Otakon pictures? If you're on Facebook/dA you've seen these, but most of you aren't. First, this awesome thing:

The results of my Daryl costume experiment = success.

a few other gems )
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If it isn't obvious, I've been getting into cosplay more and more. It finally gave me an excuse to learn how to sew, and the more complex my costumes get the more things I have to learn. It's exciting! I'm pretty sure it's a hobby I'll keep up for quite a while.

However, there are some pretty fucking stupid critics out there. Some of which are cosplayers themselves, but I'm betting the majority of them aren't.

Recently BoingBoing has been having a series of articles written by someone I'm betting isn't really in fandom and has sort of a "golly gee willikers" view of a lot of it. And while the tourism I suppose is forgivable, a lot of the comments to the articles have been setting me off. Everyone's got an opinion on the "right" way to cosplay. Don't be too fat. Don't be nonwhite and cosplay a white character. Don't be ugly. Don't ever buy anything, make it yourself.

Frankly, those comments miss the point.

While I'm impressed by people that can transform themselves into a doppleganger of a character, or turn some animated person into a real live breathing human with their skills, I am also amazed at people who don't look like the character but do a fantastic job anyway. Sometimes this requires covering yourself in blue paint and glue and creating a wig because the hair is impossible, and sometimes it just means you pick the right clothes and have a passing resemblance.

But that's really only a certain way to cosplay. For most people, they don't look like most anime or videogame characters (especially women) because they have a narrow range of looks. And people are not in this narrow range. It saddens me that there is such a narrow range, but it's what we have to work with. And telling someone that they can't dress as their favorite character simply because they don't look like them or aren't "hot" enough is ridiculous.

Absolute favorite Advent Children Cloud cosplay? This guy. (ignore the shenanigans around him XD) Sure, he doesn't have the spiked hair, but the clothing has a lot of detail to it, his sword is AMAZING, and he obviously likes the character. He's got the attitude to pull off Cloud and was a really nice guy. He's recognizable as the character with what he put together. It's a great homage. But a lot of critics would tear him apart because OMG HE'S NOT A SHORT WHITE GUY.

Cosplay is partly mimickry, but it's also work. And cleverness. Not everyone has the time or means to create every piece of their costume from scratch. And they shouldn't have to! Sometimes people pull out sports pads, paint them, and turn them into armor. Sometimes they have to alter existing clothing. Sometimes they FIND that clothing. Sometimes it's made entirely out of cardboard. Sometimes they commission a friend or a stranger to make their costumes for them.

None of these ways are wrong, or lazy. They're still creating something; even if it's simply a performance or a pose. Cosplay is creation and performance and fun. Some come out less pretty than others, but you know, it takes guts to wear them at all. Especially with all the judgment that gets thrown at cosplayers.

So let's stop with the judgment, commentaries. It's getting ignorant and offensive. I'll dress as a tank character if I want to, and my lovely friends will continue to look awesome.

Con Flu

Aug. 6th, 2010 12:51 pm
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It has attacked. Staying home today to avoid infecting more people with it. This was a good plan.

Thanks for responding to my little poll yesterday! It helped muchly.

I have one more poll, but it's cosplay related, because I can't decide on my Persona 3 cosplay. If you are so inclined, poll is here. You don't have to know the game, I linked pictures. XD

more of that anime meme )
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Mostly to show off this.

Holy fuck are my ladyfriend and Sev hot. I also love my sword. I will be cosplaying more femme-d dudes that I do not look at all like for shenanigans such as this (like Ward from FFVIII... big anchor = yeah!).

I can't WAIT for the rest of the pics; I will likely look GOONY AS HELL in some of them and do not care.

I swear I'll writ a full report SOMETIME, I am still just... crazy tired.
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Now I only have one left to finish of my own, and a couple details for one I'm helping someone with. Yay!

Ellone costume )
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I wore my Daryl costume to work today. Pics don't include the pimped out coat, because I took them in the morning when it was like 90 degrees outside and I would have died with it on. And I didn't like my indoor lighting, it was lame (aside from the light around the mirror). Also took some close-ups of my makeup, because I'm proud I did it myself.

costume worn! )
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Now with lining! I think this really adds to it. Just have to finish hemming, fully attach the cuffs, and maybe do a little collar fake piping, but I'll determine that after my Thurs test run. XD

I love this fabric )
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I hate July 4th (no it has nothing to do with the holiday, that's coincidental). Here's what I did instead.

daryl progress )

I also completely finished my stealth!Hojo vest for Failboat Wedding, and my Lulubelle got some more done on her dress. Not going to take pics yet.

Thinking I want to do Yukari from Persona 3 as one of my Ohayocon costumes, which would involve zero sewing if I do it right. XD Reminds me I need to get playing that game when my costumes are more done.
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And I'm not even done with THIS year's. Oh my.

- Dark Knight/Paladin Cecil (if I can pull this off, it will look AWESOME, and I need to stop being a weenie and learn how to make fake armor. I am inspired by the left side of this artwork. So who wants to be in an FFIV group?

- Cid Highwind remake. So that [ profile] darcenciel and I can be awesome (she'd be AC Cid, I'd be OGC). Also a spear would be a good thing for me to make (plus she put up a tutorial about it, yay) as I would like some more prop practice.

- Cylon Number Six, Battlestar Galactica. Because it should be easily modified thrift clothing, and I will facilitate anyone that wants to do a BSG group, even if it means I have to mimick a supermodel. Plus my gf will be doing Roslin, I'd wear anything short of a bikini for that.

My plan is to be done with my Daryl costume this week (weekend if I can help it) because I'm going to test it out at work on Thurs (intern meeting day XD) since my workplace always wants previews of my costumes. I figure doing one a week until Otakon would allow me enough time to finish everything. Today is a Major Sewing Day, so we'll see!

Part of me wishes it were Otakon already, but I'm not done with everything, so it can't be. XD
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This was srsly my weekend, kids. It was glorious.

progress on the Auron coat )
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Now all I have left is detail work; the collar and cuffs on this coat. The trim and belt for the Auron kimono. The collar and hemming for the Ellone skirt. Taking the dress in. Having sewed this coat today is a relief, as it means that I don't have any large sewing things left! All details from now on!

pics )


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