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Awesome day compared to yesterday, even if I woke up late.

So, I missed part of the morning's meeting, but it was apparently the boring part. Score! There was some ribbing from the minions, but it was all in good fun. I was there for the relevent parts.

And then Boss #1 said she wanted Japanese. I am not going to turn down Japanese, and besides, I forgot to pack a lunch. So several of us went to have Japanese (not including the Intern, as he's Grounded, essentially. he didn't get his stuff done, he doesn't get happy extended lunch time.). And since the Japanese place has awesome discount bento box lunches (seriously STUFFED with food; California rolls, fried dumpling things, teriyaki chicken, rice and also comes with miso soup and ginger dressing salad FOR FIVE DOLLARS), they paid for it. I feel healthier for it, as I've been having Coke and ramen for lunch a lot (because it's quick and I've been eating and working at the same time lately). Mmmm, chicken and seaweed and crab. I'm developing a higher tolerance to seafood through my love of the Japanese, maybe some day I'll be able to eat cooked fish without gagging (ironic thing about sushi is that i like it just fine).

Things have been worked out with the Intern. It seems he really didn't get that while he's not paid and that a lot of us APPEAR to be goofing around, we're still working. And that I am Actually In Charge of Him and it makes me annoyed that I have to babysit and hold his hand to go through things. Half the reason I got a raise and respect and the like is that I am a self starter. If I don't have a task in front of me, I do something parallel--learn more gaming theory, read through textbooks, and yes, sometimes goof off, but it's never like, completely useless goofing off? I dunno, it does sort of baffle me that someone won't at least ask for stuff to be doing. I highly suspect his "internship" is more a matter that his mom works in town and needs somewhere to drop him off. Whatever. I don't babysit. Kid's eighteen, should be able to figure out a FEW things.

At least The Word of Boss has cleared up the foodchain.

Going to be staring at more excel files today, may put it off in favor of outlining on the whiteboard. Sometimes I need to see my ideas visually, and I am right next to it.

In dorky news, I have officially developed the muscles to be able to walk around town in heels; not spike heels, because those are crazy. But my nicely re-enforced boot heels? Yes. I'm aware of how shallow that sounds, but I am trying not to wear sneakers all the time, even if they look awesome with suits for shear dorkishness.

And Project Runway starts tomorrow heeeell yes. Also my mom's birthday, where she will be surprised with a Wii, as she fully expected my dad to have gone to Home Depot to get her something. We're sneaky. She's got enough game-age to get her used to it, so that for Christmas we can get her a WiiFit and more games. In fact, this qualifies as gifts for a while. Makes my life a little easier. Now if only she wasn't so scared of a computer.

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So the Lunch Thief has not been located. But I seem to have started a buzz in the office of near memetic proportions, with people from other parts of the office stopping by my desk to commiserate or joke about yesterday's stolen frozen fettucini. And my capslock post-it had been edited and there has been no frozen meal stolen today. Graphics Wizard has even taken it upon himself to compile a list of suspects, and check them off as their alibis have come through (yes, I love my coworkers, they are silly). I have replaced the Angry Post-it with the Informative Post-it. From now on there will be ridiculous disclaimers on meals, I suspect.

The Minions have added that Rage!Liz would make my action figure collection. XD I'm a little afraid if they actually DO end up trying to make an action figure of me (because they're strange like that).

Yesterday I got my hair cut, and I rather like it. I made sure to take a robotard pic as well as the back and the side view. The stylist gelled it a bit more than I wear it now (I use pomade, actually, which doesn't make hair look greasy or stiff and smells rather nice) but I'm rather satisfied with the cut. Plus, I missed being able to make it stick up like crazy. I daresay I may never go back to long hair again. Even when I let it get shaggy, it takes a while for it to get to my shoulders, which is nice.

I really need to upload the pictures of the stuff my mom's planted and how my water garden has progressed. Which is basically that it's taken off LIKE CRAZY. Apparently sticking those three plants together = awesome. Though I may need to drain and clean it, as there is some scum developing. Ew.

There was something else I had on my brain earlier this morning, but it's been popped out of my head. I really should invest in a shower notebook, I get all sorts of good ideas then. XD




Jun. 20th, 2008 08:30 pm
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Had a minor internal freakout about what the hell is going on at work, but instead of having a meltdown I herded some squirrels and got some Shit That Needs Done as well as some better perspective on where we're going. I'm still a little stressed and sort of waited on the clock to go down, but at least I'm thinking normally again. It's a pain in the ass to fit the little education boxes for things and I've had to reverse-engineer a lot of stuff lately but hey, that's why I got hired. I solve problems. It's how I roll.

Some days it just makes my head hurt, though. XD

And I finally got some of the documentation pulled from people. Love my minions but god do they act all secretive with their documents. I should probably be a little more aggressive in letting them know I'm more than just a supplement and sanity check, that I did design the whole first phase of the project and thus created the basis for their shit now. But they did say they wanted to make an action figure of me ("You have so many looks! BATTLE DAMAGE LIZ. ANACHRONISM LIZ. CUTE BOYISH LIZ." Seriously, the boys are silly) so I don't think they're being unappreciative, just forgetful. I'd nearly forgotten to eat lunch too and my blood sugar was down. This tends to make me a little cranky.

Also, the internet was schizo, hence my updating now. XD Bah.


P.S. Since the Space Program was essentially my first fandom ever, I SQUEE AT THIS. ICE ON MARS? ALIENS STEALING PEBBLES? MASSIVE CONSPIRACY? WHO KNOWS!

P.P.S. So the minions loaned me Azumanga Daioh. Haven't watched it quite yet, and we shall see. I don't tend to be into comedy as much (Comic Party! prolly appealed to me because it wasn't so intent on being wacky) but considering the minions are watching Battlestar Galactica now ("OMG what the fuck is it with Helo?" "He's Helo, it's his job to pull the wire and be a dick.") and share a lot of my tastes, I'll give it a shot. Also, it's kind of cute looking. XD
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Adventures were had in the education library. I could probably go the rest of my life without having looked at another textbook, but alas, I have to go through the copies we made tomorrow. The Intern got to be my notes bitch (I'm sorry, I just... it's the years and years of being "the girl" in a science group and thus being "the secretary" that makes me SO FUCKING GLEEFUL when I get to turn it around) while I pulled out the content related to what we'd done/are going to do. I felt very smug knowing that the stuff I was working with based off of things I learned in school wasn't far off of the physics content required for kids in my state. Especially considering what I did for the redesign of the "lost astronaut" problem, which was the one that got the most positive feedback from kids.

Not that my bosses didn't know this, they just wanted stuff to back it up, because the Dept. of Ed. is all about the clicky boxes of standards. Considering how much darn time I spent looking up stuff for it last summer, I'm happy to see that we're more than on course. I GET YOU CURRICULUM. I'm kind of amazed I'd absorbed as much as I did, educationally.

The Intern is thoroughly entertaining as he's just graduated from high school and going to some Special College, which resulted in me snickering and possibly embarrassing him (I can't help it!). He also hasn't played many video games, and I tortured him with my crazy mixed CD in my car as we had our adventure. He has now been given a chair, so he doesn't have to sit on the floor. He has a teenie tiny laptop amongst a room full of Desktop Replacement varieties and we kind of rib him a little. In a good way. It's not a day in the Fun Room if someone hasn't made a size or ninja joke. It just isn't.

I have also learned that half of the office are major Dragonforce fans as they hijacked our media center to play a concert from them. Minion J is particularly fond of Metal, so there is much hilarity watching his eyes light up when dudes playing guitar with fire in the background are on our big screen. I have also been informed being slightly interested in fashion theory is not terms for my nerd license being revoked as there was a three person argument amongst us about what qualified as personal iconography. For serious.

Also, shit like this is awesome. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I DO AT WORK!!! Almost. These are our GOALS.

I love workdays like this. Tomorrow we debate the feasibility of mutant plants and how to turn a rocket launcher into a cargo craft.

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Wow, so yesterday was massive writing day due to having a very slow day (I ended up with a sad rated R Veld story, a semi-philosophical FFX femmeslash, and a silly Vin/Veld based on getting locked out of my house). After writing that sad story yesterday (man, I'd forgotten how emotionally draining in a good way just sitting down and writing until something feels done is) I feel the need to do something cute or graphical. Or both. But today's been busy, so needle therapy will likely be the only thing I have time for. XD Icons should be up sometime, a strange mix. Because I'm weird.


We went to some little bitty house-turned-restaurant that was strangely good, and really cute. We sat out on the porch and chatted for a bit. I ended up talking about costuming and writing, because after the "well, this is what's going on at work" talk, I don't have much of a personal life. XD It's true, but it's not something I regret much, I mean, shit's transitional right now. In this day and age it shouldn't be that shocking to admit that most of my friends I can only keep in contact with by being online. Especially since I'm not in school and one of the youngest people at my company. But it was nice to tell her about costuming, how I'm going to a con, and then this somehow got related to fandom and I told her about [profile] phoenixmonthly. She's one of those seriously awesome people that she was kind of fascinated a bit as I told her about some fandom things. I have a tendency to ramble if I'm not careful, but then again, so does she. Which is good, because I still want to be her when I grow up. She's been traveling and basically being fabulous. I cannot describe how much this woman just exudes fabulousity. I felt smart because she hadn't heard of creative commons and as some of ya'll know, I'm kind of an open source crusader, so um. Yeah.

Mrs. G is fabulous because she's passionate about life, and makes me feel passionate about things. I nearly cried when I got back from lunch because I nearly lost that vivaciousness but I realize now it's back. And I'm so thankful to be able to feel again, to really be into something. I mean, that's why I sound so, I don't know, obsessive sometimes. I can't help it. I just... there is always a part of me in what I do, no matter what. I can't distance myself from it, and you know what, it's better that I don't. And I think I can still be like Mrs. G when I grow up. XD

I also have an intern. We have no place to put him so he sits on the floor, but that's ok. While the Minions get paid and have projects of their own and more experience than me, the Intern is in high school, doesn't get paid, and pretty much only answers to me and the bosses. I am so stoked. He's going to help me get a kick start in the higher level game stuff, and I get to do some teaching-ish stuff. I love explaining things! I get to gesture wildly and send him off to copy textbooks for me. SCORE.

Have decided to definitely write more in the vein of On The Maintenance Of Friendships because I like being cheeky. And Mrs. G approves of this type of writing (yeah, she read it. seriously, this woman is awesome). Besides, I haven't gotten to them meeting Barry and Tain, and the deal with kids powering country machines and Percival's wings. It's also practice in the type of worldbuilding I like--subtle, not very full of exposition. Why are connected short stories so much more fun than writing chapters? I'll never know.


P.S. My sidekick and my girlfriend are basically awesome.

P.P.S. Do I lose my nerd license admitting I love articles like this?
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Oh I love Mondays like this. Woke up before my alarm, but not RIDICULOUSLY before it, so I had time to take a not frantic shower, have a little breakfast, and get to work at a leisurely pace. Not only that, but my part of the proposal was done last week and other than some poking at bits of the game, I've pretty much nothing to do. This meant the minions and I got to talk about ninjas in the morning and I remembered to eat lunch on time. Might pull out the other sewing machine later and see how it works. Even if I love the one that I pulled out first. XD

Have officially fixed the shoulders on my dress, hopefully the stitches will hold. I've doubled up with my stronger thinner thread that I've used on other parts on the patching that was obviously done by someone else that inherited that dress. I just have this weird tear that appeared on one of the sleeves and a hole from my sharp elbow to patch.

Also, the fun that it making my waist cincher. There may be weird IMs late at night, be forewarned people that sew. I have to write up the materials I need for that, yet. I know I can at least take in the sides and make it more feminine with the materials I have currently.

Oh and I burned through two WIPs today. One which was fairly new and the other that's been sitting int that folder since FOREVER. Both are on [community profile] viniel and my IJ, I'm too lazy to link them individually. One's FF7:BC, the other FFX. It's a little known fact I kind of really love FFX, but the canon and plot was so tidy I don't feel like writing much fic for it. But occasionally I meta, as that little story I wrote indicates.

Hrm, maybe I'll get something else done. Peer pressure has given me another plotbunny (though I admit, mentioning it was my fault). I just need to look through my timeline and see where it fits. XD I do have some form of consistency in my stories. Might post the icons I've done, they're kind of nifty. Some BSG and a few Lucrecia ones that are science!Lu as opposed to weenie-victim-WTF-Squeenix. Or something. But first to start this story. Because I might as well go with this mood.


P.S. So Minion J linked me to this anime/steampunk MMO. Part of me thinks it's cool, and another part wonders if it's a bad mix? Depends on how it plays, I suppose. As not much of an MMO person, I can't really say. But it looks neat.
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No, really. They hired on these guys that have actually done game design that I can tell what to do. I will try not to let the power go to my head. They seem cool, and since we're running out of space in the office, they've been given tables in the game room (I am currently homeless as far as desks are concerned, but they said since I am usually in before noon I can totally snipe a desk whenever). Have had a whorlwind re-introduction to what's been happening (I kept up as best I could, but SCHOOL WAS DOOM). Also, rumors of my not being in town were greatly exaggerated.

One of said minions is working on a language game (arabic) in addition to hearing my ideas, and is apparently a huge Final Fantasy fan and is inspired design-wise by Amano. I was cornered in the kitchen to talk about said geekery and there was discussion on my part about prettiness vs. immersiveness and storytelling. I think we will get along. XD Other minion is a little shyer. Hopefully my wild gesturing will not scare him.

Get to go with Boss #1 to kids' game design class she teaches tomorrow. Mildly nervous about this, as most of my interaction with the kids has been behind the scenes. Must look cool.

Already have tons to do, which is exciting. And apparently my reputation precedes me, once again, as all these new people knew who I was once the name was said. XD That's mildly intimidating, as now I'm not just the designer for our Mars Game, I'm also the Person Who Will Solve Problems With Your Proposal Or Logic.

Also, they kept my keyboard off limits. Aww, thanks guys. The post-it with my name on it was nice. I shouldn't be touched by such small things, but it's nice not to be forgotten.

God, it's good to be back at work. Work > School, as bad as that is. "Grad School" was tossed around again. Have trepidations.


P.S. And apparently the rumors about the NASA MMO and my company possibly hooking up with that are true. Only thing is, NASA wants a partner, but doesn't want to pay them. I call foul. But we've got other grants on the back burner, so.


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