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Finally got this. I wanted to make a video to explain some of this, it ended up being two youtube videos because I babble.

Also important: if you want to store a pattern for later, don't stuff it back in the envelope! Put it in a plastic zip bag. The "gallon" (or whatever the metric equivalent is) size works well for containing most patterns. This helps to keep water off the paper and means that it won't get all scrunched up.

Some people prefer to take their patterns (particularly if they are dealing with OLD patterns) and trace them onto paper and not cut them out. This is up to you! Just because one person did it that way doesn't mean actually cutting them out is wrong. Or vice versa.

More info:

- Grainlines

- Better images for pattern symbols

- More definitions

- More explanations for things I didn't go over

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Hey I'm back, was just doing things out of town and away from my computer and being a little emo shoopuff. Which was fun, actually. XD So time to continue this. I know I'm focusing a lot on materials, but materials are really really important if you don't want to be frustrated. Technique comes with practice, but if you're hindering by materials, well. You're not going to get much done.

I happen to be a big proponent for getting used or vintage supplies and tools. Some people will disagree with me on this and insist that you always have to buy new for everything. Some things used in sewing are better off new (scissors for instance) but if you're thoughtful there's really no reason you have to buy new for everything.

The key is being thoughtful.

how to shop for used or vintage sewing materials )

how to shop for new things, but cheaply )

Next time: Patterns, What Do They Mean?
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So I live in Indiana. There are two fabric stores in my area: a Joann Fabrics, and a tiny independent quilting place. No fabulous places full of the costume fabrics like when I visited Phoenix, or bolts as far as the eye can see in a place like Mood. The majority of the people in my area sew for church quilts and things like that.

Nothing wrong with that, but when you're as theatrical as I am, you find it limiting. Or an interesting challenge.

So I'm going to go into where I get fabrics, several of the types of fabrics I think are good for different types of projects, and why you should say no to polyester.

fabric types )

places online to find fabrics )

I wanted to babble about more types of fabrics, but I need to get driving soon! Tomorrow's post will be odd due to my being out of town. Just so you know.

Oh and I'm crossposting to [community profile] sewing, so there's additional comments being added. Check out the first post here if you want to see some more tips that I forgot or didn't know myself!
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Since I've not been doing much WORK work lately, I've been getting on some things.

pictures below! )

Also writing some stuff. Yay fun.
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When I'm not off saving the world, I've been getting through a couple of sewing WIPs and taking pictures outside while the weather is nice.

pictures of stuffs )


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