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So this weekend I'm going to do a self photoshoot, like I did with my Daryl costume sometime back. I live a couple blocks from a university with super gothic architecture which I think would be a great setting for my Kuja costume, and also the students aren't all back yet so it'll be fairly quiet. As many amazeballs photographers and makeup superheroes as I know, there is something very satisfying about taking an idea through its entire conception; sewing the costume, doing the styling, taking the pictures. Hell, my Daryl pictures ended up in my grad school application portfolio, without any sort of shame because it really felt like my work.

I may be going through a phase right now where I am going to be pretentious and arty and really don't give a fuck. Engineering has more in common with art than it does with science a lot of the time. It was only a matter of time before I fell into it. I'm just keeping a realistic head on my shoulders and keeping on focusing on the career aspects of that.

I suppose AU me probably got into theater, and may have done awful performance art stuff. XD

I plan on starting several other costumes soon, and plan out others. Not all of them are for me, which is fun because only making stuff for myself can get a little limiting. I'm also admitting the costumes I really want to make for myself/my ladyfriend, because yeah.

Costumes I intend on making this year:

- Maria (FFII) for [personal profile] lassarina by March.
- V2 Lady Braska (FFX) for [personal profile] novel_machinist by January.
- Snake (999) for myself by January (all I need to do is make the jacket I have everything else).
- Yui (Angel Beats!) for myself and helping with Yuri for [personal profile] novel_machinist by January maybe?

Costumes I intend on starting research/acquiring materials for with the intent to make later:

- Amano Cid Highwind (FFVII) This is a thing that's been in my head for a while because I like patterns and beads and also making up shit as I go along... I'm doing research on WWI flight jackets in Russia and America to start out with. Cause I'm like that. Hopefully I can get a V1 done by a summer con.
- Pearl/Blackpearl (Legend of Mana) So ladyfriend has expressed interest in being my Blackpearl for this, and I know it will take me a couple years to do these costumes. Because seriously the concept art is complicated. But these are kind of my dream costumes that I just can't get out of my head because gorgeousness. And aside from Blackpearl's hammer they are entirely composed of stuff I like to work with--fabric and pretty bits. XD

Thankfully most of these are pretty straight forward, like the vest I made for ladyfriend's Zell costume--because um grad school. Aside from the fancy ones that I intend on taking some time with of course.
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Alright, getting back into the swing of things. This week is going to be full of meetings with work (one of which I may be attending in a conference call while driving to Ohio, well that's what I get for letting them buy me a fancy phone I guess), so I'd better get this out of the way before those all start up!

- Nerdy character aprons! I sort of want to try making some of these myself now for characters that I like! Not that these characters aren't fabulous, of course.

- Mormon housewife blogs... the wave of the future? I've reached new levels of meta, reading a blog post about blogs.

- Clothes for boobs! As in, the larger endowed.

- How to live an extravagantly exuberant life.

- Zero gravity space kittehs.

- Biotic games

- A style strategy for 2011

- Do gamers have the most vivid dreams?

- The luxirare collection. Anytime I see people talk about making a "uniform" of clothes to wear, I cringe. Luxirare's take on dressing simply is quite artyful.

- Hong Kong fashion week. These are the kinds of fashion shows I like to see stuff from. Everything is just beautiful.

- South African musicians, and file sharing. Since everyone's talking about ebooks and the like right now.

- Paint It Black: Johnny Cash Tribute album. Speaking of downloads.

- Engineer designs his own heart implant.

- Fashion while eating. Two things I like!

an in progress shot of my surprise costume... the identity revealed! )

Oh and I made a Veld and Elfe FST for those of you that like that sort of thing.
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Now with lining! I think this really adds to it. Just have to finish hemming, fully attach the cuffs, and maybe do a little collar fake piping, but I'll determine that after my Thurs test run. XD

I love this fabric )
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I hate July 4th (no it has nothing to do with the holiday, that's coincidental). Here's what I did instead.

daryl progress )

I also completely finished my stealth!Hojo vest for Failboat Wedding, and my Lulubelle got some more done on her dress. Not going to take pics yet.

Thinking I want to do Yukari from Persona 3 as one of my Ohayocon costumes, which would involve zero sewing if I do it right. XD Reminds me I need to get playing that game when my costumes are more done.
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This was srsly my weekend, kids. It was glorious.

progress on the Auron coat )
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Suffice to say, I LOVED that episode. What a way to end the half season. What a way to pull EVERYTHING I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE WITH CHARACTERS EVAR in the span of two episodes. My only complaint is HAVING TO FRAKKING WAIT UNTIL POSSIBLY MARCH for the next half! UGH!

In other news, my sewing machine works. In fact, my grandpa got it all fixed up before giving it to us. Also, it's SO PRETTY. And old! But a workable old! I have to admit, I'm a little in love with it. If I were to imagine myself sewing, it would be with this machine. And yes I took pictures.

Also, sorry to confuse some of you yesterday! It was just BLITEOTW day, google it if you didn't get that. And sorry on Twitter, I just figured it would go more with the theme if I stopped blogging and made "phone posts". XD It was just something to entertain me yesterday, as yesterday was kind of slow.

Overall, now is exciting times! Having Project Runway on while I read up on the manual for this machine and practice with scraps is like, perfect.

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Much as I love work, I am anxious to get home and work on my costume. XD During the school year I really missed being able to fiddle with things, and now that I'm working and all that, I have more and yet less time. And look I have feather trim! I am going to work on a waist cincher, made from the bodice piece of this hideous shirt I got from a friend of my sister's. The pinstripe part is pretty damn cool, so I'll see how it looks and what more I have to trim off (I already detached the boob sag portion).

And I'm sure it'll show up on [community profile] ff_press, but [profile] phoenixmonthly is open for submissions/questions/whatever (we have a majority on that, right guys?). We're sort of playing this by ear, so if you want to submit something, please read the rules and not be a jerk. ^^ I also spent some time making the userinfo pretteh, so go look at that. XD

Not much else today, it's kind of been a dull day. Tedious grant and standards stuff. Going to hopefully get to do the fun parts of this Augmented Reality thing tomorrow.

For some reason I really want to make icons. Maybe if it's slow tomorrow. I try to use my time at home for noncomputer pursuits. XD

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Is a good day. Got all but the very top portion of the seam done on the bodice of my dress. And I tried it on and there were no ripping sounds! Even if I can't button it up all the way. But since this is an Edea outfit and she believes in crazy necklines, I am working with that. There will be black lace involved.

For [profile] first_seventhe's fashionista pic today, I even ended up a little steampunk in my normal wear.

That's basically what I did today besides possibly getting into a monthly fic mag. More on that later.



Apr. 7th, 2008 07:19 pm
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Today was gorgeous, decided to put on a dress because it's never warm enough to wear a dress when I want to. XD So glad I sewed the missing buttons back on only a week ago.

So I promised a recap of the highlights from this weekend. Here goes. I'm breaking it up by section as this will be long.

on ASN, socialization with boys, and doom )

on antiquing, the historic downtown area, river smelling, and the best weather ever )

on movies, or the international buffet of viewing pleasure )

tl;dr version: Drank with Aeros, have hat, watched movies. Weather is good.

Also, cool links:

- Documentary fetishism in Battlestar Galactica
- Surf Jams Joker
- Cheap goggles for steampunking

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Have not broken the chain on exercising yet! (and have determined to take weekends off, so I don't die completely) Running and walking is hella better when you're the one determining your workout. Sure, I'm not doing anything SUPER HARD (and yet, I am still a little sore... maybe I'm harder on myself than I thought) as compared to say, when I ran Track, but doing things at MY pace is way better than having a coach yelling at me. Since I'm not a long distance person, I do intervals. Really, fancy machines (except I use a treadmill when I can, so I can get readings on my heartrate and keep my speed fixed) are not needed.

Two tests this week, one's a lab practical (and Visual Basic is probably the easiest programming language KNOWN TO MAN, thank you again for the recommendation, Justin), and the other is a fifty question multiple choice. In say, a math class multiple choice would be doom. But it's my pilot lecture course, and half of it is stuff I've spent the last four years studying. Still, I've been going over the areas he said to review. Because that's awesome and responsible and stuff.

Eating breakfast, even if I don't want to get up, no matter what, has probably been THE best decision ever. Seriously, if you feel like the suck, eat breakfast in the morning. Or you know, regularly. Chances are your insomnia is partly because you're hungry after dinner. TRUE FACT.

[personal profile] imaginarybeasts's new theme is basically genderswap. Considering the people I know that read this, want an excuse to write awesome original fiction? Yeah. I missed "Science and Magic" last month because of well, EVERYTHING HAPPENING, so hopefully I won't miss it this round. You won't see the signup post, since you have to be a member (which is open, I think) to read it, so. But you will see the wonderful back issues.

I should probably do a little writing, but I've laundry and study and a homework assignment that kind of snuck up on me. XD I have ideas on the things I'm working on writing-wise, just having a slightly hard time finding that zone that I hit. I may need to do a little sewing to get my braincells flowing. XD Almost done with the second sleeve on the jacket! Once that's done I mess with the closure and possibly make it a little asymmetrical. Who knows!

Well, I know of ONE thing I could probably write without too much trouble. But to start the laundry first. Yeah.


P.S. Since I noticed several of you have been putting up your WIP/To Do/Projects, I actually have been keeping up recording mine. And I just updated it yesterday.


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