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At nearly 5000 words for the first chapter this is looking to be the longest thing I have written in a while. This kind of scares me and I am glad that I am not taking a class this semester in addition to working. I'm glad that I've had little tiny pockets of time to write lately, even.

And in writing this, I am feeling warm and fuzzy feelings for one of my favorite tropes growing up (no matter how cheesily written) which is the LADY KNIGHT. So I want to celebrate.


Fanfic! Originals! WHATEVER. I want it to happen! Who wants in?

*Not that dudes aren't awesome too. ^^
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I'm thinking about fun work.

- 1/3 charity aprons done! Got word about the sizing on the one I had to actually buy fabric for, so I'm excited to finally cut into it. It's a super cute fabric.

- Sister is coming into town next week, so I can do fitting and final work on her dress. I will be sure to get pictures of her in it.

- I am underway on Breath of Fire III and it's one of the things that has kept me sane this week, I tell you. I quite adore Nina, she's got all the girliness without the constantly being in another castleness. I love black mages with sparkle wands. I would also be quite at home in Wyndia

- I own 20 d10s now.

- I'm actually working on writing, slowly.

But more importantly with writing:

SIGNUPS ARE OPEN. I signed up like as soon as they opened, but yeah! FUNTIMES.
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Pick a character I write, and I will give you the top five ideas/concepts/other I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to depicting them accurately.

If you don't know a fandom I write, if it's a movie, there's a chance I've thought about writing for it. I've rated 1136 movies on Netflix, with roughly 40 of them being ones I don't want to see. Or hell, say "random original character". I have plenty of those. XD
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So I'm almost done with FFIV DS! Just have the final boss fight left (I think, knowing FF I have like three boss fights).

flailing, with spoilers )

I also did a photoshoot with my FFVI Daryl costume )
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Writing and fandom babble below, cut for those that aren't playing along and don't care!

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- My sister is coming home today. I get to show her Otakon pictures and giggle about BSG with her (she's adorable, apparently she watches the cute scenes from the show when she's feeling down. Just precious.)

- Meeting today should hopefully clear everything up and I can be done with this damned document, and then finish the table and BE DONE WITH THIS PHASE FOR GOOD

- Cecil/Rosa (/Kain) FST! Because I may or may not be a softie. I sometimes like good people, k?


- Halfway done with laundry! OMG I NEED LESS CLOTHES.

- I have a ridiculous number of plotbunnies. Dammit Drak, we need to stop having cracky conversations! Hopefully I will get a chance to write. Anytime. Before I esplode.

- Why is the Before Crisis/Last Order soundtrack so good? Seriously, I'm a little surprised. Not SYMPHONIC, but it's kickass. Way to go not!Uematsu.

- Also, This is the best FF7 fanmix in a long long while. And trust me, I listen to a lot of really bad FSTs. I think it's the use of Queen that won me over (even if "All These Things I've Done" strikes me as more of a Turk song, but eh, it's a good song, don't care WHY it's in an FST). The opener song is pretty badass, and that's usually what lets me know right away if things are going to be Terribly Wrong or not. XD

- Started cleaning up my Caricature serial for [profile] indianconundrum. It's not as much of a continuity mess as I thought. Which is good! Fixed up the first chapter the most, as I wrote it like... god... in 2005? Has it really been three years? I know that I can deliver less cheesy sounding lines now and hold a narrative, so I fixed that a bit. We'll see how it goes. I kind of like having my own characters. XD

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Hrm, where to begin? Well it seems the beginning of the month and the timed reminders and notes have served a really good purpose as far as me doing things. I didn't actually finish writing anything in May (though I worked on stuff), but I worked on stuff and have a couple things I just finally finished up. And now that the tornado sirens have stopped going off (gotta love Indiana fucking weather) I can pimp out some stuff.

+ On The Maintenance of Friendships. That little zombie!robot story I was writing for [personal profile] imaginarybeasts but didn't finish in time. Still not satisfied with the ending and kind of want to do more with the world that I've got forming in my head, but I liked Percival enough to want to have something written. Keep in mind this is meant as a slightly grim kids' story and may suck lots. At least I didn't attempt any actual teenagers.

+ They Were Four (also on [community profile] viniel). The first part (of probably 4 if I can manage it right) of a story based on one of [profile] first_seventhe's prompts, because she's evil. Done in Edea voice because she's always been the easiest for me to grasp and I don't want to struggle with getting Ellone's tone right. I basically bastardize Revelations and what little game canon there is on Sorceresses. XD

+ [profile] sorceressathon, which [profile] irish_ais started up to keep me from graduating school. Goddammit.

+ Spiral Out, that FST I linked yesterday a bit late. In case you didn't catch it. It's a little Epic.

Also going to be hanging out with real people and going to see Iron Man again because the theater crew is awesome. Maybe Facebook serves some purpose (I left a note saying I was in town a couple weeks back, but no contact info, as the only people I'd want bothering me have my info or can find it XD). Hopefully the storm system lets up enough so I don't die.


P.S. I want this.
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Or, I write something entirely geeky and prove that I am a dork. Relates fandom, stuff I learned in history, and my own theories. This would be my meta essay of meta, and I think it qualifies as an essay BARELY, since I use "I" a couple times and likely broke a couple of rules. Oh well.

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I'm so glad it's Friday already, I've got things that I needed to take care of and couldn't while classes were going. Tomorrow I am getting up EARLY (I swear!) to do said things.

As for stuff that's been happening:

- I made some FF4 icons. Because the art is pretty. Cross-posted to my IJ (I only put them up on [community profile] viniel too because of [community profile] ff_press, because I'm a dork that's mildly proud of my squares of copyright infringement). Also, Square, why do Tellah and Cid lack CG models? I am outraged on behalf of the white and nerdy population. XD

- Figured out that I have a codec to convert music files on my foobar2000 (I did have to download LAME, but that wasn't hard to set up), so I'm systematically converting everything to mp3 during my programming class, because I get sleepy otherwise. It's one of the OCD type activities that allows me to pay attention and yet not feel sleepy. I'm half considering taking my computer to my pilot lectures course for this.

- No idea how that pilot lecture exam went, it was kind of an out of body experience. I do remember making lots of hand gestures as I tried to figure out aircraft orientation. As if the class doesn't know I'm nuts.

- Seems like I never have the time or focus to write more than like, a paragraph at any time. Which means I need to just shut myself up for like an hour with only music on and no internets. As I'd like to move on to more projects.

- I keep forgetting to finish that sleeve on my jacket. Then again, not having time to just sit down and watch Battlestar Galactica likely contributes to this.

- Surprise quiz in programming class was triumphant, because I think I understand the programming/problem solving mindset well enough now there's like a SEKRIT FORMULA to how it works. Insane, I know.

- Is it wrong that despite being female I want to have this shirt anyway?

Alright, dinnertime.


P.S. Well isn't this slick. I might be nerdy enough to try this out.
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Man, I've been UP TO STUFF today!

- Exercised! Probably half the reason I've been like a hyper kitten on crack all afternoon. I've been wondering why I've been so hungry lately (minus reading these scary articles about how dieting makes you crazy and the like) and then it occurred to me that duh, I'm moving more, my body requires more to feed its crazy metabolism.

- I like apple slices. I'm starting to wonder if this is hormonal or I've finally conquered my dislike of you know, healthy things but I like them more than candy or chips now. Thankfully my On the Go mart around here stocks them up like crazy.

- I suddenly realized that both my laptop and my Palm Pilot (yes, I have one, you can see where my salary goes...) are bluetooth compatible. I also realized that I might have to get a third party way to do this, because Microsoft is being STUPID about letting me sync. It's like, "ah yes, WE SEE YOUR DEVICE" and then skips to a step that's like, "TRANSFER FILE HERE"... and it doesn't show up. I might have to pull someone more 1337 than me over so that I can have connection. Because that means I could control my music remotely, which would KICK ASS.

- Been making icons because I saw a "haute couture" challenge for some comm and thought it would be an interesting subject to apply very oddly. So I've been looking through different game arts (mostly Amano atm) and finding stuff I like. I'll post them all probably as a big group once they're done. And I found very pretty FF4 pics, so. Those too.

- Working on a Midgar FST because I have lots of music now that I find appropriate. XD Clearly I'm on YAY FUN THINGS overdrive, so. Might as well go with it.

- Saw a girl at dinner that looked fabulous, like straight out of an old movie. I need to get over my creepy observer tendency and just say hi, as she seems pretty cool.

- There were other things I wanted to put here, but I forgot. XD



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