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No really. It did. At least things I could do while in bed, or sitting down. When the fever broke at least. I think I really needed to do this. XD I feel oddly recharged. Trying to catch up on work stuff now.

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Also, go over to bandcamp and download the free walking ruckus demo. Just do it. Now. Don't think.
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And by recent I mean like, in 2010 in general. Not all, just ones I felt like writing down stuff for them. I'll make a separate post for TV shows. Netflix is the best/worst thing for me ever.

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Living! Man, so much has happened lately. Went and saw Watchmen, because sometimes I do go with the crowd (I'm a semi-old fan, kind of like how I got into FF7 fandom like just before the word of Advent Children came out... weird timing, basically). Since all the cool kids write reviews, here's mine:

Silohuette makes me cry every time )

I'm also a week off on Battlestar Galactica, but that's ok cause Hulu is a week off, and last weekend sucked ass. So I've just seen the episode "Someone To Watch Over Me" and any other BSG fans, plz mark any spoilers for the latest one. Also; my dad and I were arguing over this over the phone. It was hilarious.

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I was outside a lot and went to the pub with Nanomatt, and made plans for when his girlfriend moves up here. Double date, I can has. It's only 50 degrees Farenheit now, but it's supposed to rain and stuff more and warm up. And my Spring Break (aka; time I get my wisdom teeth out and crash on the fucking couch) is next week! HOLY COW. Time, she goes so fast! RP picked up too, man, no time to breathe! This is actually kind of exciting, ha. And I have Metric's album Fantasies, and it's rockin'. Comment if you want it, I'll send the link.


- This is creepy, right? I find it creepy.
- Oh, Multiplex...I love you.
- But xkcd wins.


P.S. The Watchmen opening sequence, at least until it gets taken down again. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN.
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Dad got a bonus, so that means I got a nifty TV-in-your-computer widget because we are basically dorks in this family. Makes packing easier and if I can get it to work it means I can PAUSE PROJECT RUNWAY EPISODES. AND RECORD. WITH SOMETHING THAT PLUGS INTO MY USB PORT. HELL FUCKING YEAH.

I know, I know. Sounds unnecessary, but the little TV I do watch I watch rather obsessively (um, BSG, PR, Mad Men... yeah). It was mostly an excuse for my dad to have something else to play with. Mom got Lego Indiana Jones, and I also found The Good Shepherd in the bargain bin (say what you will, I liked it. nyah.).

But wait! THERE'S MORE.

I have been super awesomely keeping on top of things and managed to find my missing box of random jewelry bits and findings and FINISHED ANOTHER PIECE.

Behold, [profile] katmillia's Ellone Necklace:

+ Drama shot!
+ Demonstration of wearability!
+ Closeup!

Yeah, I kind of love making stuff for costumes, if you can't tell. Somehow things turn out better when I'm making them for other people, too. XD

Now to play with my TV widget thing.

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One of the best things about being mostly grown up? Being invited to charity dinner things. I'm serious. Not being dragged to them, or going with the parents, but being invited. I feel so posh. Or something. Though this whole thing my bosses keep doing with mentioning who I am to people and said people coming up and knowing my name before I meet them does sort of prickle my inner paranoia. XD I know, they're being nice, but seriously. Random people knowing my name has ALWAYS freaked me out a little.

I went out and bought some sewing supplies for my costume, but since I was lazy and had that charity thing in the evening, I basically took the weekend off. There was also renting of movies, and my finally seeing The Maltese Falcon (sacrilege my having not seen it considering what a HUGE noir fan I am). I made my parents watch Brick afterwards to compare. Seeing Maltese made me love Brick even more, because there's some similarities and homages (I mean, both were based on the writings of the same author) and basically awesomeness. The fun thing is how in the neo-Noir, the main character isn't nearly so much an anti-hero as a basically good guy who makes questionable choices when pushed. Whereas the Sam Spades of the world couldn't give a rat's ass what you want. I happen to rather adore both types, if done well (they can be done pretty awfully in the wrong hands), so it was basically fun times. My mom also made hilarious comments about what a huge Humphrey Bogart fangirl my great-grandmother was and how she was going to hunt down Ingrid Bergman and let her know Bogie was hers. I'm starting to wonder about my genetics now.

My dad almost fell asleep in both. He doesn't read books either, though, so this was cause for my mom and I to call him a plebe.

The other movie was Notes on a Scandal, but that was mainly because Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett were in it and it involved creepyness. I won't hide the fact I like strange psychological movies. I mean, come on, I love Mulholland Drive, clearly I've got a soft spot for the crazy. The movie did however make me think a lot, and I found myself equally appalled and rather liking the main character, which is something I look for in stories. I like it when they toy with my emotions and loyalties. XD

I also own The Brave One now, because screw you critics, but I loved that movie. Anything that'll actually reflect on a basic revenge fantasy and/or give Jodi Foster a gun and I'm all over it. Because Jodi Foster is my favorite actress besides Audrey Hepburn. It reminded me a little of Taxi Driver (coincidentally ANOTHER movie Jodi was in), which is another awesome movie. Well, if you get into that kind of thing. A lot of people don't. XD I like challenging my perceptions every once in a while. That or the years working at a movie theater have really REALLY turned me into one of those art movie nerds. Not that I don't like fun movies or action movies (hell, I like two out of the five Rocky movies)... I just crave something interesting for interesting's sake once in a while. If it has Jodi Foster with a gun then it gets bonus points.

Heh, if someone's bookshelf can say a lot about them, my slowly growing movie collection says a FREAKING lot about me. XD Maybe I should post the list sometime.

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So, the Minions and I had a discussion at lunch about literary criticism and some other awesome crazy deep shit. And then Minion J linked me to the interview with Battlestar's Ron Moore on Wired and there was something said about the world of criticism that really got me thinking. Also io9's take on the latest BSG episode makes me not want to read their recaps anymore, as it was wanky today (and I for one, think the episode was just how it should have been, and rather enjoy seeing male character "do something for love" as it's traditionally the girl that does that).

where I talk about my distrust of most critics )

Now that that's out of the way, some opinions on things!

On Indiana Jones, general enough to not be spoilerrific )

on Prince Caspian, or why I might like the movies more than the books )

on Kino's Journey, or the ANIME EVERYONE SHOULD GO WATCH NOW )



P.P.S. Alright, a wicked part of me wants to read this, because I figure this will be humorous to me.

P.P.P.S. Summoner FST up here and on [ profile] viniel
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Since my brain is not functioning anymore today in the work capacity, and it is New Year's Eve, I figured some fun listy-like reviews would be just the thing to do while waiting for to go home. Top five because I'm from the High Fidelity school of lists.

I've seen a lot of stuff this past year.... )

I'm not putting books because I only read like, seven, since I suck at life. And that's unfair. I may add more later tonight, STAY TUNED. Also, I am trying this posting to multiple journals thing. DOES IT WORK? WE SHALL SEE.



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