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Be back later this weekend. Enjoy the videos.
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I still have no voice and totally stayed home from work today. And am still tired. I don't even. I suggest Jana's album and Sev's album for the uncut version.

Also, Sev's recap post.
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aka, "hey we have some photos taken by us now!" and aka "totally not serious"

[personal profile] astrangerenters was awesome enough to upload hers. Most of them were in the bar.

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aka, the one with all the pictures we didn't take. XD Part 2 (and 3?) will contain ones from us and probably some of me. XD

Contains images, and a video. Yeah.

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Back Sunday. I AM SO EXCITED. Will have pictures later, no doubt.

And so this isn't a waste, check out these nifty poster remakes.

Edit: No, watch this video. CARDIGANS AND TOM JONES? How have I never heard of this duet?! Tom Jones was like, our unofficial mascot in marching band. We'd ALWAYS listen to "She's a Lady" before competitions. And I know, Talking Heads did the song better, but I think it's fun!


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Since I am a bad student and while Composites is cool, the professor is a little old and in order to stay awake in his class, which is at the end of the day and already at a disadvantage with my attention span, I read during parts of that class. In intervals, so I don't miss everything. This may seem counterproductive, but this isn't a formula-writing, theory laden class. And most of the Structures department is filled with (wellmeaning, at least) old fossils. I like conversational professors, but sometimes what they are saying is just really really boring. Flipside: Prof Dragster never bores me and he goes off on tangents a lot.

which leads me to where I am in Shards of Honor, there are spoilers here )

I have a lot to do in the next couple of days, because of Ohayocon and needing to turn in everything early because I am trying to be a good student, not a negligent one. This means I'm kind of hyper-scheduled, but I am sort of a creature of momentum and as long as I keep moving I'll be fine. Like right now I'm actually eating dinner, because as much as I love food and having nice relaxing meal times, I have no time to waste (ha ha, guess who was doing homework at lunch and at breakfast in class? that'd be me). Especially considering I sort of goofed off this weekend. The flipside to being a creature of momentum is that when I am at rest, it's hard to get me moving again (PHYSICS LESSON).

I managed to get the graded problems for thermo done already (they grade only the "special problems", i.e., the ones without solutions because they are bastards, and the other problems are just a completion bonus, I know it's dumb). I am now going to work on my Composites homework (it's just a short paper on a certain process, he even said, "use google" so he's a slightly hip old fossil) at least after I finish eating/corresponding/computering.

The only thing that's stressing me out for this week about getting shit done early is Aerodynamics. Because he assigns stuff every day, I basically have to get that assignment done the day that it's assigned. I hope it's one of his computer homeworks. I really hope. Or else I may languish around in the lab Wednesday night looking for someone to help out. At least I'm getting better at figuring out what the hell he's actually asking, but he's still pretty damn vague. Let's not be pessimistic.

Hokay, tomorrow I'll make a packing list and make sure I'm bringing stuff for other people and myself. Gah, so WIRED. Maybe the Starbucks was a bad idea this morning (but geez if that London Fog wasn't a really tasty drink... I like those tea and foam monstrosities very much).




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