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So, I am waiting on some more photos before I make a full con report, but I just need to point you all to this genderbend FFX group who apparently were inspired by the genderbent Auron-Jecht-Braska we had last year.

I'm a little gay for Yuna, I have to say. Unf. Guy cosplayers, please crossplay more. It can turn out REALLY awesome. Also HALO WAKKA.

Variant cosplays are still my favorite ones to see. They're SO CREATIVE.


Jul. 31st, 2011 11:47 pm
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Really effing tired, and I got back not too long ago, so I'll keep this brief.

Otakon was great and I always love hanging with the people there who I don't get to see often otherwise.

Also, Princess Yue is my new favorite costume. Creepy fanboys for that character who approached me and creepered = 0. Adorable children who were excited to see one of their favorite characters walking around = several. THAT ALONE was worth it. And I loved our entire group, thanks again guys for getting me into that, we were awesome.

It was also really comfortable to wear. Win.

(Now to figure out which Legend of Korra character I want to be :D)

So today

Jul. 27th, 2011 11:17 pm
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Was good. I took the day off (aside from two hours this morning to work out some math for the Aero game) to finish my Yue costume, which aside from the wig I am going to style at the wig party tomorrow, is done. As much as I'm going to get it done at least. I think it will look great.

My mom was over at my place for most of the day because my dad is out of town, as she originally wanted me to come over to her house. Not that I don't like the house, but I still was in the midst of finishing work on the Yue dress. Turned out to be a pretty good day for both of us that way. I certainly hope she feels less lonely at least. Well, my sister is moving closer, so that should also help.

So starting tomorrow I'll be out at OTAKON. Which is why you didn't hear from me much this week. Let's just say that I got sick over the weekend, thus taking away the time I was originally going to spend making my Yue costume, work got crazy, and I almost lost my mind. Thankfully I had today to recharge and get shit done. And also marathon a season of Project Runway with my mom.

Now I just need to finish packing. OTAKON HERE I COME!!!


Aug. 16th, 2010 12:47 pm
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Having a few dark days, I suppose.

Sad thing is nothing has happened really. But I'm finding myself eating too much ramen, getting too much sleep during the day and not enough at night and generally not taking care of myself so I end up with a sick-but-not-sick feeling and no desire to do anything.

So I'm going to force myself to eat some vegetables/hippie food, drink some happy protein shakes, and start drinking sleepy tea at night. I've wallowed in it long enough, time to DO some stuff. Having to work today was helpful, and I did manage to sew myself a lovely summery shirt that will take me into Fall this weekend. All I've left to do is reinforce the seams.

And how about some Otakon pictures? If you're on Facebook/dA you've seen these, but most of you aren't. First, this awesome thing:

The results of my Daryl costume experiment = success.

a few other gems )
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Mostly to show off this.

Holy fuck are my ladyfriend and Sev hot. I also love my sword. I will be cosplaying more femme-d dudes that I do not look at all like for shenanigans such as this (like Ward from FFVIII... big anchor = yeah!).

I can't WAIT for the rest of the pics; I will likely look GOONY AS HELL in some of them and do not care.

I swear I'll writ a full report SOMETIME, I am still just... crazy tired.


Aug. 1st, 2010 10:42 pm
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More to follow when I can think properly again.
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Gone to Otakon, leave a message here and I should get to it when I get back.
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Stayed home today, so I am doing work stuff and other stuff kind of interchangeably. Had a ridiculously awesome breakfast and didn't have to change out of my pajamas and drive. Win.

So someone posted a few of the Complication soundtracks, and I have to say, I'm a little charmed by the Before Crisis one. Doesn't hurt that I find Before Crisis to be one of the few semi-worthwhile parts of the Complication. It's all orchestral-techno spy sounding stuff, which ah, I love. Anyway, if you didn't catch the link on [community profile] ff_press, it's right here. There's something ironic about it being posted to a yaoi comm.

Funnily enough, the music makes me think of working on Grow Up And Blow Away. Techno Western Noir, anyone?

Have figured out that I can take a carry-on that's big enough to carry a costume and a change of clothes, will still need to check a bag due to the Edea dress being, well, huge. Also since I'm bringing another pair of boots and stuff like that, I need that suitcase anyway. In order to save room in the hotel room, I'll not take the carry-on with me there, just leave it at Jana's (IS THAT OK, JANA?). Trying not to take up too much room, but Edea = lots of stuff no matter what I do. XD Will put the stuff I've made for other people in the carry-on also, so there's no issues with the stuff possibly getting lost. I hope NOTHING gets lost or delayed, but I run on the pessimistic side.

Also, Otakon peeps, I can't take the new camera, since my parents just got it. But between Sev and Jana we're covered, right?

to do! )



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