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But how you play it.

There are two people that I interact with regularly IRL that I consider to be hardcore gamers. My mom and one of my interns. Intern and I got into a bit of a discussion concerning his (typical) teenage boy dislike of casual games (and how he automatically gendered it as "something 15 year old girls play" and how problematic that automatic assumption was).

My mom is hardcore because she doesn't just play a game, she plays it to completion and all the extras and would do it twice over if it let her. She doesn't just watch TV, she has a game in hand while watching it. She plays her Wii when she's waiting on laundry/slow roast/whatever. She used to unlock levels for my sister and me when we were kids playing computer games.

But my mom's tastes in games are the "cute" ones. She doesn't like gore, she doesn't like morbidity, she doesn't like "women wearing floss on their buttcracks". For her a game is pure happy escapism. Kingdom Hearts would be too dark for her. She's like this with movies too. As she puts it "there are too many things I've seen in real life to want to have it in my entertainment".

And that's fine.

I buy her Mario and LEGO games and gave her Angry Birds on her ipod touch and she's very happy with that. She was skeptical of Plants vs. Zombies until I showed her it was really meant to be quirky cute and she ate that right up. She doesn't use walkthroughs and will power her way through levels like a fucking boss.

Intern's favorite genre is actually rhythm games, like DDR. He doesn't like a lot of narrative and likes just pure gameplay that will take up hours of his time. He doesn't even watch movies, and gets impatient with anything that isn't interactive. And despite my lack of "hardcore" status, he'll actually check out games I'm playing (he said he actually really liked Monster Tale, which I'm still getting through because I am not as good at platformers as I would like to be, but I just really like the narrative so I'll deal with it). He plays anything he gets his hands on, except for MMOs.

However, he wouldn't assign "hardcore" status to my mom because half the games she plays (obsessively in a completist way) are "for kids" or "casual games". Or that she can't devote 5+ hours a day to playing because she has adult things to do in her life.

I very badly want this stupid attitude to just stop. I'd love to have conversations with other gamers where it doesn't turn into some "cred" pissing contest. We are all people that love something that is interactive and interesting and something that is still in its teenage years as far as media goes.

Can we just admit that once we get to a certain level of obsessiveness we are all in the same boat?

And while we're at it, can we stop with the whole idea of 15 year old girls being the worst beings on the planet in these discussions? And POC and whoever else resides outside the "normal" spectrum being completely invisible?

tl;dr: your gamer peen, I do not fucking care about, so let's just play.
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I decided that I was gonna finish at least one game this weekend. I did! And I'm getting really close (well in RPG terms... it could be another 8 hours) in the other one.

Spoilers all over this.


Breath of Fire III )
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This is apparently a great de-stress thing as well. I just finished my second playthrough of Silent Hill 2.

I know you're thinking, "oh god, but you haven't finished MGS or BOF3 or FFX-2 or started the bajillion other PS2 games you got for cheap". And you would be right. But I really liked playing SH2 in October last year, and I just felt like it again this year. It's very seasonally appropriate.

some thoughts on this playthrough )
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For my brain! Since I seem to be playing/reading/watching things where there are fandoms, I figured I'd share some thoughts.

Metal Gear Solid: oh wolves )

Brothers in Arms and Mirror Dance OH MILES )

So I've been rewatching Star Trek: TNG episodes )
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Finally had a Friday where I'm not like, being social or being an adult or whatnot. I ordered pizza and decided that my goal for the evening was to play some Metal Gear Solid. As it always happens with this game, I say I'm gonna play for 2 hours and it quickly turns into like, 5.

some highlights )
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Because today started out pretty shitty, so good thing it ended up well. Counting some stuff from the weekend.


- I have gone through all the papers in my filing cabinet and what was piled under my desk and taken a bunch to be shredded and sorted what was left in my hanging folder container thing. So, no more bunches of unnecessary papers. Much of it was old stuff from before I could get paperless statements on a lot of things (yes, there was a time) and some of it was paperwork that I wasn't sure if I should get rid of it (answer: yes I could). But now it's out of my life and on its way to be recycled. Yay!

- I started an order for frames for some of my favorite art pieces. This, this, this, and this if you're curious. I have tall ceilings at my new place and the walls are going to be COVERED. So excite. Will take them a couple weeks to be made, so I'm a little antsy.

- I am covering tech support at work while one of my coworkers is out due to family emergency, and I managed not to strangle anyone. XD Granted, I complained a lot. I hate doing tech support.

- I am so close to being done with my sister's dress. I just need to actually sit down and put that zipper on!

MGS progress rambles )
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Instead of going anywhere this weekend or doing anything other than some laundry and taking my trash out (ok and I cleaned my fridge), I spent most of the weekend playing video games. I know, I have two aprons left to sew, and my sister is in town so I can finish her dress finally, but between my clearing Momo's Tower and starting the Contest of Champions in Breath of Fire III and getting 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors from ladyfriend in the mail on Saturday, I just could not get myself to do anything else.

Especially because of 999.


That game (though it's more like a choose your own adventure novel with math puzzles) is kind of dangerous. I have gotten probably six hours of sleep in two days. Don't start it unless you can afford to get sucked in for a good couple days. No really.

I really like visual novels a lot, and I think there could be so many more of them, and really, visual/interactive novels is kind of a direction I'd like to go in my free time. I like writing, I really do, but I also like challenges and experimentation. Playing this game/novel has really gotten me wanting to get back to a couple of my interactive fiction ideas (I only start there because I'm still not sure how to do my own visuals yet... that may change). I should probably start with fanfic, because that's always been a good training device.

I know, I mentioned wanting to make an IF before, and it kind of got forgotten admidst sewing and videogames, but I still reeeally think it would be fun. Maybe I'll do babysteps and just do a choose your own adventure in html.

Anyway, my mind is blown, and it's taking all of my discipline right now to focus on work and not just pick up my DS and get through one more ending. I have half of them. I want more, because I know they go into the motivations of different characters.

Oh and one word of caution; 999 gets pretty gory with some descriptions, so heed that M warning if you're not into that.
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Still trying to brain today. XD So have some links and some videogame babbling.

- Literary bars. Books and booze.

- Why Women Don't Negotiate

- Funding education is a good idea

- Social Mechanics of Multiplayer Games

- Rebuild. A casual game after a zombie apocalypse that looks fun.

- Middle Earth according to Mordor

- Of Bad Odors and Good Yarns Finding science!

- Beatrice Shilling: Aircraft Engineer and Motorcycle Racer Dude, why are we not hanging out? Oh wait, wrong century.

- Bright and pretty yarns, since I have a couple knitters on here.

mission: videogame catchup )
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New people! Just updated my personal information post. If you feel lost about what I'm rambling about at anytime, that might help illuminate things.

So, I managed to do a meeting this morning without any visual aids, because I was running a bit late and totally forgot how to log into the meeting as a host. Virtual meetings are hard. But despite this I seem to have roped three, possibly four schools into the spring pilot of using our game. So yay more kids playing the game!

The catch is that two of the schools want to get this started in March.

Now, we didn't have as great of website set up, and half the documentation wasn't finished for the pilot in the fall, but I am still a little nervous. As IT people don't want to talk to me for some reason (really, they seem incapable of telling me what is wrong directly and assume it's the fault of the game. 9 times out of 10, it is not the game). But since I double triple emphasized that they need to come to me ASAP when they have a problem we shouldn't have a repeat of "hey, so, we can't run the game and we're supposed to use it with kids in a couple days" that happened in the fall.

Also, my interns have a big presentation coming up, they are super excited about it. All five of them have game designs, and the two new ones will start with Cendri's Crash Course in Basic Programming after their presentations. Even if they don't end up programming much, I know for a fact that at least messing programming a little before college will help them immensely if they go into the sciences and especially engineering. Yay!

NASA is still making the grant work I'm doing now a pain in the ass.

But the design for the aerospace game is coming along nicely, I can't wait to start prototyping.

sewing )

gaming )

reading, which includes links as well as books )
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So I'm almost done with FFIV DS! Just have the final boss fight left (I think, knowing FF I have like three boss fights).

flailing, with spoilers )

I also did a photoshoot with my FFVI Daryl costume )
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Here's my aggregate of things I've read this week. Because who wants to think when they can link?

If you don't read any of the others, this link explains a lot of the things I yammer about concerning educational games. So if you're confused about what I do, I do something along the lines of that.

behold TREASURES or something. )
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Let's talk about some games and books I've finished recently!

Pretty spoiler free, as in I will mention a tone of an ending or a random detail but not WHAT happens.

So I finished Professor Layton and the Unwound Future and Back to the Future Episode 1 because apparently I am into games with time travel themes right now )

I also just finished all of the Princess Series by Jim C. Hines that is currently out )

Now to get back to the next Vorkosigan book, in which Miles is currently in a climate much like mine is right now (aka FREEZING)!
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Forcing myself to go to sleep instead of playing more Back to the Future: The Game, but I am a complete puddle of SQUEE right now. And I have to share a couple things. I'm keeping it as nonspoilery as possible, but there's just a couple things I gotta share, because YOU HAVE TO KNOW.

- They kept the humor! It was a given considering the style, but so many of my things that have tie-ins or remakes lose the humor.

- OMG the kid they got to do Marty's voice does a INTENSELY good Michael J. Fox in the 80s.

- The adventure game format is PERFECT FOR THIS. I figured it would be in theory but in practice? JUST YES.


- And last but not least....

seventeen year old Doc looks like my high school boyfriend )
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I took yesterday and today (and tomorrow!) off of work, because I needed it. Due to this, I have Done Things of Importance.

- I cleaned all the things! No really, I did. I had this incredible amount of energy and just felt like everything needed dusting and cleaning. I washed my bedding. I even rearranged my books on my bookshelf. It was incredible and I feel a lot better now because of it. Strangely enough!

- I went to the BANK like an ADULT.

- I got my Yuletide done on time! And I'm kind of proud of it. Then again, I got a ridiculously fun prompt. I hope my recipient likes it.

gaming stuff )

I still have some sewing to do, but most of my sewed gifts are being given after Christmas and thus I totally have plenty of time to do them. Then there's a costume to sew. But gifts first.
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I rather liked it! Somewhat spoilery details under the cut. I ramble because it basically took all summer to beat this game.

blue butterflies and robots )
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Hey guys, I need to help one of the interns with something, so I figured I'd hit up my f-lists and get them to answer the questions! It's like, 5 questions, nothing huge.

Anonymous form here.

Thank you!
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In other news, they showed some Portal 2 stuff at E3, and this is probably old for some of you, but BoingBoing has a good collection of the videos.

Why I am excited is they managed to give you more fun stuff to do, and still didn't resort to handing you a gun. Sure the portal "gun" has elements of a projectile weapon, but it doesn't work best that way.

In fact, the use of the environment is what has always impressed me about the original Portal, and the new one looks like it's taking it to more awesome. I like that it takes a more inventive stance on defeating your enemy besides, well, walking up and punching it and/or shooting it. I think a lot of games could benefit from the cleverness that Portal shows.

Of course, I am very biased and still stuck on the second to last level on the first Portal. XD
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Catching up on life, as I tend to after a vacation. Have gotten a backloggery account to help keep track of games, since I am now of the two consoles and time to play them part of my life.

Ico is getting close to the end, I suspect, because shadow creature encounters have increased. Good thing I went and looked up about the SECRET WEAPON, which makes them easier to kill. It also looks cool. Yay yay. I originally thought of Yorda (Ico's companion in the big spooky abandoned castle) as an interesting game mechanic, but I actually genuinely care about her welfare now and appreciate the hints and help she gives me (if I wander about fooling around for too long, she'll point at areas where I need to be heading... the AI work on her is amazing, any of the reviews complaining that she was retarded or a baby are written by soulless assholes). I feel panicky when I have to leave her alone, because I actually care if the shadows get her now.

Haven't done much sewing, but I did get the cloth for my Ellone shawl wrap thing and a bunch of cheap patterns (including one that I had gotten before, just in the wrong size... duh). May be putting up a mis-sized pattern on etsy soon.

Still waiting on the other half of my pyramid stud order... I should check on that. Been nearly a month, but then, the seller was international. Should def take pics of what the Paine shawl thing looks like so far. I keep meaning to. Maybe tonight before Ico I'll sit down and do progress shots.

This weekend, I plan on cutting out the pieces for the Daryl coat, so that I can sew it during the week (cutting is the longest part of sewing!).

At work, I'm doing some fix-it type tasks, and getting even more of the data prepared for analysis. I've been given permission to get a few login codes for AstroEngineer, so a few of you may get to play it! (Oh and [personal profile] lassarina, why it didn't work for you was they'd just released a new version internally, but not on the public download site yet... ah production guys).

Almost done with a random Rufus/Elfe story that wouldn't leave my head after FFEX, despite having other things to write. XD At least it'll be out.


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