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Alright, today is much better than yesterday. My schedule still is the crazy, but now that I've got it all laid out and stuff, it's way less daunting. Am taking some of my own advice and taking a wee bit of time out. Since today is gorgeous and simply biking to the airport for class is full of fail. I desired more outdoors, and more beverages, so I thought it about time to hit up the Asian mart, which was a nice little bike ride. Want to use some of my tea to make iced tea, as I finally found the ice machine, but alas, Drak broke my container of holding -1 (because it broke too damn easily). Maybe I can make a little and put it in a bottle.

I also really enjoy eating and studying at the same time. XD Have been trying new continuous eating combined with bringing more stuff to read during the sit-down meals I feel like going to (usually the ones I have time for, like today it was lunch).

This is pretty tempting. Dammit, though, why are all challenges like that based on ROUNDS? I hates deadlines and signup times. XD

Now to finish up my programming. Thankfully taking some time to sit in the dining hall to work on my pilot take-home exam thing worked out well. As it's totally done. Now I've just got a "flight computer" (the most badass circular slide rule of all time) extra credit sheet and attempts at memorizing all the questions in the Gleim book. We'll see how that goes. XD

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Creepy Y/N?

While insomniacal, following random links and stopping on an RP because you like some of the characters and the premise isn't entirely horrible and actually getting somewhat addicted to reading about a couple of them and thusly tracking down just about every thread you can to figure out WTH is up... for a while. I mean, this isn't like PORN or anything, just, ah, human drama, which I have a slight addiction to. Or something. Maybe I just need to sleep more. I am in love with character drama rite now.

Some shinies!

- Behold the Flixter! This is totally my way of having Goodreads, but for movies. Took me forever and a day to get a profile background that wasn't Myspactastic. Dear background makers: PICTURES THAT ARE NOT FADED MAKE READING HARD.

- I now have a super-trendy tabelized profile. Mainly I thought the playing card thing was fugly. Still only want the one colorbar, as he is my OMG RANDOM NPC obsession still. Also behold the new default icon. It's [profile] first_seventhe's fault.

- Icon reccs! Mainly because OMG SOMETHING KH THAT DOES NOT HAVE A PRETTYBOY IN IT and the fact that I am sekritly in love with Dalton (whose name I had to ask for again so as not to look like a n00b in my comment) from Metal Gear Ac!d2 despite never playing a MGS game of any sort (I KNOW I SHOULD). He's the dapper man with the vest BTW. Oh and Star Control 2 stuff. Because, ah, it's on my list. For when I graduate and can play games with wild abandon.

- Coincidentally, I made some icons. Movie icons, which probably say more about my taste in movies these days than anything. Let's have a count of the tragic/kinky!

I think this is all. Am working on writings, since I have time, considering I've been up all night. XD Likely nothing for like, any challenges, mostly trying to clear out WIPs so I clear out BRAINS. Also, despite staying up all night, distractions with schoolwork/talking to Drak made me miss Battlestar Galactica. :< But never fear! It is on Sundays too!



P.P.S. Hilarity in the Before Crisis Scripts I am consulting to not sound totally n00b:

Tseng: Katana (M), what's happened to Shotgun (F)?

Katana (M): She's fallen into the Mako Reactor.

Tseng: Shotgun (F)...

Rude: Damn...

Reno: I'm sure she's alive.

Reno: She's a Turk after all.

Reno's been watching Monty Python again.


Feb. 23rd, 2008 04:48 pm
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Finally got some new running shoes. The ones I had the sole was coming off the right one, which was probably bad for my joints. So yay no more injury! I can get back to my workout schedule.

Scariest Shoppers Evar, exceedingly frilly, and whacked out psychological theories )
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Another sort of braindump, since I need this out of my head before I scan my notes again for my test.

So I went to the library yesterday for part of my study time and to return some slightly overdue books (which luckily only cost me $0.90, since I totally was only two days late). I was looking for the next book on Flow (which relates it to creativity specifically, which is actually what I've really decided to focus on, due to the freaky voodoo of two of my classes lining up like that) but it wasn't there, so I picked up another book recc from History Gast (Blink by Malcolm Gladwell), some Jung book that caught my eye, and then I made a bee-line for the graphic novels.

in which I meander around graphic novels, ADD, video games, education, and doom )

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Did not sleep last night, slept this afternoon after class instead. I need to kick my sleeping schedule back to normal, because I haven't worked out in a couple days due to when I crash. I would like to be with the working out again! Gra. Stupid insomnia.

Results of insomnia:

- Wrote a Veld/Tifa in which Tifa meets his daughter and I play around with taboo a little.

- ICONS. Oh god, I forgot how much I loved photoshop. Some FF4, and some random silly Project Runway ones because I realized I needed some.

- Made a [profile] spoony_bards mirror on IJ, here, because I know some of you don't write on LJ anymore. I will be even lazier than Sev with it. As part of the deal, I now have a Lucrecia claim set to David Bowie's "Reality" album. XD I should know that enabling people always backfires.

- Watched half of His Girl Friday, had to stop because I went to class and then crashed.

Things still to do:

- Prelab for VB class.

- ESSAY for Dynamics class. Words cannot describe my GLEE than for an engineering class we have an ESSAY. I LOVE ESSAYS. EEEE. I'm probably typing mine, because I will likely ramble a bit, so I might share when it's done.

Alright, time to buckle down.


P.S. Sometime it feels as if my RSS reader is talking to me.

P.P.S. X-MEN FANS! The rumors are true.

Oh Monday

Feb. 18th, 2008 04:20 pm
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Suffice to say, I really didn't want to wake up this Monday. Just, really did. not. want. It's cold again, and due to the sleeping situation this weekend, I had a real sense of vertigo about where the hell I was. So I missed Dynamics, which made me sad, because apparently there's an essay assigned.

Yes. Essay. Dear Prof Jersey Highwind, you rock.

So some things.

- Hooray I finally upped the Midgar FST. I may be a white girl, but I've got soul, dammit. I have to admit, doing one for a place as opposed to people let me have far too much fun. Part of me wants to do one for Spira now (or god forbid, Balamb).

- Did some major housekeeping for [profile] ff_fanlisting, which meant I totally copied the same comment onto several entries. Not to be annoying, but the better you maintain a standard on a comm like that, the easier it is to find things, which is the aim. Speaking of, I totally know some of you still should make a profile... [profile] tijuana_pirate I still need to make a poll one of these days, because I'm seriously considering mirroring it on insanejournal, because I know there's a section of fandom that hangs out there. And since I have semagic, admin entries can all be made at the same time. Hmm. I'd need a partner over there too, though, is the thing.

- Reading music blogs has been good for me. Also knowing that not all pop music sucks and that if I strategically avoid it, I can keep off the risk of overexposure.

- [profile] first_seventhe you totally owe me like, three Ziggy Stardust tracks by now. XD I didn't write any today, though.

- Dexter is pretty awesome. Then again, I like anything that involves disciplined crazy, which is a great deal of that show. Plus, there are adorable brother-sister moments that make me smile, and I'm fond of his girlfriend. I also like that most of his social interaction is very obviously faked, if you know how to look for it, which considering my dating history the kinds of things I find interesting in people says something. I need to read the books, dammit.

- Finally finished my book on psychological Flow, and I really want to dig up his one on creativity. As my paper really seems to be leaning in "how to cultivate creativity in adults" and how that relates to inventors, engineers, some scientists, etc. History exam on Friday is going to set me back a little on that, but I've still got time. Need to pester Prof JH about some specifics on the module he asked me to design.

- I really need to finish this damned lab. How did I totally forget to finish it for several days? At least it's not due until 10 pm.

- I don't want to go outside again, but Justin has my notes for class. Dammit. I'll just have to suck it up.

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I'm so glad it's Friday already, I've got things that I needed to take care of and couldn't while classes were going. Tomorrow I am getting up EARLY (I swear!) to do said things.

As for stuff that's been happening:

- I made some FF4 icons. Because the art is pretty. Cross-posted to my IJ (I only put them up on [community profile] viniel too because of [community profile] ff_press, because I'm a dork that's mildly proud of my squares of copyright infringement). Also, Square, why do Tellah and Cid lack CG models? I am outraged on behalf of the white and nerdy population. XD

- Figured out that I have a codec to convert music files on my foobar2000 (I did have to download LAME, but that wasn't hard to set up), so I'm systematically converting everything to mp3 during my programming class, because I get sleepy otherwise. It's one of the OCD type activities that allows me to pay attention and yet not feel sleepy. I'm half considering taking my computer to my pilot lectures course for this.

- No idea how that pilot lecture exam went, it was kind of an out of body experience. I do remember making lots of hand gestures as I tried to figure out aircraft orientation. As if the class doesn't know I'm nuts.

- Seems like I never have the time or focus to write more than like, a paragraph at any time. Which means I need to just shut myself up for like an hour with only music on and no internets. As I'd like to move on to more projects.

- I keep forgetting to finish that sleeve on my jacket. Then again, not having time to just sit down and watch Battlestar Galactica likely contributes to this.

- Surprise quiz in programming class was triumphant, because I think I understand the programming/problem solving mindset well enough now there's like a SEKRIT FORMULA to how it works. Insane, I know.

- Is it wrong that despite being female I want to have this shirt anyway?

Alright, dinnertime.


P.S. Well isn't this slick. I might be nerdy enough to try this out.
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Man, I've been UP TO STUFF today!

- Exercised! Probably half the reason I've been like a hyper kitten on crack all afternoon. I've been wondering why I've been so hungry lately (minus reading these scary articles about how dieting makes you crazy and the like) and then it occurred to me that duh, I'm moving more, my body requires more to feed its crazy metabolism.

- I like apple slices. I'm starting to wonder if this is hormonal or I've finally conquered my dislike of you know, healthy things but I like them more than candy or chips now. Thankfully my On the Go mart around here stocks them up like crazy.

- I suddenly realized that both my laptop and my Palm Pilot (yes, I have one, you can see where my salary goes...) are bluetooth compatible. I also realized that I might have to get a third party way to do this, because Microsoft is being STUPID about letting me sync. It's like, "ah yes, WE SEE YOUR DEVICE" and then skips to a step that's like, "TRANSFER FILE HERE"... and it doesn't show up. I might have to pull someone more 1337 than me over so that I can have connection. Because that means I could control my music remotely, which would KICK ASS.

- Been making icons because I saw a "haute couture" challenge for some comm and thought it would be an interesting subject to apply very oddly. So I've been looking through different game arts (mostly Amano atm) and finding stuff I like. I'll post them all probably as a big group once they're done. And I found very pretty FF4 pics, so. Those too.

- Working on a Midgar FST because I have lots of music now that I find appropriate. XD Clearly I'm on YAY FUN THINGS overdrive, so. Might as well go with it.

- Saw a girl at dinner that looked fabulous, like straight out of an old movie. I need to get over my creepy observer tendency and just say hi, as she seems pretty cool.

- There were other things I wanted to put here, but I forgot. XD



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