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Man, it is just ONE OF THOSE DAYS where I wish I had more time. I mean, it's 4pm 5pm already!

Today it was made official that I am the writer for the supplemental materials portion of the game package (before I was just writing stuff and hoping it'd make it in) but it is really super for sure going in. Now I have a technical manual and curriculum materials under my publishing belt! Whoo!

Also gotten done:


+ I have started the Paine shawl thing. I have the over layer all sewn and I'm waiting on more pyramid studs for the under layer. I have to say, the studs look way more badass than if I'd cut out little metal squares (like a lot of Paine cosplayers do). Also need to figure out what I'm going to do for the weird pin thing she uses to keep that shawl thing on. Dear Nomura: wtf I don't even have words for the thingies on your costumes anymore. Oh and the pleather I picked up was thin enough to sew through without having to switch to Effy. Awesome.

+ I'll be taking pics soon. And by soon I mean probably next week.


+ Still writing the story. XD

+ Did the in-depth beta work though! I really hope I was thorough enough, I've never beta-ed for someone I don't know.

And now links!

+ On the Search for a Feminist Pop Star or how Miley Cyrus may be growing up, but is still selling something.

+ PORTAL FOR FREE You know, for those of you that don't already own this awesome game already like me. I love free games.

+ xkcd and the tricky associations of sex and gender when doing the color poll. Also the color poll was awesome.

+ Amazing classrooms that I wish I had when in school.

+ When I grow up I want to be eccentric.

+ Devils on Horseback or a food that Britain has clearly been hiding from me!
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The Intern is still in a chair, but the minions and I have desks. This makes working so much easier, but it also means we're not all hanging around the same set of tables. The level of BS and shenanigans has gone down. Good for business, but I miss shenanigans already. I don't feel nearly as exposed, though, which was weird. We're all facing walls now, so everyone can focus. Considering all the work the minions have lately, this is prolly good for them.

Emailed Super Adviser, he does think I'm insane, but he says I know what I'm getting myself into. I'd rather the Fall suck than the Spring (because that's SENIOR DESIGN OMG) and really, I just want to fucking graduate already. I am very likely to be extremely cranky for the next year or so, just be advised. Nothing personal.

my schedule, for anyone interested )

So yeah, it's going to be fun. And by that I mean slightly suicidal. But I have requirements left to meet, and I have no tech or liberal arts electives left. XD I also need to contact the History department and make sure that I get a minor, because I earned it, dammit. I also set myself a reminder to go see History Gast when I get back to school, because he still has my final project and I want to see what he thought of it. I have a feeling that professors are going to get sick of me this year, but hell if I'm failing anything. I am going to graduate in the Spring if it kills me. C means Cool and D means Done!

And some fun things:

+ I wrote stuff yesterday! A cute Veld/Iffy and a distinctly un-cute rated R addition to my "Liquid" series. The latter was mostly done for a while, I just had to add an ending. I may actually finish a claim somewhere! Figures, it's my crazy psychological crap that I finish. XD

+ I took a picture of my vaguely paganistic pendant I made for myself. I even like the hemp cord it's on. Wire wrapping and finding random polished rocks in my things is awesome.

+ Fashionista pic. Mainly because my lime green heels are awesome, if not made for walking very far in. I'm glad I have a desk job. XD

+ And a dorky poll thing.

I really need to do some sewing tonight. I've been so lazy lately.


P.S. Those who haven't submitted, you know who you are.
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Oh I love Mondays like this. Woke up before my alarm, but not RIDICULOUSLY before it, so I had time to take a not frantic shower, have a little breakfast, and get to work at a leisurely pace. Not only that, but my part of the proposal was done last week and other than some poking at bits of the game, I've pretty much nothing to do. This meant the minions and I got to talk about ninjas in the morning and I remembered to eat lunch on time. Might pull out the other sewing machine later and see how it works. Even if I love the one that I pulled out first. XD

Have officially fixed the shoulders on my dress, hopefully the stitches will hold. I've doubled up with my stronger thinner thread that I've used on other parts on the patching that was obviously done by someone else that inherited that dress. I just have this weird tear that appeared on one of the sleeves and a hole from my sharp elbow to patch.

Also, the fun that it making my waist cincher. There may be weird IMs late at night, be forewarned people that sew. I have to write up the materials I need for that, yet. I know I can at least take in the sides and make it more feminine with the materials I have currently.

Oh and I burned through two WIPs today. One which was fairly new and the other that's been sitting int that folder since FOREVER. Both are on [community profile] viniel and my IJ, I'm too lazy to link them individually. One's FF7:BC, the other FFX. It's a little known fact I kind of really love FFX, but the canon and plot was so tidy I don't feel like writing much fic for it. But occasionally I meta, as that little story I wrote indicates.

Hrm, maybe I'll get something else done. Peer pressure has given me another plotbunny (though I admit, mentioning it was my fault). I just need to look through my timeline and see where it fits. XD I do have some form of consistency in my stories. Might post the icons I've done, they're kind of nifty. Some BSG and a few Lucrecia ones that are science!Lu as opposed to weenie-victim-WTF-Squeenix. Or something. But first to start this story. Because I might as well go with this mood.


P.S. So Minion J linked me to this anime/steampunk MMO. Part of me thinks it's cool, and another part wonders if it's a bad mix? Depends on how it plays, I suppose. As not much of an MMO person, I can't really say. But it looks neat.
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Good things:

+ Had breakfast with family

+ Walked around outside and around town a bit

+ Finally figured out why one of [personal profile] drakonlily's OCs is named "Araby" and on a related note have decided that Dubliners is a great book thus far.

+ Had a very tasty cookie with my lunch and might have gotten hit on by a cute barista girl.

+ Have finally figured out Yahoo Pipes so now I can tame my RSS feeds. Actually, I just like playing with things. XD

+ Behold the next step of the costume. I need to fit that thing, as it's a recovered piece from this hideous shirt. This will require me to see if the two sewing machines in the house are actually functional and getting over my slight fear of them (I've sewn everything by hand up to this point). Looking at various sites and getting advice as far as going about it. I'm going to practice on some other things before attempting to work on that waist cincher.

+ Got the backlog of links for [profile] ff_fanlisting taken care of.

+ Started making some BSG icons. Because it's about frakking time.

Bad things:

+ Tragedy nearly struck as some Trojan buried itself in a component of my text editor. Which meant I had to uninstall and reinstall once I'd purged the computer of it. Considering I nearly depend on that text editor, this was annoying.

+ MORE RAIN IS COMING. Since my workplace's building is still, ah, drying from the last flooding this is somewhat worrisome. Then again, can't be as bad as poor Iowa.

+ Nobody is home tonight! I may be making phone calls.
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Going through my accounts on things and deciding what to keep and what to discontinue. No more paypal, it makes me nervous and I closed that old checking account anyway. Rooted out the last of places with my old username, I think. Have a shit ton of stuff to archive on my external drive when I get home.

Some new things:

+ Got a tumblr account. Using it as sort of a philosophical/observational dumping place. It has a nice bookmarklet thing, so it'll be easy to keep up with.

+ Since you can't delete devArt accounts and it's my oldest presence of anything community-wise online (for real), I decided to just keep my account going. Cleaning it up a bit, may get rid of some of the bad early attempts at photography. Changed my ID because hell if the old one wasn't vaguely haunting (as it contained a picture from the Lost Year). Feel free to friend me if you're on there, since I no longer have a camera it'll mostly be poetry and crafts I'll put up on there, so be advised. Really proof that I am pretty much interested in everything.

+ I'm nearly done with the feather lining on the bottom of my Edea dress! I need to pick up another boa on the way home (dude, those things are useful) but once I have that I may be finished tonight. I won't take any pics until I'm done with that bit, though. It's so exciting!

+ I'm registered for Otakon, and just need to mail my check, which I have all addressed and stuff. This is also exciting.


P.S. Drunkfest tips. I know most of these and tend not to be so hungover anyway... but still. Handy.


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