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Ha, so some things are going great, others are exploding.

Put in my two weeks notice a couple days ago at my part time job. It's just too much work, hours, energy for too little pay and I feel like I've done all I can there. I don't have something that immediately fills that pay, but I think I'll be able to get it to that level since my business partner/grad BFF has been getting our reputation pretty solid.

Of course, then her parents got hit by a couple of meth-heads while loading their car with groceries. They're alive, and stable, but that did a lot of damage. :< Going to be a lot of physical therapy and adjustments, I hope that I can help with what I can (and I have been given a few to dos which admittedly makes me feel better as I can DO something).

My dad also caught a mild case of pneumonia. Because he doesn't know how to retire. Dad, retire. Hilariously found out about this with a pleasant email from my mother. The tone was such that it sounded like they'd just taken a stroll, not gone to the emergency room at 6am.

Now I have to sew a scarf. And clean the house. Hopefully this next two weeks goes fast.
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