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Last week was one of those weeks that was really intense and I'm glad I decided to not SUDDENLY TORONTO and do that to this week (half the cohort is in Toronto for a user experience convention). Job fair happened, which was very different from any other job fair I've ever done in that most of the people were legitimately looking for people in my program and we had to do a one-hour design challenge where the employers went around and questioned us and then watched us present our designs.

One company in particular interested me, as they are located where Ladyfriend lives, and they are small and dynamic and consulting-based, as opposed to being a large corporation simply maintaining products. Emailed after the job fair and got a pretty encouraging response; they are still deciding if they are going to take on an intern this summer, but the dude seemed interested in me. It didn't hurt that pretty much everyone in the cohort immediately thought that I would be perfect in this environment. Hopefully they are right!

This semester has noticeably more individual work, as we're not in Major Design Class, with some partnering up. It's not too bad. And one class is very artsy which is a lot of fun for me. In fact I took a lot of the pictures for my last assignment at Ohayocon. Hell I did two assignments and finished my web portfolio at Ohayocon. XD

Also tornadoes in January? What's up with that.
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So I looked at my cosplay list for Otakon. And ha, it's going to be awesome. I <3 putting FF things in strange eras. Behold.

- Steampunk!Edea (late 1800s dress, with various mechanically-inspired additions)
- Gangster!Veld (well, a Turk, but if I'm going Turk, I might as well put a scar on my cheek and wear something 20s/30s like this and scowl)
- Hip-Hop!Tellah (SAGEMASTER TELLAH IN DA HOUSE... Santa beard + huge loud clothes + grandma's bling? = awesome. Think 90s.)
- and Amano!Terra (which isn't actually a reinvention, but it's a pretty costume and I worked hard on the props, though I am half tempted to do an 80s rendition of it sometime, cause it wouldn't be a stretch. Side ponytail anyone?)

3/4 costumes are either throwing things together or already made (though I still should fix a couple things on my Terra costume). And the Edea one has most of the tedious work done (seriously, the amount of patching I had to do would drive a normal person insane... I found it soothing). Wings may not get made, depends on whether or not my mom is busy (because she wants to make them, it's her contribution). Since my mom LOVES her Wii, the chances are less. But I still have an AWESOME HAT and some other accessories to work on.

So, here's my To Do, which I SHOULD START WORKING ON TONIGHT and will probably go on up until August. AUGUST IS APPROACHING FAST OMG I AM EXCITED. it looks worse than it is )

It only LOOKS long.

And my mom is playing Wii as I type this. She turned it on this morning after taking care of some chore stuff--I may have to borrow some games from work, because she's quickly gaining skillz. I will have to ask for suggestions from work peoples on adventurish games. Am getting her a dance game for Christmas, and talking Dad into a WiiFit from him. Considering my mom has been talking about doing more stuff.


P.S. Didn't get to see all of Project Runway because of mom's birthday. Will find rerun. Am excited to see the results, because they brought back MY FAVORITE challenge and MY FAVORITE designer (Austin. I'm a huge Austin fan, he's such an ADORABLE little queen).

P.P.S. Dr. Horrible part II is up. <3!



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